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is weed legal in kansas

Is weed legal in Kansas?

Every county in Kansas has sunflowers growing in it. No wonder it’s nicknamed ‘The Sunflower State.’ Many regard this flower as something that symbolizes positivity and brings good luck. Something that Kansas needs when it comes to legalizing cannabis. Is weed legal in Kansas? No, it’s not. 

The Sunflower State has been one of the strictest states on forbidding the use of weed.

They have, however, taken some baby steps towards making medical marijuana available to those in need of relief from severe medical conditions. 

So, is medical weed legal in Kansas? Not yet, but hopefully, it will be soon. 

Keep reading to discover more about this, and the answers to other questions like; is it legal to grow marijuana in Kansas, and is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Kansas?

is weed legal in Kansas

Kansas marijuana laws

In 2021 the House of Representatives in The Sunflower State adopted a bill to legalize medical marijuana, but the process will only continue in 2022.

So, for now, medical weed is not legal in Kansas. But it seems the sunflower is shining some hope over this state after all.

In 2018, the former governor signed a bill to amend the definition of marijuana to exclude CBD. By doing this, CBD products became more accessible.

CBD merchandise with zero THC content is legal to consume in The Sunflower State. However, users may not smoke or vaporize it.

Although medical weed is not legal in Kansas, patients can possess CBD oil with a THC content of less than 5%. They would need a letter from their doctor authorizing this possession to avoid any criminal charges. 

Possession of any amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor, and the guilty person can face up to six months in prison and a fine of $1,000.

Until weed is legal in Kansas, possessing 15.8oz. or more of cannabis with the intent to distribute is a felony. You might face from 10 to 42 months in prison and up to a $100,000 fine.

When is marijuana supposed to be legal in Kansas? As yet, the answer to this question isn’t clear. Hopefully, once medical weed is legalized, this might become more evident.

Is buying cannabis legal in Kansas?

Buying marijuana is not legal in Kansas, but purchasing CBD products with zero THC is allowed.

Purchasing any weed products up to 1oz. is a felony, and the responsible parties can be imprisoned for up to 51 months and pay a fine of $300,000.

Any amount of cannabis bought over 1oz. is also a felony, with fees ranging up to $500,000 and a maximum of 204 months in jail.

Weed is not legal in Kansas, and anyone who sells or buys cannabis within 1000 ft of a school can face up to seven years in prison and a $300,000 fine. 

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Kansas? Well, you won’t find them sold at any retail outlet in The Sunflower State. 

However, if you buy cannabis seeds online at a reputable marijuana seed bank, they can ensure your order is delivered discreetly. You must ensure you don’t germinate your seeds to abide by the law.

Can I grow my own cannabis in Kansas?

Is it legal to grow marijuana in Kansas? No, it’s not legal to grow weed in Kansas. So, while you wait until weed is legal in Kansas, any pot seeds bought online should be kept in their ungerminated state.

Before it is legal to grow marijuana in Kansas, you could start planning where you would set up your grow area. Weed can be grown both indoors and outdoors, depending on the environment.

The location of your garden and the weather conditions will greatly influence which strain and category of seeds you buy. 

For example, Kansas is also known as one of the windiest cities in the US, which means you need to take great care with outdoor grow spaces.

Greenhouses are also an alternative and have a bit of both outdoor and indoor elements at your disposal. If you intend to grow a strain that won’t need much attention and flower automatically, then the autoflower seeds range is perfect.

A great strain option in this range is Auto CBD White Widow fem. Besides growing without much input from the gardener, it’s also in one of the high CBD seeds category and has numerous medicinal benefits.

Another high CBD seed and suitable for a novice grower is CBD Strawberry 1 to 15 fem. Its medicinal benefits include easing:

  •  Migraines
  •  Muscle spasms
  •  Arthritis pain. 

It is, however, wise to wait until it’s legal to grow marijuana in Kansas, as anyone caught doing so will be charged with a felony. 

If you have four or more plants in your possession, you could face 46 months to 204 months in jail, depending on the number of crops. In addition, you’ll be fined an amount of $300,000 up to $500,000.

Is cannabis consumption legal in Kansas?

Since weed is not legal in Kansas yet, it is also not legal to smoke marijuana in Kansas. The only consumption legally allowed is CBD products with no THC content.

Patients who suffer from acute illnesses are permitted to possess and use CBD oil with a maximum content of 5% THC if supported by a physician. This rule is from the “Claire and Lola’s Law,” similar to the Medical Marijuana Laws in other states.

When will marijuana be legal in Kansas?

When is weed going to be legal in Kansas? Another difficult question to answer. As previously mentioned, the residents of The Sunflower State are patiently awaiting 2022 for the bill to be revisited.

So another obvious question would be; is there a bill for legal marijuana in Kansas? Yes, but only to legalize medicinal weed. SB 158 has been approved by the House and awaits the Senate’s approval. 

As far as legalizing marijuana for adult use, there’s no clear indication of when this will happen.

The long road ahead

As The Sunflower State awaits the law to turn in favor of their patients in need of medical weed, they have no idea when recreational marijuana is going to be legal in Kansas.

However, The Sunflower State does have neighbors who are fortunate to consume pot legally. Both Colorado and New Mexico have legalized marijuana. As a result, these states’ patients and recreational users enjoy the benefits that weed offers.

Watch this space to keep abreast of any new developments regarding the marijuana laws in Kansas.