Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Australian Capital Territory?


Cannabis laws are changing in the Australian Capital Territory (the ACT), home to the capital city, Canberra. While marijuana is still federally illegal, recent changes to the laws now allow for residents of the ACT to possess and consume marijuana for personal use. It’s also now legal to grow marijuana in the ACT, which means resident cannabis lovers can begin collecting weed seeds for cultivation. If you’re a resident of Canberra or the ACT, take a look at the huge variety of marijuana seeds from to find the perfect strains for your goals.

Laws for Marijuana in the ACT

In 2016, medical marijuana became legal throughout Australia, though access is limited, and cultivation is still illegal for most people. As of January 31, 2020, however, residents in the ACT are able to consume and cultivate marijuana legally. The laws are in conflict with federal laws, so they could be overturned in the future. However, for now, it is possible for those who live in the ACT to possess up to 50 grams of dried marijuana and grow up to two plants per person, or four plants per household.

A lot has changed with the new laws, but there are still restrictions, so it’s a good idea to understand exactly what the new laws permit before consuming and/or cultivating cannabis. As of January 2020, adults over the age of 18 in the ACT can possess up to 50 grams of dried marijuana or 150 grams of fresh marijuana. They can also grow up to four plants in a household, with a limit of two plants per person. It remains illegal to use cannabis in a public place, drive under the influence, store cannabis where children can reach it, or grow plants where they can be accessed by others. It’s also not legal to use hydroponics or artificial cultivation, though other types of growing are now legal.

Can You Purchase Marijuana Seeds in the ACT?

Now that it is legal in Canberra and the ACT to grow marijuana plants, with limits, it is possible to purchase marijuana seeds. However, it can still be difficult to find marijuana seeds available locally. Even if they can be found, it’s likely that the selection will be limited. Instead, it’s better to purchase high-quality marijuana seeds from a seed bank like This provides the opportunity to try out a much larger variety of strains, so it’s possible for you to find ones you enjoy more and so you can focus on buying seeds with the attributes you may be interested in. With a wider variety available, you can purchase seeds that only grow female plants, that are easier to grow, that can be grown indoors, or that produce plants that flower faster than other marijuana plants.

When to Purchase Cannabis Seeds for Souvenir Purposes

Even though marijuana cultivation has been legalized in the ACT, it’s not possible for everyone to grow their own plants. For instance, those who live in rental units may not be able to grow due to restrictions from the home owners or landlords. Despite this, individuals might want to go ahead and purchase cannabis seeds today because instead of purchasing seeds with the intention of growing plants, they can be purchased as souvenir seeds and saved for another time. When they move, or the landlord adjusts the restrictions, residents will have a collection of seeds ready for cultivation.

Learn the Three Main Types of Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds are the ones most people are already familiar with. They can produce both male and female cannabis plants, which means it is necessary to keep a close eye on the plants as they grow so males can be culled before pollinating the females. Instead of risking male plants pollinating female plants, another option is to look for feminized or auto-flowering seeds.

Feminized seeds will produce only female plants, so there’s no need to watch them as carefully because pollination won’t occur. These plants still require a close eye, however, as the light schedule needs to be adjusted between the vegetative and flowering phases. In contrast, auto-flowering cannabis plants do not require as much attention because they are genetically equipped to transition into flowering independent from light-schedule adjustments. Most auto-flowering seeds are also feminized!

Add These Strains to Your Collection Today

Now that it’s legal to grow your own marijuana in the Australian Capital Territory, you may be wondering which seeds to try. If you’re looking for options that are easy to grow, i49 has a huge selection available. Two of the most popular ones include Auto Pineapple feminized seeds and Blood Diamond OG feminized seeds.

If you aren’t interested in auto-flowering cannabis but like the idea of fast flowering cannabis, we also offer a Fast Sample Pack full of quick-flowering seeds.

Since marijuana plants can’t be grown where others can access them, you’ll likely want to grow indoors. Some of our popular indoor seeds include Zkittlez feminized seeds, Legend OG feminized seeds, and Trainwreck feminized seeds. New options include Orca feminized seeds, Lemon Kush feminized seeds, and Cinderella99 feminized seeds.

Why Should You Buy Marijuana Seeds from i49?

The i49 online cannabis seed bank provides hundreds of different varieties of marijuana seeds, meaning you can choose the exact marijuana strain you prefer to grow, no matter if you’re planning to grow indoors, outdoors, or for medical purposes. All seeds are packaged carefully and discreetly to prevent issues, and they’re shipped directly to your mailbox.

If you’re a resident of the ACT, you may legally grow your own marijuana plants as well as possess up to 50 grams of dried cannabis. To get started, check out the i49 online cannabis seed bank!