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Grow Tools You Need to Grow at Home

Oct 7, 2020
Tools Needed

Grow Tools: What You’ll Need to Grow at Home

Imagine walking into your grow space and seeing an abundant crop ready to harvest. Men and women looking to grow their own cannabis envision this day and wonder how to produce this crop. It’s easier than many imagine.

To begin with, growing cannabis requires the use of certain tools. Knowing what these tools are and how to buy them becomes of great importance. The following information benefits new and experienced growers alike.

Purchasing Tools

Tools help a grower control many aspects of the grow space. First, the grower needs to decide where the grow space will be. Some choose to grow plants outside, but others prefer to use containers and reserve an indoor space for this purpose. This remains a matter of preference, although other factors come into play, such as privacy and security.

Indoor grow rooms require additional lighting, increased ventilation, and more. The grower must have space to move around and tend to the plants in this space while leaving room for the plants themselves. Additionally, there needs to be ample room for the tools and equipment, and grow spaces often need modifications to accommodate this gear.

Growers must determine the size of the canopy, which is the area where the plants sit. This affects the lighting setup and the tools needed. Obviously, larger canopies require more lights, as there are more plants in need of this vital element to grow and thrive. They will probably need additional power strips for the lights, and growers must take elements such as this into consideration when buying items for the area.

In addition, growers often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of tools available today. Which are needed, and which are extras that make life easier but aren’t required? This is a question many have today, and a person might give up on growing their own plants because of cost concerns. Start small and expand the tool collection with time. Any person with a grow tent, a few lights, adequate ventilation, and a way to monitor the humidity and temperature in the grow space can grow a small crop with ease.

This remains the best way to start, as there is some trial and error when growing any new plant. With time, growers discover which tools will be of most benefit to them and which aren’t needed. By taking it slow, growers find they save money and don’t end up with a grow space overwhelmed with unnecessary tools.

The Tools

Beginning gardeners might assume they need nothing more than a pot and soil to grow a successful crop of Grapefruit or Amnesia Purple strain seeds However, a bountiful yield requires work by the grower, and certain tools make routine tasks easier. The following list provides information about tools any grower will find to be of help in achieving this task.

Airtight Containers

Airtight containers protect the plants during the curing and storage phases. They prolong the life of the dried buds while helping maintain the potency. Many growers use Mason jars for this purpose, but any jar with thick glass and an airtight seal also works. When you invest in premium terpene-rich strains like Early Skunk x C99 or Auto Blue Cheese you will notice how keeping your buds sealed for freshness makes all the difference in taste and aroma when you go to smoke some.

Bud Trimming Machine

Growers producing large yields rely on a bud trimming machine to make the trimming process easier. They function as pruners but reduce the time needed to carry out this task. Individuals with hand mobility issues benefit by purchasing this item, although it isn’t necessary.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters control odors in the grow space while purifying the air. They work with inline fans, ducting, and grow tents with ventilation ports. The filter scrubs the air, so growers often refer to them as scrubbers.

Duct Tape

Keep a minimum of one roll of duct tape in the grow space. Use it to fix a stem that has sustained damage, seal the grow tent, or make the ventilation airtight. Growers find they turn to this item in countless situations when growing plants.

Fabric Containers

Growers need containers to hold their plants, and fabric containers remain an excellent choice. Soil, which is the preferred grow medium of many beginners, needs air to breathe and the porous sides of fabric containers provide this ventilation. Additionally, fabric pots ensure plants don’t receive too much water. Insert a large tray under the containers to catch water runoff.


A grow space requires proper ventilation to prevent mold, mildew, pests, and more. Rotating fans provide air circulation in the grow space while strengthening the stems and branches of the plants. Oscillating fans remain the preferred choice of many growers.

Inline fans also provide ventilation and require ducting to achieve this goal. However, they require two ventilation holes, one to pull fresh air into the space and the other to push stale air out. Attach the fan to ducting to allow the air to pass through and into the filter.


