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How to make Feminized Seeds

How Feminized Marijuana Seeds are Created

Marijuana growers have the ability to grow their own marijuana for personal use, but the output they can get from their seeds is limited by how many of them turn out to be female plants. If male plants grow from the canibis seeds, they need to be removed to prevent pollination and the female plants producing seeds. Since seeds can experience unexpected gender swaps anytime they are excessively stressed, this gives growers an extra reason to maintain the ideal environment for their indoor or outdoor plants.

The regular seeds that come un-feminized generally turn into half male and half female plants, but an unlucky grower might have a batch that turns out to mostly grow into male plants. This would mean, if they don’t want their female plants to produce seeds, they’ve got to dispose of most of the plants that grow during that batch. This leads to a much smaller harvest than they might have expected.

One option growers have is to use feminized seeds. These seeds have been specially treated to ensure they only produce female plants . This reduces the worry about male plants growing and enables the grower to better predict how many female plants they’ll have. With the latest methods for feminizing seeds, it is possible to end up with 100% of the seeds planted growing into female plants.

Buying feminized seeds is the easiest way to make sure the plants grown are going to turn out to be female. However, this isn’t always the best solution. For one, it can be expensive to purchase new feminized seeds for each batch the grower plans on growing, especially if they grow indoors and plan on multiple harvests throughout the year. It’s also not the best option if the grower is working on creating a unique strain or blend of strains that they want to continue growing, as they won’t be able to buy feminized seeds for their own unique blend.

Buying feminized high thc seeds is still the best option for those who want to minimize the work needed to have all female plants or for those who do not have the time or ability to feminize seeds at home. Those who do want to try feminizing seeds can try some of the most popular methods available today.

Understanding the Sexes for Marijuana Plants

Growers must understand the sexes of marijuana plants and be able to tell the difference between male and female plants. When the plants are first growing, it’s difficult to impossible to tell which ones are male and which ones are female. When they have grown a bit and are nearing the end of the vegetative stage of their lifecycle, however, it’s possible to start to determine the sex of the plants. The male plants will start to grow what looks like buds, and they will give off pollen if they’re shaken. A couple of weeks after these appear, female plants will start to grow their buds as well. These do look different, so knowing the shapes can make it easier to tell which one is which.

Those who want to tell as soon as possible whether a plant is male or female can look at how quickly the plants are maturing and how tall they grow. For the most part, the male plants are going to be taller than the female plants. This makes it easier for them to get the pollen to the female plants, as it can simply fall below to the female plants that are close by. However, this is not 100%, so if the grower is unsure, they should wait until the plants are starting to produce buds to tell the difference between them.

It is important to keep a close eye on the plants if pollination is not desired. The male plants start producing pollen as soon as they start growing the small buds, so they can inadvertently pollinate the female plants if they aren’t spotted fast enough. When the plants are nearing the end of the vegetative stage, growers should check them daily to remove the male plants as soon as they can be detected.

Understanding Pollination and When It’s Not Needed

If male plants are left with the female plants, they will pollinate the female plants. This leads to female plants producing new pot seeds. The pollination cuts down on the consumable bud that can be harvested from the female plants, as they put their energy into seed production instead of flower production. However, it is still possible to consume the bud from the female plants if they have been pollinated. The seeds just need to be removed first. Novice growers will end up doing this and just removing the seeds at the end because they won’t want to worry about detecting which plants are male.

Still, most growers will prefer to avoid pollination in most cases, as female plants that haven’t been pollinated will produce buds that are much larger and include a much higher amount of THC. Plus, if the female plant isn’t pollinated, it can stay in the flowering stage longer, which means it produces more buds overall. Most female marijuana plants that aren’t pollinated can produce flowers for more than six weeks, leading to a lot more buds compared to pollinated marijuana plants. All of these benefits lead to a much larger harvest for the green crack seed or gelato og strain grower.

Despite the benefits of avoiding pollination, there are some times when growers will want their female plants to be pollinated. If they plan on using their own seeds for the next batch, they’ll want to pollinate at least one of their female plants. It is possible to move one male and one female plant to another room to allow pollination to occur, but to prevent all the female plants from being pollinated. This allows the grower to produce one batch of seeds but get as much as possible out of the remaining female plants. Growers may want to do this if they want to learn how to feminize marijuana seeds or if they’re looking to create their own blend. The benefit may not be worth the risk for beginner growers, as just one wrong move and your whole crop can go to seed.

