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Is weed legal in Nebraska?

Is weed legal in Nebraska?

Nebraska is known for its acres of farmlands, producing an abundance of corn, soybeans, wheat, and sorghum. With its favorable growing conditions, is weed legal in Nebraska?

Unfortunately, the Cornhusker State strictly prohibits marijuana in all forms from its borders. 

Let’s look at the state’s current stance on consuming and marijuana products and what we could expect in the future.

Is weed legal in Nebraska?

Nebraska marijuana laws

Is marijuana legal in Nebraska? Unfortunately, not at all. 

Since its initial nationwide prohibition in the 1900s, cannabis has been illegal in Nebraska. 

Senator Anna Wishart presented bill NE LB474 for a vote in May 2021—legalizing the use of medical marijuana under the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature. The bill failed to pass the filibuster by two votes.

The Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana (NMM) activists promptly submitted an amended petition for voting in 2022.

With the required amount of votes, this bill will see medical marijuana legal in Nebraska for qualifying conditions:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • HIV/Aids
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Chronic pain

Is buying cannabis legal in Nebraska?

Is it legal to purchase weed in Nebraska online? Purchasing cannabis in any form is illegal within state lines.

Though weed is not legal in Nebraska, the state has decriminalized possession to a certain degree. This change means that first-time offenders won’t have a criminal record or face jail time but receive a citation.

Possession Penalty Maximum penalty
1oz. or less First offense: Infraction $300 fine and possible drug education course
1oz. or less Second offense: Misdemeanor $500 fine and five days imprisonment
1oz. or less Third offense: Misdemeanor $500 fine and seven days imprisonment
1oz.–1lb Misdemeanor $500 fine and three months imprisonment
More than 1lb Felony $10,000 fine and five years imprisonment

Can I grow my own cannabis in Nebraska? 

Is it legal to grow marijuana in Nebraska? No, penalties depend on the total weight of the plants you’re cultivating and are punishable according to the sale statutes of the state. 

The first offense is a class III felony and carries a mandatory punishment of 1–20 years imprisonment and a fine up to $25,000.

Subsequent violations are a class 1D felony, punishable by a mandatory prison sentence of 3–50 years.

You should note, though, that marijuana seeds, on the other hand, are considered adult souvenirs and are legal to purchase—as long as you don’t germinate them.

Auto CBD Cheese Fem cannabis seeds are an ideal start to your medicinal arsenal when you’re able to start cultivating. This strain offers 12% CBD, providing calming effects to soothe anxiety, stress, and insomnia. These autoflower seeds go from seedling to flowering in just 12 weeks. 

Is Cannabis consumption legal in Nebraska? 

Until Senator Wishart and the NMM activists are successful, consuming medicinal marijuana legally in Nebraska is a pipedream. 

When it’s legalized, we expect that openly smoking marijuana in Nebraska will be illegal—as it is nationwide.

While you wait for this highly anticipated day to arrive, you can prepare for your crop with Alien Technology Reg cannabis seeds. Boasting 21% THC, this strain will leave you in a euphoric state with a mind-blowing creative boost. 

When will marijuana be legal in Nebraska?

Since we can’t predict the future, we cannot provide a definitive answer of when weed will be legal in Nebraska. 

Considering the favorable votes obtained in recent elections and public efforts to legalize cannabis, impending changes look promising. 

Legalizing marijuana in the Beef State could prove to be a lucrative asset through tax revenue and job creation. 

With ongoing efforts to see weed legal in Nebraska, we’re optimistic that we’ll see the NE LB474 bill passed in 2022. 

Have your high CBD seeds ready for cultivation when medical weed is legal in Nebraska when the day comes.

Is it a blunt on the cards?

Nebraska is one of the few states left holding on to its cannabis prohibition—but the growing public support leaves us hopeful that this will soon change. 

Staying current on these ever-changing laws across all fifty states is challenging, to say the least. So keep an eye out for regular updates with i49 genetics as we endeavor to keep you on the right side of the law. 

If you’re a cannathusiast, visit one of the states where weed is legal for a refreshing treat.