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Top 10 highest-yielding autoflower strains

Top 10 Highest-Yielding Autoflower Strains

When you think of the various cannabis varieties, it’s easy to assume that you won’t get much from an autoflower yield. Fortunately, that’s not true.

While this non-photoperiod variant has gotten a bad rap for small harvests in previous years, some strains offer sizable yields. A few of these cultivars are well known, while others are crosses between familiar favorites.

Are you wondering why you should pick this variant? 

Many growers prefer the highest-yielding autoflowering strains because they’re convenient and compact. Adding massive harvests to the advantages makes these plants even more appealing.

Cultivate these seeds inside or outside with ease. They don’t require specific light cycles, and their lifespan is predictable. They’re also ideal if you want to grow year-round, provided you don’t expose them to frost.

Ready to learn more about the highest-yielding autoflower crops? Let’s begin.

Most yielding autoflowers: Top 5 strains

Are you curious about which high-yield seeds to select? Don’t worry; we’ll provide a detailed rundown of our top picks below.

1. Autoflower Devil XXL

Autoflower Devil XXL

This potent cultivar is also known as Big Devil XXL. The love child of auto Jack Herer and Big Devil #2, this strain has an impressive lineage.

Plant these high-yield autoflower seeds indoors or outdoors and watch them flourish. They’re resilient, and unlike their counterparts, you can implement low-stress training techniques on these crops

The plants are compact, with an average height of 3.5–5.5 ft. The final size depends on several factors. The crops naturally resist various garden nuisances like pests and diseases, making cultivation straightforward.

From seed to harvest, autoflower Devil XXL takes roughly nine weeks. Expect lovely autoflower yields of 15–18 oz./m2 indoors and appropriately 2–7 oz./plant outdoors.

Once harvested, the buds exude an array of exotic scents. The dominant ones are incense, citrus, and spice. When you take a toke, the aromas translate into the flavor. The experience is like an eastern fusion with fruity undertones.

Each bud contains an average of 19–20% THC and produces powerful effects. At first, you experience cerebral sensations; after that, it relaxes your whole body.

The rich compound profile also makes the strain a hit with medicinal tokers. Many health users cultivate these highest-yielding autoflower crops for their therapeutic benefits.

2. Autoflower Triple XL 

Autoflower Triple XL

As the name implies, this strain gives you three times what you’d expect from an auto. 

The cultivar stems from a blend of three intense strains: NL#5, Big Bud, and Green Crack. Each parent contributes unique and powerful qualities to autoflower Triple XL, bringing it to legendary status.

It has an intriguing terpene blend that results in exquisite flavors and effects. When this heavy yield autoflower is ready for harvest, your grow area becomes filled with an array of tempting scents. The aromas include citrus, skunk, spice, and earth.

Taking a toke brings these elements together to treat your tastebuds. The zesty citrus lingers on your lips for several moments as you exhale.

The effects occur quickly after one or two puffs. First, you experience a head rush, followed by uplifting feelings that relax you from head to toe. 

This strain is powerful, so it’s best to take it slow. It contains 15–20% THC and negligible amounts of CBD. 

Cultivation is relatively easy. These seeds sprout an all-female crop and thrive in various environments. They’re compact and take around eight weeks from seed to harvest

Not only is this one of the largest yielding autoflower strains, but the buds are massive. When cultivating these crops, consider supporting the branches. Expect to collect around 28–35 oz./m2 indoors and up to 7 oz./plant outdoors.

3. AK-47 autoflower

AK-47 autoflower

Bred from a fusion of the original AK-47 strain and hardy ruderalis genetics, this cultivar is a 420 favorite. It’s indica-leaning, and the seeds are feminized too. It’s one of the most yielding autoflower strains.

The cultivar’s profile is impressive, listing various terpenes that enhance its potency. It contains approximately 17–21% THC and less than 2% CBD. 

These nugs give off delightful fruity fragrances, with hints of spice that intensify when crushed. When you take a toke, the initial flavor is sweet. As the smoke hits the back of your throat, you notice other subtle notes. 

The effects of this strain are tranquil and relaxing. It helps wash away all negative emotions. Experience the difference from the first toke. Expect mellow sensations with a new sense of focus that pairs well with creative tasks.

Cultivating AK-47 autoflower is simple, but beginners should take special care. The roots need adequate space to grow and require a consistent feeding schedule. As a highest-yield autoflower, nutrients ensure that your harvest is top-quality.

