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Building a budget grow room

Apr 26, 2020
Setting Up your Grow Space

How to Set Up a Grow Room on a Budget

Growing marijuana sounds like a great way to save a little bit of money – until the grower starts thinking about everything they need to get their grow room set up and ready to go. While it can be expensive to create a grow room, there are ways to save money and get it all set up on a budget. Growers can get started with minimal equipment and tools, provided they do spend the money where it really matters. Read below to learn a little more about how to set up a grow room on a budget, so it’s possible to start growing right away.

Deciding to Grow Marijuana Indoors

Marijuana can be grown indoors or outdoors. Growing outdoors provides a way to spend less money but isn’t always the right solution for today’s growers. When the marijuana is out in the open, there are a lot of potential issues that the grower could face, and that could mean that there isn’t a harvest at the end of the season. The flowers could be stolen, pests could destroy the plants, or there just may not be the right environment for the plants to thrive. Instead, many growers will prefer to start up a grow room inside so they get all of the benefits of growing indoors and avoid the many pitfalls of growing outdoors.

Benefits of Growing Plants Indoors

When a grower starts their own grow room inside, they can take advantage of the following benefits.

  • Able to Control the Environment – Indoors, it’s easier to completely control the environment. This includes temperature, humidity, lighting, and more. Better control over the environment can lead to healthier plants that grow larger.
  • Able to Sterilize the Environment – Those who are growing for medical purposes will need to ensure a sterilized environment for the plants to avoid contaminations. Even those who are growing for recreational purposes will be glad to have the opportunity to sterilize the environment to minimize the potential for issues.
  • Able to Grow in the Winter – Outdoors, the growing season is limited by the temperatures. Marijuana needs warm temperatures to grow and thrive. Indoors, this can be accomplished throughout the year, leading to more harvests per year.
  • Able to Closely Monitor Plants – When plants are indoors, they’re close by and easier to keep an eye on. This means any potential issues are spotted and taken care of early, minimizing the chance that an issue will cause a plant to die.
  • Able to Keep Pests Away – It’s much easier to keep pests away from the plants when they’re growing indoors. It is still important to keep an eye on the plants, but the potential damage from pests can be minimized.
  • Easier to Figure Out What Works – Since there are fewer hazards growing indoors and there is the potential to grow year-round, it is easier for beginners to figure out what works best for them and where they can improve. This can lead to larger harvests later.

How Large Should a Grow Room Be?

Grow rooms don’t need to be any specific size – as long as there’s plenty of room for the plants to grow. Depending on the strain and how the plant is cared for, some marijuana plants can get rather larger. Growers should keep this in mind when they’re planning the grow room. They should also plan for the lighting as well. The grow room does need to be somewhere where it’s possible to have complete darkness without interruptions for 12 hours during the flowering stage. As long as the room is large enough for all of the plants being grown to have the space they need, the grow room is the right size.

Basic Necessities for a Grow Room

Even if there’s a budget, the grow room does need some basics. This includes the right lighting, something to grow the plants in, a growing medium, and fertilizers. It’s also necessary to have tools to help check the temperature, a way to ventilate the room, and the supplies needed to harvest and cure the marijuana. As long as the grower has these basics, they’ll be able to grow medical seeds in their own home and have a fantastic yield from each plant. It isn’t necessary to spend a ton at the beginning, though they may want to upgrade the necessities as they grow more to see what can help them get more from each plant they grow.

Why are Grow Rooms Expensive?

When most beginners picture a grow room, they imagine a room that’s completely dedicated to the plants, with the highest quality supplies and a completely clean environment for the plants. To get the highest quality of everything, however, is going to cost a lot of money. That’s why most beginners believe that setting up a grow room, even a basic one, is going to be expensive. There are ways to spend more money when setting up a grow room, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. If someone is only growing a few plants to start, they can get set up with the basics and worry about expanding and upgrading later.

Where and How to Save Money with a Grow Room

Starting small is the easiest way to save money with a grow room. It’s not necessary to section off a huge area as the grow room at first, especially if the beginner is trying to grow just a few plants from dwarf marijuana seeds or auto seeds to start out. There are other ways to save money as well, such as choosing the right lighting to save money without harming the plant as it grows. As long as the beginner understands what the plants need to grow, they can make sure the plant is provided everything necessary for a higher yield while keeping their costs low. The one place where it isn’t a good idea to save money, however, is on the seeds purchased, as this can make a huge difference with how much is spent to grow each plant.

