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Smoking Together – Why Cannabis is Better With Friends

Smoking Together: Why Cannabis is Better with Friends

Cannabis consumption is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, and today’s enthusiasts are continuing the trend. Many people smoke weed for its medicinal properties, but this noble herb has other advantages to consider. Before heading to the dispensary, consider the social benefits of marijuana.


It Makes You More Friendly

The stoner stereotype is correct in that it’s almost impossible to find an angry smoker. Science has proven that those who smoke pot are less likely to get into fights. When we smoke with friends, we enter a fun, relaxed state of mind. It’s tough to feel high and negative at the same time, unless you smoke too much and become paranoid. These situations are rare, though, especially among experienced smokers.


It’s Relaxing

Though medical proof is limited, everyone knows that weed is a powerful stress reliever. There’s no need to perform a scientific study to see that cannabis helps take the edge off. While some of your friends may like to kick back with a cold beer, it’s equally fun to unwind with a joint or a bowl.


It Fosters Creativity

Many of the world’s most famous producers, actors, writers, and musicians are cannabis enthusiasts. People like Bob Marley, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, and Stephen King have all been known to smoke, and their creative abilities are well-documented. If you’re looking for a way to add a little fun and spontaneity to your next social gathering, consider taking a hit or two or some Grape Killer 99 or Lemon Diesel that you have grown yourself from i49 seed.


Fun Without Judgment

There are many reasons to light up with friends, but the lack of judgment is one of the best. Though we may roll our eyes and laugh at our guests’ stoned antics, we won’t ridicule them. Cannabis enthusiasts are often misunderstood, but we can count on our 420-friendly acquaintances to listen without judging.


Great Generosity

Despite childhood lessons on sharing, it’s surprising how many adults have forgotten the concept. Weed smokers haven’t, however, and that’s one of the reasons they make great friends.

If you’ve had a bad day or you’ve run out of bud (which are the same, in our opinion), your fellow cannabis enthusiasts will always be ready to roll one up. And, if you get the munchies, they’ve got you covered.

Smokers are also generous with their time. Whether you’re ready to goof off or engage in deep, thought-provoking conversation, your weed smoking friends will be there to lend an ear.


Increased Sensuality

While we haven’t yet found a study on the relationship benefits of cannabis consumption, many smokers believe that the herb enhances the sexual experience. Some regard weed as an aphrodisiac, as it lowers inhibitions and increases a person’s sensitivity to touch. If you’re spending time with a special someone, cannabis may be just the thing to spice up your night. To make sure you are not caught off guard with a bad trip it is wise to know the strain you are smoking and have experience using it once or twice prior. Some will find greater benefit from the energizing capability of saliva strains like Pure Haze or White Amnesia Other men and women may find it more helpful to smoke a grounding indica like Shiskaberry Punch or Strawberry Banana Cheese that gets them out of their head and more into their body. Like with the sex itself, smoking can become more pleasurable with more experience.


Less Anxiety

From a social perspective, many enthusiasts find that smoking weed makes it easier to relate to other people. Marijuana relieves anxiety when it’s consumed in the right dose. That, along with lowered inhibitions, may allow users to connect on a much deeper level. Again, here is a place where knowing yourself as an individual can really help. Some individuals find that sativa strains are too racy for them and cause a temporary spike in anxiety whereas the indica strains seem to chill them right out. Although this is the average finding, others still have the very opposite experience.


Fun Stuff for Smokers

For many people, cannabis consumption is a social activity. When a group of friends smokes together regularly, they’re more likely to experiment with different, fun activities. Now that you’ve learned a few social reasons to smoke, we’ll suggest some stoner-friendly activities for your next fun night with friends.


Cooking Together

Nothing brings a group of friends together like good food and good times. Everyone knows that weed gives you the munchies, and those feelings of hunger shouldn’t limit you to junk food and fast food. Many see their favorite foods as a guilty pleasure, but there’s less guilt when smokers prepare and enjoy a delicious meal together.


Taking a Hike

This activity idea is, quite literally, a walk in the park. Start the fun with a few hits in the comfort of home, and follow it up with a nice, scenic walk in a favorite place. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far away; even a hike through the nearest patch of woods would be nice. Being in your favorite surroundings—whether it’s the beach, the forest, or the mountains—is great, and smoking bud with friends will make it that much better.