Give these crops a light trim when the foliage gets too dense, and be ready to harvest after nine weeks of flowering. The buds feature an array of green shades and have a thick texture. The yield for indoor crops is 17 oz./m2, and outdoor varieties offer 2–3 oz./plant.

4. Autoflower G13

Autoflower G13

Autoflower G13 stems from Afghani genetics. By blending the original G13 with a ruderalis, breeders developed an indica-dominant legend that packs a punch. The average THC levels range from 22–24%, and the CBD content is around 0.7%.

This cultivar is one of the highest-yielding autoflower strains. It exudes intriguing fragrances of fresh fruits and herbs. Grind these buds for more intense aromas that translate brilliantly into the flavor. On the exhale, a menthol taste refreshes your tongue.

The effects take 2–3 tokes to hit, inducing a powerful cerebral rush and euphoric thoughts. After several minutes, the sensations trickle down to the rest of your body, relaxing every limb. Medicinal users favor this strain for its reported benefits that alleviate pain and stress.

Cultivate this compound-rich cultivar indoors or outdoors with minimal fuss. G13 autoflower crops can withstand light training and thrive in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, ideal if you have limited space. If you’re growing outdoors, use a natural repellent to keep pests at bay.

The strain is tolerant of temperature fluctuations, wind, and other environmental factors, but the outdoor yield is lower than indoor varieties. These autoflowering plants yield 15–19 oz./m2 inside and roughly 2–4 oz./plant outside.

5. Autoflower Zkittlez 

Autoflower Zkittlez

Autoflower Zkittlez comes from a fruity family. It’s the offspring of Grandaddy Purple, Grapefruit, and a hardy ruderalis. The most impressive aspect is the high yield.

Like the candy it’s named after, this cultivar offers sweet scents and similar flavors. During the flowering phase, berry, grape, and lemon aromas waft through your grow area. Once harvested, they give off a distinctly kush fragrance with hints of earth.

When you inhale, you treat your taste buds to a sugary delight. On the exhale, the citrus flavor dominates, and the aftertaste is a delectable fruit cocktail that lingers for several minutes.

This heavy yield autoflower contains 17–21% THC and roughly 0.3% CBD. The effects are euphoric and calming, inducing a new level of relaxation. Medicinal users turn to this strain to reduce inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia symptoms.

Cultivate this sugary strain in a warm Mediterranean climate, and enjoy multiple harvests before the frost appears. This strain loves light, so indoor growers get the best results from an 18–24 hour light cycle

Inside, you can expect an autoflower yield of 15–19 oz./m2, whereas outdoor cultivators can collect around 2–4 oz./plant. 

Top 5 cross-bred highest yielding autoflower strains 

Some autoflower seeds don’t have a unique name. Instead, they’re known as a cross of their parents. Below we mention five of these best autoflowering high-yield seeds.

1. Autoflower Critical x AK-47

Autoflower Critical x AK-47

This hybrid cultivar hits instantly with uplifting sensations that leave you bubbly and relaxed. Some tokers also report giggle fits. When you take a puff of autoflower Critical x AK-47, expect tropical aromas with sweet vanilla and hints of earth.

On the inhale, the fragrance translates to the flavor, but you also detect cheese and lemon undertones. It contains 15–20% THC and a negligible 0.5% CBD. 

Many health growers cultivate this strain for its bountiful autoflower yield. They claim it helps with various ailments, including muscle spasms and insomnia. 

Cultivation requires a minimum temperature of 66℉. The indoor yield ranges from 15–19 oz./m2, while outside crops produce 1–5 oz./plant.

2. Critical x GG4 (formerly Original Glue) autoflower

Critical x GG4

This cultivar combines all the best elements of Critical Diesel auto and Gorilla Glue #4. It’s one of the biggest yielding autoflower strains. 

This indica-dominant hybrid features a mind-blowing 19–22% THC. A couple of puffs bring on sensations of joy and euphoria, ideal for washing away the day’s troubles.

The flavor profile of Critical x GG4 (formerly Original Glue) autoflower is complex. It’s an intriguing fusion of sweet fruits, diesel, and wood. 

Each nug contains densely sprinkled trichomes. When you take a toke, you taste citrus, coffee, and diesel, complemented by subtle woody notes. 

The cultivar is a hit with health users who assert that its relaxing properties soothe stress and anxiety. Some also claim that it reduces the occurrence of migraines. 