Choosing the Lighting

The lighting is one of the most important components of a grow room. Indoors, marijuana plants can’t get the light they would get if they were outside, and sticking them by a window isn’t going to be sufficient. Instead, it’s best to purchase lights for the grow room that offer everything the gorilla glue #4 plant needs to grow. While there are expensive light setups that can be used, it’s also possible to use regular lamps and less expensive bulbs, though it is important to choose ones that provide a full spectrum of light for the plants. The higher the wattage is, the better it is for the plants, as higher watts provide more light and can lead to larger harvests.

The Right Tools for Temperature and Climate

Maintaining the right temperature is crucial, as marijuana plants tend to prefer a hotter area. However, having a lot of lights in the room can raise the temperature too high, depending on the room. Ventilation can help with this and can be as easy as opening windows to let some of the heat and humidity out. It’s a good idea to purchase a thermometer to keep in the room and keep an eye on the exact temperature so everything else can be adjusted as needed. An expensive thermometer isn’t necessary, but it’s important to ensure it is accurate. From there, costs can vary based on whether a cooling system is needed, what’s needed for ventilation, and if there are any other climate-based requirements to help the plants grow.

Choosing the Right Pots

The plants are going to need something to grow in. It is possible to spend a lot of money on the pots for the plants, but it’s not really necessary. This is a great spot to save money. Using pots around the home or other sturdy containers can be a great way to save money. If it’s necessary to purchase pots for the plants, ensure they are large enough for the fully-grown white widow or do si dos plant and its roots. They can take up more room than a beginner will realize, and a pot that’s too small will cause the plant to become rootbound. Make sure the pot or container used does have room for water to drain, to ensure the plants do not become waterlogged and ensure the container used is sturdy, so it doesn’t break.

Picking Out a Planting Medium

Hydroponic systems are a favorite for many marijuana growers, but it is very expensive to get everything set up. Those who are growing on a budget may want to choose a different growing medium to get started. Most beginners will use soil, though it’s not a good idea to just get whatever is in the yard. That can be full of microorganisms, some of which may be dangerous for the plant. Instead, using high-quality soil doesn’t need to be expensive and can be a great option for growing marijuana. It’s also possible to add home-made compost to create much better soil, without spending any more money.

Choosing the Right Seeds

The seeds are one area where beginners won’t want to skimp. While it may be possible to source seeds locally, they’re likely low-quality. This means that there won’t be as many that will germinate, so a lot of the seeds purchased will be thrown away. Once they do start growing, male plants will need to be removed as well to avoid pollination, so that can cut the number of plants in half. Instead, those who are trying to get started on a budget may want to spend a little more in this section and purchase high-quality seeds from a seed bank. More will germinate, and feminized seeds make it possible to avoid male plants altogether.

Fertilizers and Nutrients

Fertilizers are crucial for plant growth as they ensure the plant has the right nutrients. Using them carefully can help save money, as beginners usually overestimate the amount of fertilizer needed. The key is to use about half of what the label recommends, moving up to three-quarters when the plants enter the flowering stage. Nutrients can also be added without spending money by making and using compost or compost tea. This could be a great way for beginners to make sure their og kush or purple kush fem plants have everything they need to thrive while cutting down on the budget.

Get the Most from Each Plant

Getting more from each plant doesn’t save money on the initial setup, but it helps stretch the savings as larger plants mean a higher yield, which means less marijuana purchased. Growers should make sure they learn about everything a plant needs to grow and ensure everything is available in the grow room. This way, they can grow larger plants faster, get a much better harvest, and won’t have to worry about having to purchase any extra premium weed seeds before their next shipment from i49.

Harvesting and Curing Marijuana

Once the plant has fully grown, and the buds are ready to be picked, the harvesting and curing need to be done carefully. Harvesting is as easy as cutting the buds off the plants. Then, they need to be cured properly. For this, it’s best to purchase high-quality glass jars with lids, as they will help the curing process happen correctly. Glass jars can be inexpensive, even for high-quality ones, so the curing process doesn’t have to be expensive. It can, however, help save more money in the long run. If marijuana isn’t cured properly, it can’t be consumed. If it is cured properly, the grower won’t have to worry about buying marijuana.

Every part of the grow room should be carefully planned, especially for those who are on a budget. Though sticking with a budget can be difficult, reusing items already in the home and spending money only on what really matters can help slash the budget significantly. Use the tips here to start your grow room without spending a ton of money and to make sure you have exactly what you need to get a higher yield from each harvest.

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