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How to store weed and keep it fresh

How to store weed and keep it fresh

Did you just visit the dispensary and have a ton of fresh marijuana? Do you want to know how to store weed to keep it potent for a long time? We’ve got the answers. 

Learn more on the importance of storing weed properly, how to do it, the best cannabis storage containers, ideal places to put it, how long dry herb will last, and how to keep pot without it stinking up the whole house. 

Let’s get started! 

Why proper cannabis storage is so important

Nothing’s worse than buying a bag of spinach to find it’s gone bad in a few days because it’s not stored properly. The same goes for marijuana. 

You take the time to go to the dispensary and buy your dried cannabis flower, and you spend a decent amount of cash on it; why wouldn’t you want to store it properly?

Weed storage is critical for a handful of reasons. 

How to store weed and keep it fresh
How to store weed and keep it fresh

Storing weed correctly preserves its potency. Oxygen causes cannabinoid degradation, which converts THC to CBN. The less THC in the marijuana, the fewer effects it’ll have when consumed. 

Cannabis storage is also essential to prevent mold buildup from moisture and heat. Once mold starts growing in your weed storage container, it’s not safe to consume. You’ll have to dispose of it, which isn’t just depressing; it’s also costly. 

If marijuana gets exposed to light, the ultraviolet rays will degrade your weed into a less potent substance. The light that enters through your cannabis storage container will turn your dry herb brown. 

How to store weed 

Now you know the importance of storing weed properly, you’re probably wondering how to keep your cannabis in top condition. We’ve got all the tips and tricks on marijuana storage.

Avoid moisture

Moisture leads to mold, mildew, and other pathogens attacking your marijuana flower. Storing weed in a low humidity spot assists in keeping your stash free of diseases. 

Storing cannabis at 60% humidity or less is ideal. Any higher levels of humidity for weed will lead to problems. Buy a hygrometer to determine the moisture level where you plan to store your pot. 

Make sure your cannabis storage vessel is 100% dried out before putting the dried marijuana flower in it. Even a drop of water can turn into a feeding ground for pathogens. 

Keep it dark

Where to store weed when you’re not using it? Anywhere that light can’t get to, such as a closet, cabinet, lightproof box, or drawer. The fewer UV rays that hit your dry herb, the longer it’ll last. 

Also, look for cannabis storage containers that aren’t transparent, so when you aren’t using your supply or carrying it around, extra light can’t enter. Search for a weed storage holder that’s opaque, tinted black, brown, dark green, purple, or made from a UV light-protected material. 

Keep it cool

Mold grows in hot places, which is why storing weed in a cool spot is crucial. Pathogens attack at temperatures between 77°F to 85°F. 

The ideal cannabis temperature is around 30°F to 60°F. Using your freezer or refrigerator as a cannabis storage location isn’t a great idea because it can be too intense and sometimes have moisture. 

If you have a basement or part of the house that tends to stay cool, that’s the best place for storing weed. Use a thermometer to determine the exact temperature to ensure it’s ideal. 

How to store weed and keep it fresh
How to store weed and keep it fresh

Keep it clean

Every time you buy a fresh batch of marijuana, you should have a new clean weed storage container ready. 

It’s not a good idea to mix aged cannabis with fresh dry herb because if there’s any trace of mold or mildew, you’ll lose your whole supply instead of just the older stuff. 

After you finish off your bud, sanitize and dry out the weed storage container. The cleaner you keep the area and holder, the safer your cannabis supply will be. 

Best containers to store cannabis

What’s the best way to store weed? There are many places to store cannabis. Let’s look at some of the best weed storage containers. 

Old-school sandwich bags

Many novice smokers will go into their pantry and reach for a plastic bag. Although this isn’t the worst cannabis storage holder, it’s most certainly not the best. 

Plastic sandwich bags are airtight only if you seal them properly. They’re prone to getting holes or not sealing correctly, which can lead to stale weed. These also leave marijuana herb vulnerable to moisture, light, and bacteria. 

How long can weed last in a Ziploc? That depends on what you consider fresh quality weed. That being said, marijuana can last up to a couple of weeks in a sandwich bag, but after a week or so, the flower will start to get affected. 

