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Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles

Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles

Did you know that marijuana edibles were first baked a thousand years ago? The ancestor of the Hash muffin is called Bhang, and it was first made in India from the leaves of cannabis plants. It’s still eaten today!

Join us as we look at various delicious options of edible medical marijuana. If you enjoy the effects of THC, but not the inhaling part, medical marijuana edibles are the answer to the problem.

A wide range of food and drinks containing cannabis is now available. It’s a wonderful addition to the marijuana medications already on the market. It’s crucial to understand that cannabinoids must be “triggered” to achieve the desired effects.

Eating weed seeds won’t give you the best results. Let’s take off and explore the universe of medical marijuana edibles.

Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles
Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles

The growing trend for medical marijuana edibles

A 1954 cookbook by Alice Toklas included the Moroccan recipe for hash brownies. The book aroused controversy worldwide—the first US edition didn’t even include the recipe. It wasn’t until the early 60s that it was allowed to be published in the States. 

The recipe became very popular amongst the hippies, and that’s how people started baking their edibles from home.

Since we’re all more aware of the catastrophic effects of smoking on our respiratory system, medical marijuana edibles are becoming a popular alternative. The legalization of recreational and medical cannabis is spreading in the USA.

Every day more states recognize the benefits of THC and CBD on patients affected by numerous conditions. Have you ever tried medical marijuana edibles? Keep reading to learn how to avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy your experience.

What are medicinal marijuana edibles?

What are edibles? Marijuana edibles are simply food that contains THC, CBD, or both. They come in various forms, like cookies, candy, popcorn, and even drinks, to mention a few. They’re a delicious alternative for patients that can’t inhale smoke for various reasons, which we’ll talk about soon.

Yes, you read right! Medical cannabis edibles also include drinks. To be more specific, marijuana drinks are referred to as “liquid edibles” or “drinkables.” These medicines produce the same pain-relieving reactions as smoking joints without vandalizing your valuable lungs.

One of the elements in medical edibles is THC; this is the major psychoactive composite that makes you feel high. Edibles also predominantly contain CBD, which gives a sensation of peace and relaxation. The majority of medicinal edibles have a fairly high amount of CBD. 

Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles
Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles

Consult a medical professional before taking medicinal edibles

The first step when it comes to medical marijuana food is consulting your physician. Like all drugs, medical edibles are available in various types and strengths, so be sure to follow your prescription carefully. 

One of the advantages of medical marijuana edibles is that they’re stealthy and invisible to the unaware. You can easily keep them in your pocket, and there’s no malodorous smoke emission to be seen. There are so many products that you’re only spoilt for choice!

The other side of the coin is that somebody might accidentally come across your medicinal edibles and ingest them. It’s important to inform people around you about these medicines in your household and always keep them away from children and pets.

The different types of medicinal cannabis edibles

Let’s take a glance at the way our body absorbs food and drinks once ingested. It applies to medicinal edibles products too. Understanding this helps you be prepared and make the most out of the experience. 

There are three types of medical cannabis edibles:

  • Gastrointestinal: it’s solid food that we chew and swallow. Once the meal reaches our stomach, we have to wait for digestion to begin, the food is broken down in the stomach, and then active ingredients enter the bloodstream and reach the liver. 

Here they’re metabolized, pushed back into the bloodstream, and reach the brain. That’s when you start feeling the effects. Digestion can take up to 8 hours to complete, and this is why the effects of edibles require longer compared to smoking. 

  • Oral: they are medicinal edibles absorbed via “sublingual absorption,” it means through the membranes in the mouth and saliva. Few examples are candy, lollipops, gummy bears, etc.. The effects are quick and vanish sooner than gastrointestinal uptake.
  • Hybrid: a mix of gastrointestinal and oral uptakes. Examples of hybrid edibles are beverages and chocolate. Their effects can be felt rapidly and give comfort up to a few hours. 

Check out the nearest dispensary—some offer better medical marijuana edibles and a wider range. You must visit an authorized and reputable seller. Cannabis can be incorporated in cooking oil and butter, so the list of edible medical cannabis products is almost endless. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Brownies 
  • Cookies
  • Pizza 
  • Candies
  • Nuts
  • Ice cream 
  • Chocolate 
  • Condiments,
  • Energy drinks
  • Coffee 
  • Tea

Drinkables have “tinctures” that show THC quantities. Tinctures are available to buy and add to your drinks; this makes it easier to regulate the measurements.

Medical weed candy

Medical marijuana candies are easy to take with you and can be consumed pretty much anywhere. Note that their effect is almost immediate, so plan your course of action and make sure you take your medications in the right place.

Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles
Weed candy

Medical marijuana gummies

Just like candies, medical marijuana gummies fit in your bag or even pocket. Just be careful to store them right and not damage your medication by exposing them to extreme temperatures.

Marijuana gummies

Medicinal marijuana cookies and baked goods

Medicinal marijuana cookies are absorbed via the stomach, so they’re the slowest to take effect.

The amount of time for cookies to work also depends on factors like metabolism, body type, weight, how much you’ve eaten before the cookies, your general health condition, and so on.

Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles
Marijuana cookies

Medical cannabis drinks

Drinks are the easiest medical marijuana edible to ingest; you sip them. You can rapidly assess the effects and adjust the dose to reach the desired results. Always wait 24 hours for the next session.

Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles
Cannabis drinks

Make your own medical cannabis edibles

Preparing medical cannabis edibles at home has become more popular since the ‘60s when the hash brownies recipe was included in Alice Toklas’ cookbook. Over the years, weed lovers have come up with many different cannabis recipes to incorporate THC into their diet.

Here are a few advantages of making your marijuana edibles. It saves money, and it gives you more control over the dosage of ingredients. So, if you have allergies (gluten, nuts, lactose, salt, to mention a few), you can avoid undesired elements. 

Preparing your medical marijuana food also gives you a chance to express your creativity in the kitchen. Some people don’t have any dispensaries near them, so growing their plants and cooking their medical marijuana food is the only way to get medications. 

Older people may also find that they need a lower amount of THC than what’s offered at the stores. If you decide to manufacture your own medical edibles, please start with low quantities. This way, you can better calculate the right dosage to obtain the desired effects. 

How do medicinal marijuana edibles work

When you inhale cannabis, the smoke goes through your lungs into the bloodstream. It then reaches the brain, which sends relief to the rest of the body. Medical edibles have nothing to do with the lungs. 

After you consume them, they’re absorbed and metabolized by your digestive system. Even if you’re a seasoned smoker, you might find the effects of edibles quite different so proceed with caution. 

Eating raw cannabis plants doesn’t give you the same effects. Cannabinoids have to be activated to produce their therapeutic effects. Raw marijuana contains THCA, which transforms into THC when stimulated with heat. 

This phenomenon is named “decarboxylation,” it happens when we light a bud or supply heat to cannabis until it vaporizes. Medical marijuana edibles sold by dispensaries are prepared with one of the following two active ingredients: 

  • cannabis oil (a mix of cannabis flower and cooking oil) 
  • cannabutter (a blend of water, butter, and decarboxylated cannabis flowers).

Since marijuana edibles ingested give you a stronger effect, it’s essential to calibrate your THC dosage as instructed by your doctor. We always recommend beginning with small amounts, start with 2-5 milligrams. 

Potential benefits of medical marijuana edibles

Many patients prefer edible medical marijuana because it produces cheery effects while obtaining the medical goals requested. It also minimizes stress and generates a positive euphoria.

Medical marijuana can benefit patients suffering from various conditions. Marijuana edibles also offer a better-distributed sense of euphoria, equally perceived throughout the body, not just in the head. This feeling tranquilizes the patient and reduces pain.

Potential side-effects of medical edibles

Medical cannabis edibles are safe if used as intended. Patients’ reactions are determined by factors like dosage and weight. If you have an existing medical condition, consult your doctor before taking any medical weed edibles. These can counteract your regular medication.

Be prepared to wait for the effects of your medical marijuana edible, and don’t keep ingesting more products if you feel they aren’t working yet. 

You could experience a cannabis overdose, if you feel paranoia, anxiety, nausea, hallucinations, or difficulty in moving, stay calm. A generally healthy individual doesn’t suffer from any long-term effects. 

Here are some ideas that can help you feel better:

  • Keep water within reach to stay hydrated 
  • Take a relaxing shower 
  • Express your creativity, draw, sing
  • If you’re sleepy, take a nap

Always purchase your marijuana edibles from an authorized dispensary. Select a place where the budtenders can help you choose the best products and prepare for the experience.

We advise you to ingest your first medical marijuana edible in a safe environment with people you can trust.

What might medical marijuana edibles treat?

Medical marijuana edibles can treat and ease the pain of many chronic physical and mental conditions. They’re particularly common with elderly patients as it’s easy to administer if they have lung complications. 

Here’s a list of some conditions that benefit from medical edibles:

  • Arthritis
  • HIV
  • Neurological problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Liver conditions
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Cancer and chemotherapy

When to take medicinal edibles

You can take your medical marijuana edible products after you’ve consulted your doctor and gotten your prescription. After reading this article, you surely understand the times and effects of the different typologies of edibles, so plan accordingly.

Always make sure to be in a protected environment when assuming edibles to enjoy your experience to the fullest. Edibles are also ideal if you’re not allowed to smoke on your property.

What to remember before you take medical cannabis edibles

Even regular cannabis smokers can fail to predict how they’ll react to edibles the first time. It’s better to start with lower amounts and increase the following time if necessary. Make sure your medical marijuana edible was correctly manufactured, and lab tested. 

Reputable dispensaries offer a range of marijuana products with different strengths and dosages, making it easier to track THC content. Some professionals suggest assuming a max of 2.5 mg of CBD the first time you ingest edibles.

The best time to consume your edibles is around two hours after a meal. By that time you’ve digested your meal and the edibles will need less time to start working. Be prepared for the effects to last around eight hours or even longer.

If your first experience wasn’t positive, don’t give up! Cooking marijuana edibles at home can be a lot of fun, but remember to ensure an even distribution of compounds. Some cookies may be stronger than others, and some might even be ineffective. 

Check out authorized retailers near you. Consult the budtenders at the dispensary to determine which medical edibles suit you best. Purchase from a shop with helpful, competent personnel. They can assist you in measuring the THC dosage in products and guide you to select products. 

Once you find a trustworthy retailer, stick with it. Don’t hesitate to ask for info on the cannabis they use in their edibles. Ask where it is cultivated and its origin.

People have been enjoying marijuana edibles for centuries; it’s a functional way to enjoy the effects of THC for both medical and recreational purposes. Get your seeds and start growing your marijuana now. You can start baking your cookies very soon.