Go Out to the Movies

Though theaters are still closed in some areas, it’s possible to hit the box office in other places. If there’s an open cinema in your town, take a few friends out to see the latest release. A great movie is the perfect night out, and a nice, fat joint will get the before-party started on the right note.

If you’re not comfortable with crowds, consider going to an earlier movie showing. Theaters tend to be less crowded during the day, even under normal circumstances, which means that it’s even easier to snag daily matinee tickets now. Smoke a little indoor or outdoor weed beforehand and get ready for a memorable adventure!


Have a Movie Night at Home

When we were younger, going out while stoned was fun and carefree. Now that we’re all a bit older, though, we’ve discovered the benefits of a relaxing night at home. For instance, after taking a walk and enjoying a home-cooked meal, you and your stoner friends can kick back with a few episodes of your favorite Netflix show.

The best at home movie nights start with comedies or action movies that fit the buzz of the cannabis strain you’re enjoying. Though it’s perfectly okay to watch deeper and more thought-provoking stuff, some nights call for lighter fare. If you or a friend tend to overthink things when you’re stoned, it’s best to stream something a little easier on the mind.

It’s important to remember that, unlike cannabis, online video streaming services can be quite addictive. So, if anyone in the group finds it difficult to moderate their guilty pleasures, they may have trouble giving the remote a break when they finish the latest season of a favorite series.


Play Some Games

When you’re stoned with friends, it’s only natural to want to try something new. If there’s a card, puzzle, or board game everyone enjoys, or a multiplayer video game everyone can get in on, it’ll be that much better with marijuana. Though complex games may be harder to play when you’re high, simple, giggle-inducing games are tons of fun.


Get Baked

Some days, it’s all we can do to get through a long shift at work. If you and your buds don’t want to do much of anything at all, it’s time to get baked. Getting stoned with your closest friends is a life-changing experience. Kick back, relax, and pass a joint or two around while listening to your favorite tunes. To cap off a perfect evening, indulge in some mellow, easy indica.


Go to a Show

If you and your group share an affinity for a certain genre of music, whether it’s dubstep, techno, or heavy metal, consider getting together for some great smoke and an even better show. Outdoor shows are still going on in some places, and they allow enthusiasts to get together and do it safely.


Tips on Smoking with Friends

Do you remember your first experience with cannabis? Did it go as expected? While most users find their initial experiences pleasurable, that’s not the case for everyone. To ensure that your friends have a good time, follow these social smoking tips.

Consider the setting. The environment in which cannabis is consumed will affect the high you and your friends experience. For instance, if everyone passes a joint around before going to an amusement park, the experience will be different than lighting up before watching a movie at home.

Give new users products with more CBD than THC. Because tetrahydrocannabinol affects everyone differently, it’s best to go with high-CBD strains for new users. This way, your friends can experience cannabis in a relaxed manner.

Start slow. When a friend is smoking for the first time, don’t pull out your biggest and fanciest bong. Instead, start slow by using a vape or rolling a joint. Encourage them to take a break between hits to see how they feel. By easing them in slowly, you can reduce the risk of negative effects.

When someone in your social circle is new to the world of cannabis, it’s important to provide them with a memorable, yet safe experience. By following these tips, you can make that first hit a memorable one.


Is it Still Fun to Smoke Alone?

The answer to this question depends on the user’s personality. Though it’s fun to be around friends, some people become overwhelmed in large social circles. For these users, the quiet, relaxing experience of smoking solo is invaluable. In other cases, those who smoke alone wish they had someone to share it with. The answer to this question depends on the user’s personality.

The Modern Attitude Toward Social Cannabis Consumption

While it once carried a heavy social stigma, marijuana use is more widely accepted these days. Even past Presidents have joked about it! Approximately 60% of American adults support the legalization of cannabis, regardless of the reasons for its consumption.

Many non-smokers who support these initiatives do so because they see anti-cannabis laws as a public policy failure, not because they approve of its use. Though it’s still technically illegal to smoke outside your home in America, we hope one day to be able to enjoy the herb in public social settings.