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Choosing the Best Strains

Feb 10, 2020
Cannabis World

Choosing the Best Strains of Marijuana to Grow

New states are legalizing cannabis for medical use with each passing year. A continually growing number of legislators are decriminalizing it for recreational purposes as well. In light of these new, less restrictive laws, people across the country are considering the possibility of growing marijuana.

Some are interested in cultivating their own plants for purely personal use. Many in this category suffer from one or more of the numerous medical conditions for which cannabis has been deemed effective. Growing their own carefully selected strains could certainly provide ample benefits.

Still others, especially in states where recreational marijuana is now allowed, are approaching the matter from a more entrepreneurial standpoint. This could undoubtedly be a lucrative business outlet while helping countless customers gain access to the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Exploring the Prospect of Growing Cannabis

Regardless of your reasons for contemplating the possibility of becoming a marijuana grower, numerous factors come into play. First off, you need to consider the scope of your pending gardening efforts. Any number of beginners have jumped headlong into the process with hopes of growing several strains of cannabis in large numbers.

In most cases, this isn’t the best approach particularly for newbies to the industry. Experts usually advise first-time growers to start off on a small scale. This entails growing three to six plants with only one or two strains in the mix. Once you get a feel for the process, you can begin to test the waters a little more and branch out from there.

Gardening Methods

Secondly, you’ll need to decide which technique to use for growing cannabis. Outdoor gardening is often the least expensive and least complicated alternative. Mother Nature provides all the light, heat, nutrients and water the plants need to thrive. All you have to do is keep an eye on the plants. You may end up having to water them or supplement the soil’s nutrients with potting mix or fertilizer.

With outdoor growing, you could easily get started with a budget of less than $100. If you don’t have a plot of land to till up and plant the seeds in, it may be necessary to purchase planters and potting soil. Still, the essential supplies are readily available and cost comparatively little.

Indoor growing is also an option. This solution offers reduced risks of pest invasions, fungal infections and soil-based diseases among other gardening hurdles. That being said, indoor gardening requires more maintenance than outdoor growing, and you’ll need extra equipment.

Since plants grown indoors have no access to rain, sun and natural heat, you’ll have to provide those elements artificially. This means purchasing grow lights, fans for ventilation, filters to remove odors and contaminants in the air and pots for planting as well as other tools. Ballasts for regulating the power flow to your grow lamps and other equipment may also be needed depending on the size of your setup.

In the event you want to go with a hydroponic growing system, you’re looking at a great deal more time, effort and initial expense. With this strategy, you’re looking at purchasing water reservoirs, pumps, growing media, nutrient solutions, pH testers, grow lamps, ballasts, exhaust fans and timers to name a few basics.

Despite the added costs and extra time and attention needed to grow plants indoors, both traditional dirt-based cultivation and hydroponics offer plenty of advantages. Cannabis grown inside often produces higher yields per harvest, and plants can be grown all year long rather than only during a few months each year. A great deal can be said for the value of safety and privacy as well.

Moving on to Cannabis Seeds

Aside from choosing how many plants to take on and which gardening technique to use, you’ll need to find the right cannabis seeds to plant. If you’ve experimented with certain strains of marijuana and had positive experiences with them, there’s no harm in trying to grow one or two of those.

Should you be looking for specific characteristics, like heavy aromas, fruity flavors and impressive therapeutic benefits, be sure to research a wide range of strains to find the ones best suited to your expectations. Don’t simply buy the cheapest seeds you stumble upon in an effort to cut costs. After all, you get what you pay for. Check out the seed selection at i49 USA.

In addition to those aspects, it’s important to search for certain helpful traits in marijuana seeds. Being easy to grow, producing high yields and having short growth cycles are all crucial factors. Resilient strains that are somewhat forgiving of growers’ inexperience tend to be good choices as well.

Understanding the Possible Hassles of Some Marijuana Seeds

A few types of seeds are available for each cannabis strain. Regular seeds give rise to either male or female plants. Male plants produce pollen only. Female plants, on the other hand, grow beautiful buds rich in the THC and CBD known to provide recreational and medicinal benefits.

Mixed seeds are usually less expensive than other options. There’s a reason for this. You never know if they’re going to sprout male or female plants. First off, you have to be able to determine the difference between the two.

If you don’t want them to cross-pollinate, you’ll need to separate the male plants from the female ones. At the same time, male plants are often considered a waste of time, effort, money and space because of their limited potency and usefulness.

Simplifying the Situation

Thanks to modern-day science, innovation and genetic manipulation, you don’t have to settle for the old take-what-you-get options. It’s possible to buy feminized seeds. They’re guaranteed to grow female plants, so there’s no guesswork and much less maintenance required.

Since feminized seeds produce female-only crops, you’re bound to enjoy higher yields and potency. As long as you pay attention to your plants’ needs and maintain proper growing conditions, they’ll adhere to their ingrained feminine, bud-producing characteristics.

