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The 6 Stages of Being High

The Six Stages of Being High

There are a few different ways to get high from weed and each of them has variations of the stages of being high. However, whether you smoke, vape or use edibles to get high, you’re likely to experience most of these stages. There are also slight variations based on the strain of marijuana you’re smoking. Indica and Sativa have different effects on the mind. If you are already a grower of i49 seeds, then you have likely already smoked up a joint once or twice in your life. If you are a complete newcomer to the topic of weed, then this article will surely give you a rough idea of the experience before you embark on smoking some chronic medical marijuana of High-THC recreational cannabis. The only real first-hand experience of course is to jump in and try it yourself.

It’s natural to want to know how it feels to be high before using weed for the first time. You’ve probably heard stories from people who have smoked. Some may have had good experiences and others might only remember being paranoid. The truth is, if you pay attention, you’ll be able to identify at least some of the stages of being high. Also if you consider trying a strain of cannabis with a high CBD to THC ratio, like cbd 20:1, then the psychoactive effects will be very minimal and you can explore a more gentl slope of a weed high.

Stage 1 Taking a Hit

The first minute to minute and a half after smoking is too soon to feel an effect. The THC hasn’t made it to the brain yet. However, it’s entirely possible that you might start to feel a little dizzy if you were holding your breath. Although that effect isn’t directly related to the weed, you’ll start to feel it very soon. This stage ends when you suddenly find yourself wondering what just happened. It’s clear at this point that you are no longer sober.

If you choose an edible instead, it can take a lot longer to feel any effects. Don’t make any plans for the next few hours after you eat the brownie or candy. The high can sneak up on you as you’re wondering whether you were given plain sweet treat and not a THC-infused edible. If your goal is to get high, be patient. It will be worth the wait.

With smoking, you know pretty quickly when you’ve had enough. Since the effects of the THC in edibles won’t be apparent for at least half an hour, it’s important to start slowly. It’s easy to eat more than you need to get high. Start with one and eat it slowly, even if you are a frequent smoker. The effects are more intense with edibles, especially if you eat too much or too fast.

Stage 2 Going Up

High, stoned, baked, faded. No matter what you call it, in stage 2, you’re there. Expect to feel a sense of euphoria. You may start laughing uncontrollably at something that wouldn’t have been funny a few minutes earlier, before smoking your big joint of Blue Dream. This oncoming high will depend largely on the strain of cannabis that you choose. A strain like Granddaddy Purple will be more likely to melt into the sofa, feeling incredibly relaxed.

Some people use marijuana to relieve their anxiety, stress, or post-traumatic stress. This is the stage when worries that had your heart beating fast aren’t as important anymore. It’s important to remember the effects are temporary but people have reported that THC has a calming effect on them that helps them manage their stress and anxiety.

If you’re high on edibles, it’s going to take more than half an hour to get to this stage. When it hits you, you’ll know right away that you didn’t just eat a regular brownie. Expect your mind to be cloudy as things around you move more slowly than normal. Because edibles go through the digestive system, they affect the whole body, not just your head.

Stage 3 The Peak

THC’s full effects take hold in this stage. It only takes a few minutes to get here when you smoke some tropicana cookies weed strain or sour lemon haze weed but could take a couple of hours if you eat an edible, like some potent banana kush brownies. Some things people experience include seeing colors more vividly and hearing music more intensely.

During this stage, you might find yourself contemplating the meaning of life or other obscure concepts. It’s not uncommon to be deep in thought for the entirety of this stage. If you are with friends, conversations in this stage can get very interesting.

The things people talk about when they’re high would amaze a sober person. You or your friends might pick apart the most minute details of your lives or surroundings and it will seem perfectly normal. Whether you spend your time discussing broad topics like the meaning of life or very specific ones such as how a sponge with holes in it can hold water, remember the thoughts are created with the help of THC in your brain.

These deep thoughts might become overwhelming, especially if you get high alone. If that happens to you, consider partaking of weed with a group of like-minded people. Getting high with friends is always more fun.

Stage 4 Munchies and/or Paranoia

Many smokers get paranoid during this stage. This part of the cycle also happens to occur around the same time you’re likely to get hungry. If you don’t have snacks in the house, you’ll have to venture out to the store and that’s where the paranoia kicks in.

As you’re traveling to the store, you might feel like everyone knows you’re high. Don’t be surprised if you think the driver in the car next to yours is a law enforcement officer or the clerk who walks to the back of the store is calling authorities to snitch on you. Although these feelings are very real, they aren’t likely to be true. Unless you are acting very erratically or committing a crime, you don’t need to worry about getting arrested.

Despite the feeling that everyone is out to get you, having snacks is essential. If you’ve never experienced the munchies, you’ll surprise yourself at how much junk food you can consume. It’s best to buy plenty of snacks if you decide to run to the store so you don’t run out. Better yet, stock up in advance so you don’t have to drive high.

These feelings tend to intensify when you have more THC in your system. You can control your intake when you smoke or vape but it’s more difficult with edibles. Unless you know how potent the edible is, you might be surprised by how strong your paranoia or munchies are and how long they last.

Stage 5 Going Down

You’ve been high for about half an hour if you got high from smoking and an hour or more if you ate an edible. Assuming you didn’t smoke more weed or down another edible, you’re starting to come down. If you smoke Sativa, you’ll be ultra-focused and creative during this stage.

The cloudiness of previous stages has dissipated so this is the time to get things done. It’s a great time to brainstorm or tackle repetitive tasks. Of course, this is assuming you haven’t been smoking all day to maintain the euphoric feelings THC provides.

Energy is still high in this stage so if you have to go to work, this is the best time. You’ll be lucid and your coworkers probably won’t know you were high not too long ago. Your secret weed session before work will make your boss wonder how they didn’t know you were so productive.

Stage 6 End of the Ride

Coming down from weed is a lot different than coming down from other drugs. With weed, the descent is gradual and gentle. Instead of quickly going from high to uncomfortably sober, you’ll descend slowly. You aren’t going to have a headache, be nauseous, or have intense urges to get high again with marijuana.

Even though you’ve come down for the euphoric stages of your high, you may continue to feel the effects for a while, even into the next day. This is because it takes quite a long time for THC to break down completely. Unlike many harder drugs, THC is going to remain in your fat cells. Depending on how often you smoke, vape, or use THC-infused edibles, it could take more than a month of not using before you can pass a drug screening test.

Very few people in the history of cannabis use have died as a direct result of using it. However, smoking too much or eating too many edibles can make you uncomfortable, even nauseous. Fortunately, cannabis use has gained acceptance in recent years so it won’t be hard to find someone to smoke with you or give you advice about different strains of marijuana.

You may not go through all of these stages every time you use marijuana. If the munchies or paranoia bother you, try a different strain or use a different amount. You might get a completely different result by hitting the bong twice versus three times.

Just about anything can be more fun when you’re high. Whether you’re celebrating a good grade on a test, a new relationship, graduation, a promotion, or a sunny day, you’ll enjoy the day more with cannabis. You don’t have to be celebrating to enjoy marijuana. Smoking is a great way to relax and enjoy the company of friends or family.

Knowing the stages can help you prepare to get high for the first time. When you know what’s likely to occur, you’ll be less likely to be worried if you suddenly feel like you’re starving to death and the only thing that can satisfy your hunger is potato chips.