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How To Safely Try Edibles

How to Safely Try Edibles

Edibles provide a smoke- and vape-free method of cannabis enjoyment. People that use edibles for the first time may either worry about how to do it safely, or they may think there are no concerns about over-indulgence. After all, how much care does someone need to take to eat brownies or candy? People can experience negative effects when they consume edibles, so everyone should use caution during their first few attempts.

Plan a Safe Experience

Edible novices have no way to know exactly how they will respond. The first time should take place at home or somewhere else the individual knows is safe for them. Have everything needed at the location and do not try edibles if there are plans to go somewhere over the next 10-12 hours. The oversight from someone more experienced or not using any cannabis can also provide a little reassurance of safety.

Some people prefer to make their edibles for themselves and others may only consume food and drinks they buy from a dispensary. Commercially made edibles may help to ensure a reliable dosage for the first time. The consumption of a pre-made edible from a professional can help some people feel more relaxed and confident about going through with their first experience.  If buying, only use a reputable seller and pay attention to the labels.

People using edibles to help with medical concerns like chronic pain or the side effects of cancer treatment should consider the benefit of taking notes during their first few attempts. The notes can enable the individual to identify what dosage works best, the time it takes for them to feel the high, and other underlying factors that play a role in the experience.

Edible users also need to consider the safety of children and pets. Edible baked goods, drinks, and sweets can look as appealing to kids and dogs as any other snack. It is also easy for people who did not know or plan to consume cannabis to mistake edibles for ordinary food and unintentionally overdose. The result may seem amusing to some, but for the unaware victim, it can be a terrifying ordeal. Avoid unhappy scenarios, and the waste of good cannabis, by storing items out of the sight or reach of anyone who should not have them. An extra layer of responsibility here if you have kids around the house would be to keep your edibles in some kind of lock box or safe in your home to make sure they aren’t discovered accidentally.

Understand Any Possible Risks

Healthy individuals do not have to worry about severe health consequences from the overconsumption of cannabis. The general safety of the intoxicant does not mean people cannot make themselves ill or miserable if they overdo it. Common issues with overconsumption may include severe anxiety, hallucinations, and paranoia. Some people may feel nauseated, cannot move easily, or experience other physical sensations that feel uncomfortable to them during their high.

Anyone with underlying health conditions or on prescription medication should discuss the use of cannabis, even if they only plan to take CBD products with their doctor beforehand. Cannabis can interact with some medications or cause some medicine to become ineffective. People with psychiatric disorders or those with established heart disease or a history of heart problems may worsen their health conditions when they consume cannabis.

Prepare for Unexpected Experiences

Experience with cannabis and edibles helps to avoid overuse, but a stronger hit than expected can happen to anyone. If overconsumption takes place, have a plan in place to address the potential discomfort. It is impossible to do anything to sober up instantly, but there are ways to take the edge off the high and feel a little more in control.

Drinking water to combat dehydration can help people to avoid feeling shaky or queasy. A long, hot shower can calm people. Some find that the creation of art becomes a healthy and pleasant distraction, especially when under the spell of a creativity-inducing sativa strain. Sometimes when couch locked in a heavily sedated indica high, the best thing you can do for yourself is close your eyes and take a nice long nap. There are many other options that may help, so research quick fixes beforehand to encourage more self-assurance during the first experience. The best solution with any overconsumption is always to stay calm. There is little risk of any permanent harm taking place from a cannabis overdose.

Know What Influences Results

Edibles can produce the same high that people receive when they smoke or vape. The strength of the effect can vary much more with edibles than with other methods of cannabis use because of the number of considerations involved. The metabolism rate of the person, how much they ate before they consumed the edible, the tolerance level of the person, and much more will play a role in the experience. An understanding of all the possibilities that could affect the high will make it easier to stay in control and have a pleasant experience.

It is difficult for people to know exactly how they will respond the first time, even if they have a long history of cannabis use. People that have a strong sensitivity to all medications or alcohol may also be sensitive to low levels of THC. Someone who has a high alcohol tolerance or smoking tolerance, however, may still become more easily affected by edibles than they expect. It is always better to have a mild high and bump up the amount next time than to overdo it with the first try and never want to attempt it again.

Practice Patience and Moderation

Some experts recommend a maximum of 2.5 mg of THC for the first experiment with edibles. The amount may be much less than people typically consume when they smoke or vape. Starting small is sensible because of the way the body metabolizes edibles and how powerfully it can affect people.

The body must digest the edible for the individual to feel the effects of cannabis. A high may seem nearly instant when someone smokes or vapes, but it could take one to two hours or longer with an edible. The amount of time before the impact begins will depend on the metabolism rate, body weight, and the amount of food already in the stomach.

If someone has a full meal and then finishes with an edible, they may not have any change in how they feel for several hours. Do not make the mistake of thinking nothing will happen because everything seems the same after a couple of hours. People that try more at this point are often the ones who over-consume and later regret the decision.

To avoid a miscalculation, consume your Auto Amnesia or Sour Kush edibles about two hours after any meal. The food in the stomach will have mostly digested by this time, so the wait for the edible to digest will not take as long. Keep in mind that the high most people feel once it arrives will last much longer with an edible than with smoking.

The lengthy high can make first-time edible users may think they overdid it because they cannot seem to come down. As surprising as it may seem, the high can normally last from four to eight hours or more. The duration of the experience may extend longer if someone consumes more medicated Mango Kush cookies just an hour after their first one at a party.

Options for Better Results

An unimpressive experience with edibles or an unpleasant one does not mean people should give up. There are changes people can make to boost their enjoyment. Almost everyone will need to experiment a little before they discover how to create the perfect scenario for themselves.

Raise the level of consumption slightly if the high was not adequate. If the level of high was adequate but not the type preferred, choose edibles made from a different strain. Some people want a high that maximizes their creativity and energy (see: Auto Haze XL and other people want something that lets them sleep better (see: Purple Kush x White Russian). Talk to the experts at the dispensary to find the strain that will offer the perfect experience.

Anxiety and paranoia can become issues for some people who try edibles. The feelings often occur in people prone to anxiety or panic attacks in their daily life, but it can happen to anyone. If anxiety takes away the enjoyment, consider trying edibles with higher CBD levels. The presence of THC in the edible will still allow a high, but the increased amount of CBD can encourage calmness and soothe away the feelings of anxiety.

Try pre-made edibles if an unpleasant experience occurs with home-baked goods. It is difficult to determine the exact dosage of every serving when people make edibles at home. If the product does not mix well throughout the food, it could lead to some servings with too much potency and others with none. It is also easy to add more than intended or to add too little to the entire recipe. Buy labeled edibles from reputable sellers to ensure safety and to know the exact dosage consumed.

Many medicinal marijuana users feel more comfortable with edibles than with other forms of cannabis consumption. Edibles can also serve a purpose for recreational use. Renters can enjoy cannabis without violating the terms of their lease by smoking. Edibles provide a simple, tasty, and smoke-free way to get the experience people desire. A healthy balance of experimentation and caution will make edibles enjoyable for any adult.