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5 Ways To Naturally Increase Your High

Five Ways to Naturally Increase Your High

Marijuana users understand they can benefit from the use of this substance in a variety of ways. Some users prefer a quick and mild high, while others look to get a buzz that sticks around for a while. When a person wishes to have a potent and intense high, there are several ways they can do so with ease.

Men and women need to take care when using one of these methods, as the user must make certain they don’t exceed their limit. An excess of weed often leads to a bad high, one accompanied by uncomfortable effects. Tolerance plays a role in this, as do other factors. Try the following tips and tricks to extend the psychoactive buzz while intensifying it most times. First, however, it’s important to understand how long the experience lasts and why.

How Long Does a High Last?

Several factors impact the duration of a person’s marijuana high. Newcomers to marijuana report feeling high for up to six hours, but this isn’t the case for all. What factors need consideration when estimating how long a buzz may stick around?

The marijuana strain influences the duration of the high. A 25 percent THC strain like Shiskaberry Punch should provide a longer high than a 15 percent THC strain such as Auto Blue Cheese right? This only holds true when the user consumes the same amount of both strains. The more THC a person takes in, the longer the effects stick around. This is due to the time it takes for the body to process the larger amount.

A marijuana high likewise depends in part on the method of consumption. The amount of THC making its way into the bloodstream impacts the high, and this depends on the bioavailability or rate of absorption. For instance, vaping comes with a greater bioavailability rate, allowing the user to achieve the desired buzz in less time. Edibles, in contrast, come with a low bioavailability rate, so the user might not feel the effects of the THC for a few hours. Nevertheless, the high obtained from edibles sticks around longer.

Men and women appreciate having a fast metabolism when they want to lose weight. The same isn’t true when they wish to benefit from a lengthy high. A slow metabolism means the body processes marijuana slowly, so the effects last longer. A fast metabolism clears the marijuana from the system in less time, and the buzz ends when the substance has been removed from the body.

Individuals first trying marijuana find they experience effects that last for some time. With repeated use, however, the individual builds up a tolerance to the chemicals in the weed. As a result, they need to increase their usage to see the same effects. However, many men and women say being mindful of their use can extend the duration of their high. They need to reflect on their high, as this allows them to notice it longer.

Surprisingly, a person using marijuana in a new location will find the high lasts longer. Age, general health, height, and weight also play a role in how long a person’s experience lasts. The same holds true for the compounds other than THC that appear in the selected strain. Strains that come with an even helping of CBD and THC such as Black Domina CBD 1:1 will get the user less high than a high THC strain like Blue Head Band or Amnesia x AK 47. Other cannabinoids as well as the different flavonoids and terpenes within a strain can also influence the kind of high and the length of duration. Finally, marijuana might interact with other drugs or medications currently being taken by the user, and this could impact the high.

Individuals who would like a ballpark figure when it comes to determining the length of a high will find it depends on the method of consumption. Cannabis concentrates produce a high that lasts 30 minutes to two hours on average. Marijuana flowers provide a buzz that sticks around for two to three hours, and the effects from edibles linger for up to six hours. These are only approximations, so every user needs to pay attention to how their body reacts when using different strains.

The following tips may extend one’s buzz. Users need to try the different methods to find which best meets their needs. This differs by individual.

Increase Marijuana Consumption

Individuals looking to extend their high often choose to increase their marijuana consumption, as this is the easiest way to achieve the desired goal. This provides the user with more control over their experience. A person can simply take a few additional drags of the sativa or indica joint to extend the buzz or put the joint down to come down from the high.

Men and women use this technique regardless of their preferred method of consumption. It doesn’t take any effort to increase your vape hits or benefit from another dose of cannabis oil. The user continues to do so until they observe the desired effects.

Users must understand the body absorbs 95 percent of the THC consumed in a matter of seconds for smoking and vaping. Holding in the hit does nothing but damage the respiratory system. It won’t boost the high, so it’s best to take another hit as opposed to holding the current one in.

Alter the Consumption Method

Try different consumption methods to find the one that provides the extended experience you desire. For instance, experienced users know using a bong or pipe provides a longer high than a joint and the effects are stronger.

Countless individuals now state vaping serves as the most effective way to achieve an extended high. Vaporized cannabis, according to a 2018 study, produces more powerful effects as the body absorbs more THC using this method than it does when they smoke the marijuana. Vaping mimics smoking in a variety of ways, so individuals who have smoked weed should try this method instead when they wish to get a strong high consistently.

Cannabis concentrates benefit from the use of a dab rig, as it produces a buzz that is hard hitting. To get the best results, combine vaping with the most potent strain available. This provides the extreme experience many users seek.

When it comes to edibles take extra precautions to take your added doses slowly and incrementally. Because it can take up to an hour to take effect, users who take two much at the outset can be in for a big surprise when the THC finally gets absorbed. The classic warning motto of “go low and slow” can’t be more true, especially for new users.

Choose Potent Products

Men and women need to compare strains carefully to find those with greater THC levels. Doing so allows the user to increase their buzz with little effort on their part. Certain cannabis strains have a 15 percent THC level while others have a THC concentration of 25 percent or more. Look into these strains to boost the high quickly and easily.

Consider potent cannabis products. Cannabis concentrates are made by condensing marijuana into a highly concentrated form. This allows for extremely high THC levels. When a user combines these products with vaping or dabbing, the high achieved is significantly stronger. Often times the medical grade seeds can yield the highest THC levels, although the word ‘medical’ can also sometimes refer to high CBD seeds that have nearly no THC at all.

Cannabis edibles, however, serve as the most potent cannabis items available today. When a person consumes an edible, the body digests it and the liver converts it into 11-hydroxy-THC. This powerful form of THC takes an hour or two for the effects to kick in. However, when they do, the hit is very hard, and the effects may last eight hours or longer.

Take a Break

Men and women find they build up a tolerance to the substance with regular marijuana use. Consider taking a break from weed. When a person does, they find the next time they use the substance, the high increases.

Many people find they don’t want to take a break, especially those who use marijuana regularly. Nevertheless, doing so offers benefits, as tolerance level plays a large role in how intensely a person feels the effects of the THC. Everyday use leads to a greater tolerance level, which in turn means the individual must ingest more weed to get the desired benefits.

A break of a few weeks lowers the tolerance level. If this seems impossible, smoke less often. Men and women might find this is enough to boost the high while saving the user money.

Watch What You Eat

Certain foods and drinks enhance the buzz a person obtains from marijuana. Cannabis strains contain terpenes or compounds which influence the marijuana flavor and the high produced. The terpenes work in conjunction with the cannabinoids and other compounds to achieve this goal.

Terpenes come in many other foods, as well, and eating these foods before ingesting marijuana enhances the high. This includes foods such as mangoes, nuts, and sweet potatoes. Dark chocolate and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids work similarly, as do some drinks.

Consider having a mug of green tea or beer with the weed to enhance the high. However, take care if you plan to have a beer with marijuana. Drink the beer before consuming the marijuana, as doing so increases THC levels in the blood drastically.

With several ways to boost the effects of cannabis available today, men and women need to try different techniques to find the one they are most comfortable with. Nevertheless, men and women must remain cautious when attempting to boost this high. A person could find they went too far and now are struggling with paranoia, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Start slow when trying any of these methods and see how the body reacts. By doing so, each person finds the right technique for their needs. Once they do so, they find the high they achieve is everything they dreamed of and more.