Growers can expect a generous autoflower yield if they adhere to specific cultivation requirements. It flourishes in various grow mediums, but a blend of soil and coco coir offers impressive results. Implement light training and keep the temperatures warm.

The average height of these crops is around four ft. Indoor growers produce roughly 15–19 oz./m2, and outdoor breeders harvest approximately 3–7 oz./plant.

3. Autoflower Critical x Northern Lights

Autoflower Critical x Northern Lights

Autoflower Critical x Northern Lights brings together powerful attributes from both parents. It’s indica-dominant and contains 15–18% THC. While it isn’t the biggest yielding autoflower strain, it’s one of the most popular.

It has a delectable aromatic blend that draws you in and tempts you to have a taste. A zesty lemon fragrance dominates, but you also pick up spice notes. Take a toke to tantalize your taste buds with the refreshing citrus flavor followed by a slightly sweeter aftertaste.

The effects of this heavy yield autoflower take a few minutes to kick in, but you’re in for a blissful experience when they do. At first, you feel calm and euphoric, with all negativity vanishing from your mind. The talkative side of your personality comes to the fore, along with uplifting energy. 

After a while, these feelings settle, and a mellow calm washes over you. The sensations then move down the rest of your body, relaxing your muscles. This hard-hitting strain is likely to cause moderate couch-lock.

Many consider Critical x Northern Lights the best autoflower high-yield strain because it’s convenient to grow.

It offers an all-female crop and thrives in warm conditions of 72–80℉. Inside, it produces approximately 14 oz./m2, and the autoflower outdoor yield is 3–5 oz./plant.

4. Autoflower White Widow x Crystal Meth 

Autoflower White Widow x Crystal Meth

Autoflower White Widow x Crystal Meth is a potent indica with delicious resin-coated buds. This strain packs a punch as the love child of White Widow, Crystal Meth, and a ruderalis.

It contains minimal CBD of around 0.5% and a THC level of 16–22%. The buds have a distinct scent of fruit, herbs, and skunk. The combination is surprisingly pleasant. 

When you take a toke, the first flavor you detect is skunk, but the herbal and citrus notes soon make their way to the front. On the exhale, the fruity blend intensifies, leaving a delectable taste on your tongue after your last puff.

The effects of this highest-yielding autoflower start as euphoria and bring out the creativity in most tokers. After about 30 minutes, your body starts unwinding, and laziness sets in. 

Cultivate this strain inside or outside for a massive harvest of sticky buds. The outdoor yield averages 4 oz./plant, while indoor crops produce 17–21 oz./m2. Enhance this quantity even more by using the Sea of Green approach.

5. Autoflower Northern Lights x Big Bud

Autoflower Northern Lights x Big Bud

One of the largest yielding autoflower strains is autoflower Northern Lights x Big Bud. This cultivar stems from the genetic lineage of Northern Lights, Big Bud, and a resilient ruderalis strain. 

It inherits mainly indica traits along with an intriguing terpene profile. It features 18–22% THC and 0.6% CBD. 

The buds are eye-catching, with an array of stunning purple and orange hues. They exude a fusion of fragrances reminiscent of a fruit salad. Your grow room fills with scents of mango and pine. When you take a toke, the flavors are tropical.

On the inhale, you detect pineapple and sweet apple with hints of spice. The mango flavor takes over when the smoke hits the back of your throat. As you exhale, earthy notes blend with the fruit cocktail. 

One quick toke of this heavy yield autoflower is all it takes to get the buzz blazing. You feel warm, relaxed, and hazy as energetic euphoria boosts your mood. The uplifting sensation lasts several minutes before deep relaxation sets in.

After a while, your limbs soften as couch-lock occurs, and some tokers may even fall asleep. 

Those who cultivate the strain don’t need to implement much maintenance. Crops reach an average height of four feet and need a warm, temperate climate with lots of light exposure. Protect these plants from frost as it can damage them. 

Indoor crops produce larger harvests, averaging 21 oz./m2. The autoflower outdoor yield offers 1–4 oz./plant. Implementing low-stress training can increase these figures even more. 

Amazing autoflowers 

Autoflower plants offer convenience to growers of all levels. They’re small enough to fit into most grow rooms yet resilient enough to withstand outdoor cultivation. You can grow these beauties year-round for multiple harvests of delectable highest-yielding autoflower buds. 

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