Placing a small piece of orange skin in the Ziploc weed storage container will help with moisture control and keeping your marijuana fresh for longer. 

Glass containers

Glass cannabis storage vessels are the most popular among weed users. This is because they’re affordable or recyclable and meet the requirements.

How to store weed and keep it fresh

The seal on glass jars is much more airtight than sandwich bags, so your weed will stay fresh for longer. You can find glass marijuana storage containers in dark colors that stay cool and dry. 

Finding a glass cannabis storage jar in various sizes is easy, and the smaller ones are portable. 

Titanium jars

Titanium weed storage vessels are another great option. 

Titanium is the only type of metal that should be used as a cannabis storage container because it won’t change the flavor or taste of the weed. 

Make sure the seal is tight on these marijuana storage holders. Recycled titanium jars that you used for other products before might not have a good enough seal to preserve weed well. 

Wooden box 

Storing weed in a wooden box is an attractive, classy way to do it. These wooden cannabis storage holders do a good job at blocking out light, which helps keep your marijuana fresh. 

The disadvantages are that they’re not protected from moisture and aren’t airtight, so your weed is likely to dry out. 

Plastic containers

Plastic containers like Tupperware are an inexpensive and lightweight method of storing weed. These cannabis storage containers are airtight and come in opaque styles to keep out light. 

The problem with plastic weed storage vessels is that they produce a static that leads to trichomes attaching to the plastic, making your weed less potent and changing the flavor. 


Cigars are stored in humidors, and you can also use them for storing weed. A humidor is a wooden humid controlled box. Ones designed for cannabis work the best and are an impressive way to present a joint to a friend. 

What about vacuum sealing?

Vacuum sealing is only necessary for long-term weed storage. The absence of oxygen will help you lose fewer trichomes and keep the nugs in the same form. 

Best places to store packaged marijuana

Now you have your weed storage container airtight with your supply in it. Where’s the best place to store weed in your house?  

How to store weed and keep it fresh
How to store weed and keep it fresh

Storing buds indoors

Storing weed indoors is more secure and protects the dry herb from the elements. Look for a dark, cool, dry location, like a closet, drawer, or cabinet. 

Don’t store weed in the bathroom or kitchen, as these places have more humidity than other parts of your home. 

Storing buds outdoors

Storing weed outdoors is possible but not the best idea. Your marijuana supply is vulnerable to the elements of Mother Nature. There’s humidity, rain, heat, pathogens, pests, and sunlight, which are all bad for keeping your cannabis fresh for a long time. 

How long does weed stay fresh?

After drying and curing cannabis, how long can you store weed? If you store your pot with care, you can keep dry herb for six months to a year. 

Marijuana loses about 16% of its THC after a year and continues dropping as time progresses. 

How to store weed without the smell escaping

We all know marijuana has a fragrance that’s hard to camouflage. How to store weed without it smelling?

With a small amount of cannabis, an airtight marijuana storage container is sufficient. When storing large amounts of weed, look for holders with a carbon lining to help neutralize the odor. 

FAQ related to how to store weed

We’ve gone over everything you need to know about how to store weed, but you might still have a few doubts. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

Is it better to store weed in glass or plastic?

Glass is better than plastic for weed storage because there isn’t any static to degrade the cannabis. Look for glass that has a dark hue to reduce the transparency and sanitize before using. 

Does weed have a shelf life?

Weed can last from six months to a year in a quality marijuana storage container. After a year, the cannabis will lose its potency and become too dried out. 

How do you keep your buds fresh?

The best way to store cannabis is in an airtight, moisture resistant, lightproof, dry, cool, and clean container. These factors are what keep marijuana fresh the longest and free from developing mold. 

How cold can weed be stored at?

Storing weed from 30°F to 60°F is ideal. Anything colder than 30°F will make the flower brittle, causing rich trichomes to break off the nugs. 

Final points on weed storage

Storing weed properly is vital for the longevity, potency, and quality of your marijuana supply. How to store weed? You should keep your cannabis in a dry, dark, cool, and clean vessel. 

The best way to store weed is in a glass container, indoors, and for no longer than a year. If you follow our tips, you’ll always have fresh, potent, trichome-rich marijuana. Buy yourself some quality pot and store it in your weed storage container now!