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Bud Trimming Tips

Trim Your Cannabis for Beautiful Buds

There are multiple steps needed in caring for cannabis. If you want bountiful buds, trimming is a necessity. Knowing how to trim cannabis properly will allow you to see more beautiful buds while the plant grows and give those buds better access to light and fresh circulated air. It takes a concerted effort, but timely trimming will lead to healthier plants that respond well to the growing process.

Why Should You Trim Cannabis?

There are multiple reasons growers should trim their cannabis. Knowing the reasons for cutting cannabis is critical. The following are some of the main reasons growers should trim their cannabis plants as recommended.

  • Trimming cannabis helps to ensure the buds will be able to grow to their highest potential. By cutting some of the leaves, the buds will be able to be exposed to the proper amount of light.
  • Removing the sugar leaves helps to allow the plant to put its full focus on the parts that produce higher trichomes.
  • Trimmed cannabis looks more uniform and attractive.

The goal of every grower is to produce the highest amount of buds possible. Trimming is one of the most effective methods of controlling how cannabis grows.

When Should Cannabis Be Trimmed?

Many people are surprised to learn they should trim their cannabis plants just before harvest. During this time, most growers remove larger fan leaves, so their Gold Leaf strain or Grape Ape plants put their full energy into producing beautiful buds.

You have a couple of options available when it comes to trimming cannabis just before harvest. The first has already been discussed, which is removing the large fan leaves. The second option is to remove only the dead or yellowing foliage.

What are the Best Trimming Options?

There are multiple cannabis trimming options available to growers. The type you use will partly depend on how many plants are growing and how much time you have to devote to the upkeep. Consider the following information to determine which will be the most beneficial.

Machine Trimming

While machine trimming is used in industrial settings, there are many drawbacks. These machines tend to be very costly, although there are some hand-held designs available at a cheaper price. .

Another drawback of using a machine to trim cannabis is the long checklist of maintenance chores that can be time-consuming and annoying. Growing marijuana seeds takes a big commitment already, and adding to those chores can make growing crops less attractive to new growers.

Marijuana plants vary in the way they need to be trimmed based on their structural growth and the types of buds. Unfortunately, machines automate the trimming process, which does not allow for customization.

Due to these reasons, machines are likely never to replace hand trimming anywhere in the conceivable future. It will be interesting to see how manufacturers improve these machines over the next few years.

Hand Trimming

Hand trimming is still the most effective way to trim cannabis. Hand trimming puts you in control. A machine cannot visualize the buds and how they are growing. Machine trimmers can sometimes waste some of your buds, and this is something no grower wants to face.

There are two main options when it comes to hand trimming. You can trim dry or wet, and they both offer benefits.

Wet Trimming

Wet trimming is the most-used method of trimming marijuana. Wet trimming simply means cutting the leaves back on your i49 cannabis plant while it is still alive and finishing bud development.

When wet trimming, it is much easier to remove the sugar leaves. Many growers prefer wet trimming because they believe it makes their plants look more aesthetically pleasing. When wet cutting, the buds are allowed to spread out and begin to look more attractive. Taking this step is especially important for growers who sell their crops.

Wet trimming is considered easier and more practical. As soon as the stalk is cut, you simply remove the leaves and trim as needed.

One of the main reasons growers use wet trimming is because of mold development. Mold will commonly develop between the buds and stalk, which can end up causing problems with the end product. By wet trimming, you can prevent mold growth and keep the buds clean and beautiful.

Dry Trimming

Dry trimming is one of the preferred methods of hand trimming, but it is not embraced by all growers. This method of trimming is not considered as efficient, but it does offer its rewards.

Many premium weed seed growers choose dry trimming because they want their buds to dry through a long process. When buds are dried slowly, they offer a much more pleasing smoke.

Dry trimming allows the buds to dry out on their own time. Because the sugar leaves are left in place for longer, they allow moisture to be protected inside the buds, causing them to dry out at a slower pace.

Although this varies among growers, many leave their buds to dry for at least two weeks. Allowing them to dry slowly, in a controlled environment, will lead to better buds and a more satisfying smoking experience.

What Tools are Needed for Trimming?

Having the right tools is critical for being able to trim cannabis properly. Without the correct tools, you may find yourself damaging the buds or spending way too long on the process. Consider the following tools and purchase the very best you can afford.


One of the essential tools for trimming cannabis is a pair of sharp scissors. If your scissors are dull, more damage will be done, and buds could be lost in the process of trimming.

Not only do the scissors need to be sharp, but they also need to feel comfortable in your hand. Remember, you are going to be holding these scissors for quite a long time. If they are not ergonomic, cramping and pain will occur, which will make trimming cannabis very uncomfortable.

When purchasing scissors, you have the option of spring-loaded or standard. If you ask growers which they prefer, you will get many different answers. Spring-loaded scissors are popular among growers, but some well-seasoned cannabis seed growers prefer standard scissors even though they require a bit of a learning curve to operate.

Trimming Trays

Trimming trays are critical for trimming marijuana. They are easy to transport from one area to another and allow you to carefully cut cannabis without losing any kief, especially if they are equipped with screens.

The tray should be large enough to work on, yet comfortable enough to sit on your lap. There are plenty of options available, and with careful research, you will be able to find the ideal one.

Comfortable Seating

The best position to be in when trimming marijuana is in a comfortable seated position. A chair that offers plenty of cushioning and back support is ideal. It also helps to have a chair that provides casters, allowing you to move from one area to another without getting up.

You will likely find it much easier to get work done when sitting in a chair versus standing for long periods of time. A chair that reclines when needed, will offer even more comfort.

Protective Gear

Anyone who has ever worked with cannabis knows how incredibly sticky it is. Unfortunately, resins can cling to your clothing and cause stains. Thankfully, the resin will not stick to silk for some reason. Many growers wear silk aprons while trimming their cannabis because it allows for easier cleanup.

You should also purchase a pair of gloves to protect your hands. The gloves should be thin enough to maintain flexibility in your fingers, yet strong enough to protect from scissor mishaps.

Supplies for Cleaning

As mentioned above, resin is very sticky, and it can create quite a mess when trimming cannabis. Over time, your scissors are going to become caked with resin, and they will stop working correctly. When this happens, it is vital to have a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol available.

Wiping the scissors down with alcohol and a soft cloth will remove the sticky resin accumulation and clean the scissors, so they are ready to cut again.

Helpful Tips for Trimming Cannabis

You now know the right methods and what equipment to purchase. With the following tips, trimming marijuana will be much easier, and you’re sure to be successful.

  • When trimming sativa buds or indica buds, always try to cut cannabis with the tips of your scissors and not the full sides. Resins are more likely to stick to the sides. By cutting with the tips, you will save time on cleaning.
  • Make sure to use a screen when cutting. Using a screen allows you to save kief. Many growers ingest kief, allowing them to get a buzz with their morning coffee or in other edibles.
  • Do not throw away any trim. There are more cannabinoids in trim than most people realize. Use these to make tinctures or edibles.
  • Always store any buds and trims in airtight containers. You can use plastic containers, but glass jars are even more useful, especially for long-term storage.


Trimming bud is not tricky. All you need is a little knowledge, the right tools, and time. With time and practice, you can become highly skilled at trimming marijuana. With the proper trimming practices, your weeding cake strain or og kush plant’s buds will look more attractive than ever before and also be a pleasure to bust up and smoke!