Auto-flowering plants are yet another optimal choice for first-time growers and seasoned cannabis gardeners alike. Plants grown from auto-flowering seeds tend to be smaller than some other varieties. Depending on how you look at the situation, this could mean you either need less growing space or can fit more plants into the area available to you.

These types of plants usually have short growth cycles as well. Many are ready for harvest by around two months after being planted. Heat and light don’t have to be closely monitored and regulated with auto-flowering plants as they do with other alternatives, either. Instead, they bloom based on age.

Auto-flowering cannabis plants are among the easiest to grow, and they don’t need a great deal of ongoing maintenance. Still, their yields are lower than those of larger plants. Those with limited space and growing experience often consider this an acceptable sacrifice. Despite their diminutive stature, their buds are comparably potent to other varieties.

Feminized auto-flowering seeds are likewise available. They combine the benefits of feminized plants and auto-flowering strains. This partnership gives you seeds that quickly and easily grow into female plants and produce adequate yields with ample potency. Feminized, auto-flowering and auto-fem seeds have been developed for a wide range of cannabis strains.

Taking a Look at the Available Options

Several types of feminized, auto-flowering and auto-fem seeds are available from online weed seeds banks such as i49 USA. Whether you’re looking for strains high in THC, buds offering increased CBD levels or plants with equal amounts of both components, you’re sure to find one that meets your expectations.

  • Skunk Fem Fast: Growing to an average height of 30 inches or so, Skunk Fem Fast is ready for harvest in as little as six weeks if grown indoors. It has a woody, skunky, slightly sweet flavor and scent and offers relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction and an appetite boost with a THC concentration of 18 percent.
  • Mango Kush Fem: These feminized seeds sprout buds with a sweet, spicy, tropical aroma after eight or nine weeks of growth. Also a high-THC strain, Mango Kush helps ease pain and anxiety while offering a helpful, uplifting effect.
  • Chocolope x Candy Fem: This versatile hybrid cannabis strain provides relief from a number of medical issues, including depression, muscle spasms, anxiety, and inflammatory conditions. It grows a bit larger than autoflowering varieties, but when cultivated indoors, it reaches maturity in about nine weeks.
  • Auto Northern Lights x Mazar Fem: As a feminized auto-flowering breed, Auto Northern Lights x Mazar Fem is highly resistant to fungi and insects. It grows to a height of about 30 inches with buds that are ready to harvest in around ten weeks. This strain helps curb nausea, anxiety, pain and insomnia.
  • Auto Haze CBD Fem: High levels of CBD offer clarity and focus while moderate amounts of THC help soothe sleeplessness with this feminized auto-flowering strain. It can generate 300 to 500 grams of cannabis in about 10 weeks.

These are only a few of the possibilities at your disposal. Numerous other strains are available, each with its own features and benefits. They’re all designed to grow quickly and demand minimal care aside from the basic essentials. Spend some time researching the growth cycles, THC and CBD levels and potential benefits of each before deciding which ones to try your hand at growing.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Cannabis seeds are small, inconspicuous-looking items. Inside, though, they hold a power-packed network of genetics and growth potential. They remain in a dormant state until they begin receiving everything they need to sprout and grow into mature plants.

Germination is the first phase of the growth process. It’s a vital step regardless of the type of seeds you choose to plant. Many growers find success by simply placing their seeds in nutrient-rich soil or growth medium with a pH level of around six and providing ample amounts of water immediately afterward.

Some cannabis cultivators ultimately need to take a few extra measures in the beginning. One of the easiest and most effective methods of germinating seeds before planting them is placing them in a cup of water.

Allow the water to come to room temperature. Then, drop in the seeds and let them soak for 24 to 48 hours or until they sprout a tiny tap root. If the seeds fail to sprout after 48 hours, you’ll need to remove them from the cup, pour out the old water, replace it with fresh and allow it to return to room temperature every 2 days. Don’t leave the seeds in water for more than one week.

Once the seeds split and their tap roots begin to emerge, they’re ready to be transferred to soil or a growing medium. They should be planted gently with tap roots facing downward as this will reduce stress on the tender, newly growing root system and allow it to spread out in the right direction. All this will help ensure your cannabis seeds get off to a great start in life.

In Short

With so many cannabis strains now available, choosing the best ones to grow is often a bit difficult. This is especially true for first-time growers. Start off by deciding which gardening method works best for you based on your budget, lifestyle and available space.

Along the way, conduct ample research on the various seeds on the market. Feminized, auto-flowering and auto-feminized seeds usually work best because they’re genetically designed to produce female plants with high yields. Also take into account the traits you’re looking for in the cannabis strains you grow.

Growing your own cannabis doesn’t have to be difficult or overly expensive. In fact, it’s possible to get started with only a few dollars to spend. Seeds may be the costliest component, but the higher level of quality is always worth the extra investment. All the rewards you reap are bound to be well worth the time, effort and expense you put into the process. Visit i49 USA today to preview your future plants!

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