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How to Store Cannabis Seeds Properly

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Properly

If you don’t germinate all of the weed seeds you bought, you need to know how to store cannabis seeds to use later.

Marijuana seeds are living organisms, and they require a specific climate to stay alive. Learn how to prepare weed seeds for short and long-term storage, get tips on germinating the stored marijuana seeds, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Let’s get started! 

Seeds are living organisms

Cannabis seeds might look like they’re just dried-up particles from weed plants, but that’s not true at all. Seeds are alive! 

Before pot seeds germinate, they’re in a sedated state, similar to when bears hibernate. The marijuana seeds need light, water, and heat to come alive.

Since cannabis seeds are living, they can die if you store marijuana seeds incorrectly.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Properly

Decide which seeds to store

So, how do you know which marijuana seeds to keep? 

Store cannabis seeds with outer shells that aren’t cracked or damaged. These are the ones that are most likely still alive, so you should only store these marijuana seeds. 

When a weed seed’s shell isn’t perfect, the precious genetic material inside is more vulnerable to the elements. The outer shell is its armor, and without it, it’ll lead to the enemy (like pathogens, moisture, light, and heat) attacking it. 

Prepare seeds for storage

You’ve picked the cream of the crop, and now it’s time to store the marijuana seeds. What should you do to prepare the pot seeds before storing them?

First, organize and label your cannabis seeds. Write down the strain name, provider, the date bought, and other necessary data. 

Place a single layer of weed seeds on a piece of cotton or wool. This method helps to absorb excess moisture while storing marijuana seeds and prevents cross-contamination. 

How to store cannabis seeds properly

How to store cannabis seeds? First, you’ll need to find a location that meets all of the requirements for storing marijuana seeds.

Ideal conditions to store marijuana seeds

When storing cannabis seeds, there are three factors to keep in mind: light, humidity, and temperature. When one of these three is off, you can end up with dead weed seeds. 


You need to store marijuana seeds in a place with no natural sunlight or artificial light from marijuana grow lights. When cannabis seeds are exposed to light, it triggers germination.

Since the weed seeds don’t have the proper conditions for germination, it puts stress on the seeds and ultimately kills them. 


The best way to store cannabis seeds is in a low humidity place. However, you don’t want 0% moisture because a little water is necessary. That being said, too much humidity can cause the seeds to start germinating. 

The ideal humidity for weed seeds is 20–30%.

Levels of humidity Effects of humidity on cannabis seeds
80100% Seeds will drown and die within 12 hours.
4060% Seeds will germinate.
2030% Ideal for storing cannabis seeds.
1820% Heating may occur, which causes seeds to sweat.
1214% With time, the seeds can produce fungi on the inside or outside.
89% With time, the seeds can attract pests and insects.


Storing cannabis seeds in a cool location is the best. The ideal cannabis temperature range is between 43–47°F.

Place your weed seeds in the refrigerator to avoid problems, but make sure they’re in the non-frost, low moisture vegetable crispers. 

Choosing storage containers for seeds

You need to place cotton or wool in a container for storing cannabis seeds. If the package you bought the seeds in is still sealed, keep them there. Most seed banks package weed seeds in materials for ideal storage. 

If your bag of seeds is open, glass containers are the better alternative because they’re airtight, cool, and keep out moisture. 

The transparency lets in light, which isn’t ideal but can be fixed by storing marijuana seeds in a light-proof box or container. 

Make sure the glass vessel you’re using to store marijuana seeds is sanitized and 100% dry before putting the seeds in. 

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Properly

Desiccants are the key to moisture control 

Desiccants, like cotton or wool, are materials that work to maintain a state of dryness. As mentioned above, it’s vital to store marijuana seeds in an airtight container, but you also need to wrap the seeds in a desiccant. 

This method gives an added layer of protection to keep out moisture while storing cannabis seeds. 

Storing seeds short term

If you plan to store marijuana seeds short-term, the protocol is more relaxed. You can put the storage container in a drawer, cabinet, or closet. 

The key requirements for the location are that it’s cool, dark, and dry. Also, there shouldn’t be a huge fluctuation in the climate. 

Don’t store marijuana seeds in sunny areas or by a heater. The kitchen and bathroom should be avoided when storing cannabis seeds, as the temperature and humidity change frequently. 

Preparing for long-term storage

How to store cannabis seeds long-term? Long-term cannabis seed storage requires more precision and care. 

If you want to store marijuana seeds for more than six months, you should vacuum seal the container. 

The best way to store marijuana seeds for the long term is in a light-proof vessel in the fridge. It helps keep the weed seeds cold and ensures cannabis pest control, as it’s difficult for insects to enter. 

How long do marijuana seeds last?

When you store marijuana seeds correctly and keep them refrigerated, they can last for up to a decade. If you opt for storing cannabis seeds at room temperature, they last about a year.  

Can you freeze weed seeds?

Yes, you can store marijuana seeds in the freezer, but the ice build-up can lead to moisture in the container. Once you remove the seeds, you must germinate them immediately, or they’ll die. 

Tips for germinating stored seeds

After storing cannabis seeds for a few weeks, months, or even years, you’re finally ready to grow them. What’s the germination process?

First, soak your marijuana seeds in carbonated water for 12 hours in a dark location. Use water enriched with hydrogen peroxide, fulvic acid, germination boosters, or gibberellic acid for best results. 

Scar the outer shell of the stored marijuana seeds with sandpaper to assist the water, heat, and light in entering the seed. 

Remove the ridge of the shell, which is the elevated side of the cannabis seed. This part is tough and can make it difficult for the cannabis seedling to pop out of the shell. 

If your stored marijuana seeds don’t seem to be germinating, cut the shell open. Although this isn’t a miracle cure, it can help the weak sprout to grow with direct access to nutrients. 

FAQ related to how to store cannabis seeds

You now know everything about storing marijuana seeds. Do you still have questions regarding how to store cannabis seeds?

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on how to store marijuana seeds. 

Can I store cannabis seeds in a plastic bag?

Yes, it’s possible to store marijuana seeds in a plastic bag, but make sure it’s airtight. It’s a good idea to double bag the weed seeds to save them if there’s a rip or hole. 

How do you know if seeds are still good?

Properly stored marijuana seeds are dark, have a waxy coating, hard shell, and no cracks. If your cannabis seeds float in water, it’s a sign they’re alive. 

Another way to tell is by germinating them. If they sprout, the stored marijuana seeds are good. When they don’t, the seeds are dead. 

How do you store seeds indefinitely?

The best way to store marijuana seeds for a long time is by vacuum sealing them in a light-proof container and putting them in the refrigerator or freezer. This climate is cool, dark, and low moisture, ideal to store cannabis seeds. 

Should you store seeds in the fridge?

If you’re planning on storing cannabis seeds for more than a few weeks, we recommend putting them in the fridge. It’s a cool, climate-controlled environment. Make sure you put the weed seeds in the vegetable crisper to reduce the moisture in the air. 

Final points on how to store cannabis seeds

Having a variety of stored marijuana seeds at your disposal is a grower’s dream. Cannabis seeds can last for decades if kept in the correct conditions. 

Weed seeds are alive and need to be stored in a cool, dark, and dry location. Wrapping seeds in desiccants and placing them in the fridge is ideal. The stored marijuana seeds will be ready when you want to germinate them. What’s the hold-up? Now you know how to store cannabis seeds, why not buy weed seeds from i49?