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is weed legal in hawaii?

Is weed legal in Hawaii?

Aloha! Introducing Hawaii, home to 132 islands, unique sea life, abundant flora, and Barack Obama. Paradise state has a lot to offer and is the perfect place to relax. If you’re thinking about enjoying a blunt while watching the waves, you must learn the Hawaii marijuana laws first. 

Is weed legal in Hawaii? Join us as we examine the state’s laws around growing cannabis seeds and consuming weed. 

We’ll also unpack the legislation around recreational and medicinal use. Let’s get started. 

is weed legal in hawaii?

Hawaii marijuana laws

The Aloha state is a pioneer when it comes to medical marijuana. The state worked hard to make Hawaii weed legal for people with qualifying conditions. Act 228 was passed in 2000, making Hawaii the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis via the state legislature. 

This Act altered the Hawaii weed laws to allow eligible patients to access the medicinal marijuana products they need. It also created a patients registration process, set limits for cultivation, and protected patients from prosecution.

In 2019, Hawaii marijuana laws changed the lives of many who faced imprisonment for petty weed charges. Bill HB 1383 was a step in the right direction, and prisoners with non-violent marijuana charges were released to a drug-treatment program. 

When HB 1383 was passed, Hawaii weed laws decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis. The maximum penalty for possessing less than 0.11 ounces is $130 fine. 

Possession of anything from 0.11–1 ounce may result in 30 days imprisonment plus a $1000 fine.

Is buying cannabis legal in Hawaii?

Is weed legal in Hawaii? Yes and no. 

Weed is legal for registered patients, but it’s illegal for recreational use. The sale of cannabis for recreational purposes is punishable by law and may come with severe penalties. 

Selling less than 1 ounce of weed for recreational use is penalized with up to 1-year imprisonment and a $2000 fine. 

According to the Hawaii weed laws, the maximum penalty is 20 years and a $50,000 fine for selling up to 80 ounces. 

Although buying weed is illegal for recreational use, buying seeds is legal. 

Weed seeds are considered souvenir products. As long as you don’t grow them, you can purchase any type you want.

Medicinal use regulations are different from recreational legislation. Is marijuana legal in Hawaii? Yes, but only for medicinal purposes. 

Registered patients can purchase cannabis at any dispensary in Hawaii. 

The Hawaii weed laws permit patients to buy up to 4 ounces of cannabis every 15 consecutive days. 

Patients must store their cannabis in a sealed container away from children’s reach and out of view. They can’t transport cannabis across islands. 

Can I grow my own cannabis in Hawaii?

Recreational use is illegal by the Hawaii marijuana laws, so growing for non-medical reasons is prohibited. 

Is weed legal in Hawaii for medicinal cultivation? Yes, as long as you’re a registered patient, you may nurture up to 10 plants. Many medicinal marijuana patients prefer cultivating high CBD seeds or cultivars that help their condition.

 To grow marijuana seeds legally, patients must do the following: 

  • Register their intent to grow cannabis 
  • Provide the location they intend to grow to the DOH 
  • Only grow weed in the registered location that they own 
  • Tag each plant with their 329 card number and expiration date

If caught cultivating 10–25 plants, you could incur a $2000 fine. The maximum penalty for growing more than 25 plants is $10,000 and 5 years in prison.

Hawaii weed laws don’t prohibit medicinal cultivation to a specific strain or type. If physical relief is what you’re seeking, we recommend that you cultivate high THC seeds or strains like Hawaii x Purple Skunk seeds

Is cannabis consumption legal in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a great place to relax, and weed is the ultimate tonic to chill out. Is weed legal in Hawaii? Recreational consumption and possession are illegal and can result in penalties such as rehab programs, fines, and imprisonment. 

Hawaii marijuana laws allow consumption and possession of weed for medical patients only. Registered patients may smoke weed, vape, or consume edibles only in private. Avoid consuming weed in public, in a moving vehicle, on school grounds, or at the workplace. 

When will marijuana be legal in Hawaii?

Hopefully soon. In early 2021, Bills SB 767 and SB 758 were approved but didn’t proceed past the deadline—postponing them for further discussion in 2022. These two Bills will help make Hawaii weed legal.

Bill SB 758 is the decriminalization improvement bill—increasing the decriminalized limit from 0.11 ounces to 1 ounce. 

Bill SB 767 will completely change the Hawaii marijuana laws—allowing recreational use, possession, and cultivation of cannabis. 

Hawaii may soon be Paradise Island for weed-lovers 

Presently, Hawaii weed laws only permit registered medical users to consume, possess and cultivate weed. Marijuana is decriminalized, and recreational use may be a reality in the near future. 

The law is constantly developing, and Hawaii marijuana laws may soon develop too. The Paradise state may soon be one of the states where weed is legal. Until then, you can shop the best range of cannabis seeds here at i49 Genetics