Protect plants from contamination by wearing gloves when in the grow room. Additionally, they protect the hands from the sticky residue present during harvesting. Use gloves that contain no latex or powder, as they may contaminate the plants.

Grow Tent

Grow tents offer the perfect environment for developing plants. They protect the plants from pest invasions, minimize the loss of light, control the smell, and make it easier to monitor environmental conditions.

LED Grow Lights

Plants need light to produce food, so the lighting setup used in the grow space becomes critical. LED grow lights maximize growth while encouraging higher yields. Growers choose LED lights because they use less energy than other options, and even a beginner can use them easily. Plants need a minimum of 32 watts of actual power per square meter.

HID lights, while powerful, produce an enormous amount of heat and need ballasts to operate. Fluorescent grow lights are lacking in terms of efficiency. Either may be used, but don’t expect to see the same results you would achieve with LED grow lights.

pH Meter

Growers need to monitor the pH levels of the soil and water to ensure the levels remain in the right range. If these levels are off, your Hektol cannabis plants won’t be able to absorb the adequate nutrients they need to thrive. Soil pH needs to be between 6.0 and 7.0, while the ideal pH for a hydroponic system runs between 5.5 and 6.5.

Power Strips

Many devices in the grow room require electricity to operate. Power strips ensure everything remains operational when needed.

Protective Eyewear

Most grow lights produce harmful UV rays. Protective eyewear allows you to check the plants without damaging the eyes, and they help prevent eye strain. Quality sunglasses serve the same purpose, so use them if you already have a pair.


Trimming and harvesting plants becomes easier when using a pruner. The sharp blades are helpful when trimming and training the plants. Some growers use heavy-duty scissors to carry out this task but sterilize them to prevent the transfer of bacteria to the plants.

Seed Starter Plugs

Certain growers use seed starter plugs for marijuana seed germination. The small clumps of peat moss provide the ideal air-to-water ratio, and they are easy to use. Seeds sprout within a few days, at which time the grower transfers them to a larger pot. However, read the instructions provided by the seed bank, as some require certain germination methods to validate their seed guarantee.

Spray Bottle

Misting plants requires the use of a spray bottle. This tool also becomes helpful when using foliar feeding. However, this tool isn’t essential.


Growers find string to be very useful in the grow room. Use it to support plants and to train them to boost the yield. The string also secures fixtures in the grow space, and growers use it to hang buds to dry after harvesting.


Growers must control the temperature and humidity in the grow space for a successful crop. A thermo-hygrometer makes this task easier, as it helps determine if there are environmental issues in the space. Choose one with a big display that you can view from outside the grow tent.


Plants need light to grow and thrive. Timers help growers maintain the proper light cycle in the grow space by automatically simulating light/dark cycles. Plug the light source into the timer, which then turns the lights on and off according to the schedule set by the grower. Most growers choose a programmable timer with hourly, daily, or weekly cycles.

Watering Can

Plants need water to remain hydrated. Watering cans simplify this task, and growers want one that is sturdy with a long spout. Some growers purchase a battery-powered liquid transfer pump to water plants, but this remains a personal choice.

Start small and add to your tool collection as your knowledge and skills increase. Growers find the bigger the yield, the more tools required. Beginning growers typically restrict themselves to a few plants until they develop a better understanding of what they require. The basic tools suffice in this situation. Over time, add to the collection until you have everything you need for a bountiful harvest that doesn’t require all of your time to grow and harvest.

In Closing

There are certain costs to setting up a cannabis seed growing area, whether you aim to build a state-of-the-art grow room indoors or simply pop a few seedlings in your garden outside. A new grower doesn’t necessarily need all the tools right at the beginning, as certain tools like vacuum containers and pruning shears may not be needed until towards the end of the growing cycle. We recommend that you start accumulating slowly in advance so that when your seeds arrive in the mail you can hit the ground running and avoid scrambling for the things you need or making last minute trips to the hardware store.

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