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Is weed legal in Mississippi

Is weed legal in Mississippi?

Mississippi is a place where you can experience authentic southern charm. The Hospitality State is known for its magnificent flora, tantalizing soul food, and historical monuments. Being surrounded by beautiful magnolia gardens may tempt you to enjoy other green flowers. 

It’s crucial to know the legislation before smoking weed or growing marijuana seeds. Keep reading as we unpack the laws around cultivating, consuming, and possessing cannabis in the Magnolia State. Let’s dig in. 

Is weed legal in Mississippi

Mississippi marijuana laws

Mississippi marijuana laws have been on a rollercoaster ride for both medicinal and recreational users. Currently, there’s a mixed legal status on cannabis laws. 

Weed has helped many patients suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, and mental health conditions. Is medical weed legal in Mississippi? Yes, some medicinal use of cannabis is permitted by law. 

Medical use is only legal for patients with severe or debilitating epilepsy. In 2014 the state passed Harper Grace’s Law which was named after an epilepsy patient. This bill is currently the only approved medicinal Mississippi marijuana law. 

Is marijuana legal in Mississippi? Mississippians approved Initiative 65 with a 70% vote which would’ve allowed access to medicinal marijuana for all qualifying patients. The court rejected this initiative due to technicalities. 

Legislation for recreational use hasn’t received much spotlight much since medicinal use is a top priority. Is recreational weed legal in Mississippi? No. Cannabis use is decriminalized, but recreational use is still illegal. 

Since it’s decriminalized, recreational use is treated lightly like a minor traffic offense. Mississippi marijuana laws are lenient, especially with first-time offenders. There’s usually no prison time or criminal offense record for small amounts or first-timers. 

Is buying cannabis legal in Mississippi?

Is weed legal in Mississippi? Buying cannabis is only legal for patients who have epilepsy. These patients can purchase CBD oil from the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Department of Pharmacy Services. 

Only CBD oil or resin is allowed, and it must meet these requirements:

  • Minimum of 15% CBD for resin
  • At least 0.05 ounces of CBD per fluid ounce for liquid
  • Maximum of 0.5% THC for resin and oil 

The sale of cannabis is considered a felony. Mississippi marijuana laws take selling cannabis as a serious offense. The minimum punishment is three years imprisonment and a $3,000 fine for selling 1.06 ounces or less. 

Until the state implements a medical marijuana program, no dispensaries will be able to apply for licenses. Is marijuana legal in Mississippi? Only medicinal patients can legally purchase cannabis products. 

Can I grow my own cannabis in Mississippi?

Cultivating cannabis in Mississippi would be an enjoyable experience, thanks to the hot, humid climate. Popular strains such as Super Silver Haze seeds or even Sour Diesel seeds would thrive in these scorching conditions. 

Is weed legal in Mississippi? Not for growing. The cultivation of cannabis plants for recreational, medicinal, or any other reason is illegal. 

The penalty for cultivation depends on the aggregate weight of the plants. According to Mississippi marijuana laws, possession of 1.06–8.82 ounces is considered a felony resulting in 1–3 years incarceration and a fine of $1,000. 

You cannot grow weed, but cannabis seeds are not illegal. Seeds including high THC seeds are considered souvenir items. If you store them correctly, you might be able to grow them when weed is legal in Mississippi.

Is Cannabis consumption legal in Mississippi?

This question is on everyone’s mind since the state decriminalized marijuana. Unfortunately, any amount of weed is illegal (except for legal, medical users).

The maximum penalty is 10–30 years incarceration and a $1,000,000 fine. Mississippi marijuana laws are lenient with possession. To receive this harsh punishment, you’ll have to get multiple offenses and possess more than 176.37 ounces of weed. 

The penalties aren’t bad for first-time offenders. If you were confused and thought weed is legal in Mississippi and got caught with less than 1.06 ounces of weed, don’t stress. Less than 1.06 ounces as a first-time offense won’t land you in prison, but you may get a fine of $250. 

Does the form of weed matter? Is edible marijuana legal in Mississippi? Except for CBD oil and resin for medical users, all forms of weed are illegal. Smoking weed, eating edibles, or drinkables are all illegal to consume in Mississippi. 

Medical users may consume CBD oil with no more than 0.5% THC. Mississippi marijuana laws state that patients may only use cannabis treatments at home. Consumption in public areas is prohibited. 

When will marijuana be legal in Mississippi?

Things may seem bleak, but there’s hope for Mississippians. When is weed going to be legal in Mississippi? This is the question everyone asks, including patient advocates fighting to make medicinal marijuana accessible to those with other illnesses and symptoms. 

In 2021, 70% of voters approved the legalization and expansion of medicinal cannabis, but the court disapproved. A recent poll found that the majority of Mississippi voters support a change in Mississippi marijuana laws for legalizing recreational and medicinal use.

Is weed legal in Mississippi? Currently, medicinal weed is legal but very restrictive. Both voters and political leaders are seeing the importance of reconsidering cannabis laws. 

“I support the will of the voters…I think we will have a medical marijuana program in Mississippi.”

-Gov. Tate Reeves

Final thoughts on Mississippi marijuana laws

With the vast numbers of Mississippians that support legalizing marijuana, there’s hope for development in the cannabis laws. Soon a time may come where weed is legal in Mississippi, and all medical and recreational users can grow their first feminized seeds

Since legislation is constantly changing, understanding the states where weed is legal can be challenging. Recreational use is now legal in more than 19 states, including Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska, with more likely to change their laws in the coming months.It’s crucial to stay up to date with any Mississippi marijuana laws changes. You can find out all the latest news and developments here at i49 blog.