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is weed legal in idaho?

Is weed legal in Idaho?

It’s 2021, and many Idahoans are still asking, is weed legal in Idaho? Others want to know when the Gem State’s law will allow marijuana in the region. 

After all, many states in the US have legalized cannabis since Colorado did in 2012. Currently, 36 of them approve medical marijuana, and in 18 states, you’re permitted to buy and use recreational weed.

Unfortunately, Idaho hasn’t followed suit yet. It’s still illegal to have anything to do with pot. 

However, Idahoans who need cannabis for therapeutic purposes may have a reason to hope as a medical marijuana initiative will be put to the vote in 2022.

Until then, it’s essential to know and comply with the weed law in Idaho to avoid jail time and fines.

is weed legal in Idaho?

Idaho marijuana laws 

Is marijuana legal in Idaho? No, marijuana isn’t legal in Idaho.

Cannabis is a controlled substance under the state’s law. It’s illegal to grow, own, sell, and consume weed for any purpose, whether it’s medical or recreational.

All offenses related to marijuana are classified as crimes, and offenders face the possibility of severe punishments. 

For example, if you’re caught in possession of up to 1 oz of weed, you could face one year in jail and $1,000 in fines. The severity of the sentence will depend on the quantity of cannabis you have. You could spend as much as five years behind bars and be fined up to $50,000.

If you’re interested in finding out the specific details of the penalties, you may refer to sections 37-2732 and 37-2732C of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Is medical marijuana legal in Idaho?

No. Generally, any use of weed, even for medical purposes, is illegal.

However, the law makes an exception for products with no THC content. Currently, medical marijuana patients can use CBD in an oral solution known as Epidiolex, approved by the FDA.

This product benefits people with violent seizures resulting from two rare types of epilepsy, namely Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

So, how much longer till weed is legal in Idaho? 

For people with medical conditions, the law can change in their favor if a medical weed proposal passes the ballot in 2022. But, before that can happen, the organization of medical marijuana advocates will need to collect signatures from no less than 6% of voters from 18 legislative districts.

Unfortunately, those wanting to use cannabis for recreational purposes may have to wait longer as lawmakers have put in place stringent regulations that’ll make getting petitions signed more tricky.

The new law expands the 6% quota to all 35 districts instead of the current 18. Unfortunately, this ruling requires getting signatures from rural areas, which is a very challenging process.

Is buying cannabis legal in Idaho?

State laws prohibit any activity involving cannabis, which means you can’t buy weed in any form, including marijuana seeds.

However, if you want to stock up on your favorite cultivars in case they’re not available when it’s legal to buy, there’s a US law section that allows you to do so as long as you don’t germinate and grow them.

Under the law, ungerminated seeds are considered novelty items and not controlled substances. So, if you want to buy weed seeds in advance, make sure you preserve them well. 

Can I grow my own cannabis in Idaho?

Is it legal to grow marijuana in Idaho? No, you’re not legally allowed to cultivate weed in the Gem State. It’s a felony punishable by up to five years imprisonment and $50,000 in fines. Those penalties are for owning 1–5 lbs of buds or 25–50 plants.

While waiting for weed legalization, you can start a collection of the seeds you want to cultivate, especially if it’s a strain that’s high in demand. Unfortunately, the supply for these cultivars is limited. 

Remember, you can buy seeds as long as you don’t germinate them. 

When shopping for cultivars, we suggest you opt for feminized seeds. These seeds only produce female plants, and those are the ones that give you your desired buds.

Regular seeds may contain males, which means you’ll have more work segregating and removing them.

You could also choose autoflower seeds which start flowering as soon as they reach a certain maturity. So you won’t have to worry about manipulating light schedules.

Here are two strains that’ll thrive in any condition, including Idaho’s diverse climate:  

  • Northern Lights feminized: This is a robust cultivar that can withstand extreme weather changes. It’s resistant to mold and pests and resilient against diseases. 
  • White Widow feminized: This indica adapts well to high temperatures and effectively handles bugs and pathogens. 

You can get these and other cultivars that are perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation from our bank of high-quality seeds.

Is cannabis consumption legal in Idaho? 

Is it legal to smoke weed in Idaho? Currently, whether it’s cultivating, buying, or using, you can’t be caught with marijuana for any reason. 

Consuming or smoking cannabis is illegal, and you could face six months in jail and be fined up to $1,000. The same law applies to the possession of weed. 

Even if you have less than 3 oz of marijuana, you’ll be charged with a misdemeanor and could be jailed for a year and fined $1,000. Possessing any amount above that up to 1 lb is a felony. That’ll get you imprisoned for a maximum of five years and a fine of no more than $10,000.

The law also states that it’s a misdemeanor to be in the proximity of a cannabis cultivation or storage area. You could go to jail for three months and pay $300 in fines.

When will marijuana be legal in Idaho?

As more states continue to legalize marijuana, Idahoans want to know when weed is predicted to be legal in Idaho?

For medical marijuana patients, it could be in 2022 if the medical advocates’ proposal goes to the ballot and is successful.

Recreational users will have to wait and see when recreational marijuana will be legal in Idaho. Much hope hinges on how the voters receive the medical initiative before the next reform moves forward.

Marijuana laws today

As of July 1, 2021, Virginia, New Mexico, and Connecticut joined 15 other states to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

With laws approving medical marijuana already in place in 36 states, it’s a positive sign that more will take the next step in the coming years.

Keeping up to date with the rules and regulations can be difficult. We’re here to help! Stay in the loop with our frequent updates at i49 for more news on Idaho marijuana laws and other states.