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Preparing for next year’s grow

May 22, 2020
The Cannabis Plant

As an Outdoor Grower, Here’s What You Can do to Prep for the Next Season

Growing cannabis outdoors can be incredibly rewarding, but during the winter, it’s the downtime for most growers. Since the weather is cooler, it’s not possible to grow cannabis outdoors. This means growers can take the time to properly prepare for the next growing season. Once the weather does warm up, they’ll be ready to start growing new feminized thc cannabis seeds or high cbd medical seeds right away. Read below about some of the most important things to do during the winter to ensure everything is ready once spring arrives.

Start Acquiring New Cannabis Seeds

The winter is the best time to search out new cannabis seeds to try. Since the growing season is at an end, there may be more time to look into the different strains that are available and to see what works best in your area. It’s always better to research this carefully and find the best outdoor strains to choose based on the length of the season, the amount of space available, the taste, and a lot more.

It is also important to always purchase high-quality seeds and store them properly until the end of winter. High-quality seeds like those from a reputable  420 seed bank have a higher germination rate, so the amount of pot seeds you plant is likely going to be the number of plants that sprout. Always purchase a few more than you might need, just in case of any issues with the plants sprouting, pests, or diseases. When the seeds arrive, keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dark location so they don’t sprout early or end up damaged and unable to germinate.

Get the Soil Ready for Growing

Plants deplete the nutrients available in the soil while they grow. Between growing seasons, it’s important to add more nutrients back to the soils. Super soil can be an excellent option as it provides all of the needed nutrients for cannabis plants to grow, but it does need to be started early as it takes a long time to complete. To create super soil that encourages healthier plants and better growth, mix compost with an organic base material and an aerating agent.

Organic base materials include peat moss or coco coir and aerating agents include perlite or vermiculite. Micro and macronutrients can then be added as well as helpful bacterial that can help feed your stardawg strain plants as well as fight off pests and diseases. This soil will need to sit for a while to let everything mix properly and ensure it is ready for use. Though it can be used quickly, the longer it sits, the better it will be. Starting at the beginning of winter means it should be ready by spring.

Create a Compost Pile

It is possible to purchase compost, but those who have a little extra space may want to try creating their own. This is often easy to do with scraps from food as well as grass clippings, leaves, shredded cardboard, and more. A lot of waste can be redirected to the compost pile, so it can build up quickly and create a lot of compost for the cannabis plants. It doesn’t require any specific setup and, depending on the material added to the pile and the type of pile, it could be ready to go in a short time.

It is important to note that compost will not break down quickly during the winter, as the temperatures are too cold. However, that doesn’t mean that a compost pile can’t be started. While there’s downtime in the garden, it’s the perfect time to get the compost pile started and plenty of fall leaves, fallen branches, and other materials can be added to the pile and will start to break down in spring.

Clean Old Equipment Carefully

Equipment used for cannabis needs to be kept clean to avoid the spread of pests and diseases. Though outdoor plants don’t require as much equipment, there still are several tools that you’ll likely use in the garden. All tools should be cleaned carefully and prepped for the winter to ensure they will be ready to use in the spring.

Tools to clean include shovels, spades, planters for seedlings, pots that may be used during the next season, and even the potting area if it’s used to plant seedlings, prep nutrients or compost for use, or other reasons. All rust should be removed and the metal parts of any tools should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Use linseed oil on the wooden components to protect them during winter storage. When you do clean, make sure everything is completely dry before putting it away as well to minimize the potential for water damage.

Purchase New Equipment to Use

If you’ve never grown cannabis before, during the winter is a great time to start accumulating the tools that may be needed, as there is plenty of time to shop around and purchase quality equipment. If you have grown cannabis in the past, take an inventory of the tools you have at the beginning of winter so it’s easy to purchase new tools that may be needed for the next season.

Growing cannabis outdoors doesn’t require a ton of tools, but there are plenty that can make chores easier and help the plants grow. During the winter downtime, research new tools that may be available as well as any tools that might be needed to replace broken or worn-out tools that you frequently use. With the time available, you may be able to get excellent deals on new or used tools that will work well throughout the growing season.

Get the Area Prepared for Growing

Before cannabis can be planted outdoors, the area needs to be ready. If you’ve grown before, this can include pulling weeds from the growing area, loosening the soil if needed, and adding a trellis or other support so the plants can grow as tall as possible. If you’ve never grown cannabis before, prepping the area for growing may be a bit more involved.

Preparation includes making sure the soil is ready and free of all debris. If there is grass growing where the cannabis will be planted, it will need to be removed. This can be done by hand with a shovel or using a grass cutting machine. Then, the soil will need to be tilled and tested to see what nutrients need to be added. Once the area and the soil are ready, a trellis or other type of support can be added. Though this seems like a lot of work, once it is done, the cannabis will have what it needs to grow.

Start Planning for Any Help Needed

The land might not be ready for growing cannabis if you’re just getting started or if you’re expanding. If you have trees, shrubs, and other plants in the area where cannabis will be grown, they may need to be removed. Often, this requires professional help to ensure it is done safely and properly. This means it can’t be done on the spur of the moment, as it’s necessary to schedule a time to have the work done.

During the winter is the perfect time to plan for any professional help that may be needed. This is their downtime as well, so they might be able to help during the winter so you won’t have to wait as long in the spring to have the work done. If there’s too much snow or other reasons the work can’t be done right away, scheduling ahead of time can help get the job done earlier in the spring so you don’t miss the perfect time to start the cannabis plants.

Start Seedlings Indoors

All weed seeds can be started indoors to get a jump on the growing season, but it is important to time this correctly. If they are started too early, they might not get everything they need to grow healthy without an full indoor grow light setup. You also won’t want to transplant your marijuana seelings outside until the last frost of spring to ensure they can develop healthy roots and don’t get overly stressed during the cold nights.

Starting your gorilla glue strain seed or green crack sativa seeds should be done by germinating in water or a damp paper towel to ensure they have the best chance to grow. Once roots are growing, they can be moved into a small pot carefully to minimize stress or the potential for damage. At this point, they do need grow lights to keep growing strong and healthy, but for seedlings, the setup doesn’t need to be costly. When the timing is right, they can be planted outdoors and will start growing.

If you’re planning on growing outdoors, take the winter season as a chance to properly prep. Though it’s not possible to grow cannabis outdoors when the weather is too cold, there is plenty to do that will help ensure a larger crop in the spring. Use the tips here to start working on your outdoor garden and to ensure you have the space ready when the spring weather does arrive.

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