How to Make Marijuana Seeds

There are times when growers will want to produce marijuana seeds. This can happen if they’d like to create a blend of two or more different strains or if they’d like to cut down on the costs to grow marijuana on their own. If they plan on trying out feminizing seeds, they’ll need to first produce some seeds that they can experiment with. Thankfully, it is easy to get a female plant to start producing seeds. All that needs to happen is the male and female plants need to be kept together, and the male plants will pollinate the female ones.

Cross-pollination can be a concern, so some growers will want to hand-pollinate the plants to minimize this risk. To do this, they’ll want to pick out the right male plant. It’s best to choose one that has all of the top qualities, then remove all of the rest of them. To pollinate by hand, the male plant used for pollination needs to be isolated from the female plants. The lighting should be changed for the male plant to encourage it to start producing pollen right away.

Once it does produce pollen, the grower can take the pollen from the plant and save it for when the female plant is ready. Growers can put the pollen in an envelope, then put that in the freezer to ensure it stays fresh as long as possible. The female skunk cannabis or gorilla glue strain plants should be kept in the vegetative stage as long as possible so they can grow bigger. When it is time for them to move to the flowering stage, the grower will need to decide which female plants to pollinate.

The next step needs to be done carefully. Female silver haze plants that are going to be pollinated should be separated from the plants that won’t be pollinated to avoid contamination. Next, the grower will need to place some of the pollen in the cola of the female plants that are going to be pollinated. This can be done by placing the pollen in a bowl and using a small paintbrush to place it on the plant’s cola. Avoid putting it on more than one for each plant and make sure the pollen doesn’t get on the flowers. After four days, the plant can be put back with the other female plants, and lighting can be switched to 12 hours light and 12 hours complete darkness.

When the plant is done growing, the seeds can be taken out of the flowers by hand. They should be kept in a labeled container in the refrigerator until they will be used. This process creates high-quality seeds and, by separating the female plants to be pollinated, allows the grower to ensure they still get a great harvest from the remaining plants. When the right male and female plants are chosen, this can help create high-quality seeds that can be used as-is or feminized.

Why Feminize Marijuana Seeds?

regular marijuana seeds are easy to create through the method mentioned above and will lead to high-quality plants that produce well. However, some growers will want to make sure the seeds they use are feminized. This enables the grower to ensure they don’t end up growing any male plants, especially when they don’t intend to pollinate the female plants that grow.

With regular seeds, it’s not uncommon for more than 70% of them to become male plants, with just the remaining few being female plants. Unfortunately, if pollination is not desired, that means there will be a lot of plants from each batch that need to be disposed of. A grower who wants to grow 10 plants at a time may not be happy starting 20 seeds and finding out they only get six female plants. It’s hard to predict which ones will be male or female, or how many of them will grow, so it leads to wasting seeds and a possible lower harvest in the end.

Instead, marijuana seeds can be feminized, so they produce only female plants. It is possible to purchase feminized seeds, though they are generally more expensive, and growers need to ensure they buy from a high-quality seed bank, so they get the highest quality feminized seeds possible. For other growers, though, it might be a good idea to try feminizing seeds at home. Three different methods can be used, depending on the preferences of the grower and what materials they can easily access. The three main methods used for feminizing seeds include silver thiosulfate, colloidal silver, and rodelization.

Feminizing Marijuana Seeds with Silver Thiosulfate

The most popular option right now for growers is a silver thiosulfate solution (STS). This is the most common one right now because it works very well, and the plants are the most likely to all end up female compared to the other techniques that can be tried. Silver thiosulfate is a combination of two chemicals – sodium thiosulfate and silver nitrate. This causes the plant to stress, which causes the gender to change. To get started, it’s important to pick the best female plant and make sure it is almost mature.

Once the right plant is chosen, it can be removed from the other female plants and sprayed with STS. Once it is dry, it can be put back with the other plants. Soon, it will start to turn brown and might look like it’s starting to die. A few days later, however, it will end up coming back, and within a month it will have become a male plant. When this happens, the male plant can be used to pollinate the other female plants.

