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Is weed legal in Wisconsin

Is weed legal in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is all about the fresh breeze, the lumberjacks felling trees, and so much ice cream you get a brain freeze. The Badger State is known for its delectable dairy products, abundant agriculture, and of course, badgers. Watching hunky lumberjacks chop trees may evoke a desire to trim some buds of your own. 

‘Is weed legal in Wisconsin?’ Whether you’re planning on taking a trip to the Ice Caves or simply enjoying ice cream while smoking a blunt, you need to know. We’ve got the answers to your questions about Wisconsin’s laws around growing, consuming, and possessing weed. Let’s dig in. 

is weed legal in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin marijuana laws

Wisconsin weed laws are a lot to unpack. Simply put, only medical use is approved but with strict guidelines. The main statute regulating these laws is Wis. Stat. § 961 (2014). This legal chapter covers a cluster of rules. Here’s a simple breakdown of what is allowed and what’s not allowed according to this statute: 

What’s allowed: 

  • Medical use of CBD oil with no THC content or no more than 1% THC. 
  • Purchasing marijuana seeds with no intent to grow them. (considered a novelty item) 

What’s not allowed: 

  • Possessing cannabis for any reason 
  • Consuming cannabis in any form (edibles, concentrates, etc.) 
  • Selling cannabis 
  • Possessing cannabis paraphernalia 
  • Selling cannabis paraphernalia 
  • Growing cannabis plants 

Is buying cannabis legal in Wisconsin?

It would be amazing to enjoy weed in this beautiful state with its stunning nature and charming atmosphere. Currently, there isn’t anywhere to legally buy weed in Wisconsin.  Is marijuana legal in Wisconsin if you’re just selling it? Here are the penalties around selling marijuana or paraphernalia: 

Selling: Penalty:
Less than 7oz. 3.5 years/ $ 10,000
7oz.–35oz. 6 years/ $ 10,000
35oz.–88oz. 10 years/ $ 25,000
88oz.–350oz. 12.5 years/ $ 25,000
More than 350oz. 15 years/ $ 50,000
Paraphernalia (Bongs, pipes, etc.)  90 days/ $ 1,000

Selling weed is illegal; consequently, buying weed is illegal too. Wisconsin cannabis laws make only one exception. Medical users may purchase CBD oils when recommended by a physician. Aside from CBD oils, buying any form of cannabis is illegal, and you may be penalized if caught with it.

Can I grow my own cannabis in Wisconsin? 

Agriculture is one of Wisconsin’s top three industries, so Wisconsinites know a thing or two about cultivating. The climate is perfect for most pot seeds to flourish. Is weed legal in Wisconsin for growing?  

Currently, it’s illegal to grow any cannabis plants. The good news is weed advocates from Citizen Action Wisconsin, Leaders Igniting Transformation, and Tree Huggers Co-op are spreading the word about the possible positive impact on farmers. 

Farming is a huge part of Wisconsin’s culture and economy. Many are beginning to realize the benefits of growing weed legal in Wisconsin. Plus, the Badger State climate is perfect for sprouting most strains, even Amnesia Haze seeds

Is Cannabis consumption legal in Wisconsin?

Is pot legal in Wisconsin? This state takes possession and consumption of weed seriously. It’s illegal to have any amount of weed on you at any given time. Medical users are allowed to consume CBD oils that contain no THC or very little THC. Here are some penalties for cannabis possession:

Possession: Penalty:
Any amount (first offense)  6 months incarceration/ $1,000 fine 
Any amount (subsequent offense) 3.5 years incarceration/ $10,000 fine

Consuming weed is not taken lightly, especially if you’re high and operating heavy machinery or driving. If you’re caught, you may be fined and imprisoned. You also risk losing your driving privileges for 6 months to 5 years. 

When will marijuana be legal in Wisconsin?

Don’t be disheartened if you feel like the state will never make marijuana legal in Wisconsin. We’ve got good news! A few cities in Wisconsin are working towards decriminalizing weed. It gets better. 

Are you ready for the best news ever? In 2020, Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, legalized weed for public and private use. Madison has a radical Wisconsin marijuana law that allows 

residents of Madison to smoke weed in most public and private areas. 

“Wisconsin needs to end the senseless prohibition of cannabis and open the gates to the countless opportunities that legalization would bring.”

-Melissa Sargent, a Madison state representative

Weed advocates are pushing for Wisconsin legalizing weed. There are waves of hope for Wisconsinites looking forward to reaping the benefits of consuming marijuana, the medicinal perks of growing high CBD seeds, and the economic boost. 


Is weed legal in Wisconsin? Not right now, but things are looking up for weed lovers in the Badger State. There’s anticipation brewing that it’ll soon become one of the states where weed is legal. When that happens, Wisconsinites can celebrate and buy weed seeds to add to the party. Shop our range of high-quality i49 genetics now.