The way this works is that the STS stresses the plant, causing it to become male. However, since it began as a female plant, the pollen is different from male pollen. When this happens, the seeds produced by the other female plants will be feminized and only produce female plants. The process isn’t always going to be successful, but it is the best method for creating feminized seeds. When done by professionals with experience, it can lead to a feminization rate of close to 100%.

Using Colloidal Silver to Create Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The next method that growers can use is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver, or pure silver, is basically mixed with distilled water and placed in a spray bottle. This is then sprayed onto the female plants while they’re flowering. Once this is done, they start to form pollen sacs that contain female pollen. This means it’s very likely that the resulting seeds will produce female plants. However, the process can be a little complicated, as there are more steps needed if the grower doesn’t have access to pure silver.

Without access to pure silver, it’s necessary to use tools like a battery and connector, alligator clips, and a soldering iron. With these, the alligator clips will be attached to silver coins. The coins will need to be placed in the water without the alligator clips getting wet at all. This needs to be left alone for at least seven hours, so the silver ions will float to the top. The mixture mentioned above can then be created and used on the plants that are intended to create female pollen.

It is important for growers to remember they cannot consume or smoke any parts of the plant that have been sprayed with the colloidal silver. In cases where the grower is not completely sure what parts of the plant have been sprayed, it’s best to collect the pollen and discard the entire plant. The pollen can be used to pollinate other female plants to create feminized marijuana seeds.

The Rodelization Method for Feminizing Marijuana Seeds

When marijuana plants aren’t fertilized and are reaching the end of their life, they go through a period of stress and can naturally produce pollen sacs. These contain the female pollen, which can be used to pollinate other female plants and will most likely create only female plants. Growers can take advantage of this natural way to create female pollen and feminized seeds using rodelization.

Basically, for this technique, it’s necessary to keep the female plants in the flowering phase for a lot longer than usual. Instead of harvesting the flowers, leave the plants alone. The plants should start to stress and create female pollen. When the pollen sacs emerge, collect the pollen and use it to pollinate younger female plants.

This method is often the easiest because it relies on the natural tendencies of female marijuana plants. However, it’s not always going to lead to feminized seeds. For one, the plants may not go through this stress period, even if everything is done right to encourage it. And, even if the plants do produce the pollen, it won’t necessarily lead to feminized seeds.

Many growers do attempt this technique because it’s the most natural, and there aren’t any health risks for those who consume the plants. However, it can reduce the harvest for the original plants used because they need to be left alone until long after they would normally be harvested, and it isn’t guaranteed to work.

An Alternative to Feminized Seeds – Marijuana Clones

The methods mentioned here are possible to do at home, but they might not be easy to do. The first technique mentioned, STS, does have a higher chance of creating feminized marijuana seeds, but there is a lot that can go wrong no matter what method is chosen. Those who want to make sure they have female marijuana plants, however, do have another option. It is possible to clone the female plants, creating new plants that are genetically identical to the “mother” plant.

Those who want an exact copy of a specific plant will often find it’s easier to simply clone the plant they like. This is done by taking a clipping off the plant, dipping it in a rooting hormone, and placing it in water. After a few days, the cutting should start developing roots. Once it has roots, it can then be planted in the growing medium being used and will start to grow into a new plant.

This is excellent for those who want an exact copy of a plant they like, but it’s not a good option for those who want to create their own strain. Those who want to create their own strain will need to either pollinate the plants to create regular seeds or use the feminization methods listed here. Either option will produce a plant that is genetically half the male plant being used and half the female plant being used. Regular seeds are going to be the easiest to create but, as mentioned previously, are going to lead to waste if most or all of the male plants that grow will need to be discarded.

Those who grow marijuana have the option of growing their own seeds simply by letting the male plants pollinate the female plants. However, this might not be the desired outcome when growing plants, as growing only female plants can allow the grower to ensure they maximize their harvest. While feminized marijuana seeds can be purchased in stores, it is also possible for growers to create them at home to try to save money.

The Bottom Line

The important thing to remember is home methods aren’t fool-proof and may not result in all feminized seeds. When buying the seeds from a high-quality seed bank, it is possible to ensure all of the seeds will produce female plants. If you’re interested in growing marijuana and only want to have female plants that can be harvested for consumable marijuana, consider both buying feminized seeds and making your own. It can be fun to experiment with the different methods to see which one works best for you and to make sure you have the seeds you want from the strains you would like to continue growing.