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The Benefits of Using an Indoor Marijuana Grow Tent

marijuana grow tent
Apr 6, 2021
Setting Up your Grow Space

The Benefits of Using an Indoor Marijuana Grow Tent

A marijuana grow tent is a great purchase for cannabis cultivators looking to grow indoors. Most people will not have a room that perfectly suits growing weed in their house, so buying a cannabis grow tent will provide a lot of benefits.


Growing cannabis at home is a great idea, especially for those who consume it frequently. However, many enthusiasts find themselves worrying about the legalities of cannabis cultivation, and others become discouraged when they realize the requirements for a successful crop. All hope isn’t lost, though, if you have an indoor grow tent.


A grow tent full kit is an excellent way to grow weed at home in a controlled, discreet way. Grow tents are good for small spaces, they’re easy to use, and they allow you to achieve the right conditions for cannabis cultivation. In this guide, we will explain why a complete indoor grow tent is such an effective part of a home grow op.


Grow Tents Are Cost-Effective

For home growers, cost is a primary consideration. Many small-scale cannabis cultivators wonder if an indoor grow tent will cost too much, but thankfully, that’s not the case. Grow tents typically range from about $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on size and available features. While you don’t need a big weed tent to grow a successful crop, investing in a grow tent full kit will make the process a bit easier.


Look for the following features when purchasing an indoor grow tent.


  • Chambers. Some tents have only one chamber, while others have two or more. If you choose a multi-chamber tent, you can have plants in varying growth stages. When the timing is right, you may be able to attain the sought-after perpetual harvest.
  • Quality of materials. As with other things in life, you get what you pay for when buying an indoor grow tent. When we discuss a tent’s fabric thickness or composition, we’re talking about product quality. By choosing a tent made of thicker canvas, you’ll extend its lifespan.
  • Windows and ports. A basic tent will cover only basic needs, but one with windows and ports will allow you to look at your plants without opening it up. Similarly, high-quality construction will keep external light from coming in through cord and ducting ports.

An indoor tent’s internal structure consists of tubing, and the materials with which it is made will determine how much weight the tent can hold. When choosing a tent, check its weight tolerance before buying.


Saving Space

As we said before, many aspiring cannabis cultivators feel limited in terms of available space. However, a complete indoor grow tent does much to alleviate those concerns. A great thing about indoor tents is that they’re available in sizes to suit every need. You can even find them in custom sizes, which makes them great for even the smallest grow rooms.


hydroponic weed grow tents


When building an indoor grow room, the tent should be at least nine feet tall to prevent the grow lights from touching the flowers. Furthermore, a little extra space will give you and your cannabis plants more room for experimentation. Plants grown from Purple Haze seeds are best thought of like fish; the more space they have, the healthier they’ll be and the bigger they will get.


Grow Tent Setup is Easy

Are you a guerrilla grower who frequently moves from place to place? If you’re worried about setting up a home grow op because you move often, the good news is that an indoor grow tent is highly portable. Setting up a complete indoor grow tent will only take a few hours, from putting up the structure to hanging the equipment. No engineering skill is required, and you’ll get better at setting up a tent the more you practice it.


While portability and versatility are major benefits of marijuana grow tents, it’s important to remember that cannabis plants are very sensitive to outside factors and can become highly stressed when they’re put through changes. Therefore, it’s best to minimize unnecessary relocations and routine modifications.


Practicing Greater Discretion

Another great thing about using an indoor grow tent is that it can go unnoticed when placed properly. Though we know that cannabis consumption is largely harmless, we also realize that some cultivators may have to deal with people who disagree on that point. Thankfully, grow tents can be installed almost anywhere.


If you’re worried about neighbors’ and family members’ opinions, or if you’re concerned about the legalities of cannabis consumption, an indoor tent is a discreet option. What’s more, these tents are completely odor-proof. We’ve all wanted to get rid of weed smell, and fortunately, grow tents work to enclose all the aromas cannabis plants release during the flowering phase.


It’s hard for people to argue about your grow op if they don’t know it’s underway. Put your tent in a spare room or a closet and be free of others’ negativity!


Along with a good air purifier, an indoor tent ventilation system will trap odors and filter the air before directing it outside. With the right grow tent and exhaust system, you won’t have to worry about odors and other complaints. Because indoor grow tents are sealed, they can be placed outside, in a basement or an attic, or an unused room.


Creating Ideal Growing Conditions

When we say that an indoor tent provides the perfect environment for cannabis cultivation, we aren’t exaggerating. An indoor garden covers many of the issues weed growers face. With a complete indoor grow tent, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.


  • Year-round harvests. It may take a while to get things right, but with several small tents or one multi-chamber unit, you can have plants at several growth stages. When this happens, you will find it easier to exert control over the cultivation process, achieving a perpetual harvest and a constant supply of weed.
  • Energy efficiency. Many cultivators know that indoor lighting significantly increases their energy consumption. However, an indoor grow tent is designed to maximize available light and reduce energy usage. Additionally, their reflective interiors ensure even light. If there is one thing we know, it’s that cannabis plants receiving more light produce richer, danker buds.
  • Decreased contamination and pest infestation risk. Because indoor grow tents are fully sealed, they’re almost impervious to pests and contaminants. To enjoy this benefit, you’ll have to keep the garden, the plants, the tent, and yourself clean.

Indoor tents produce negative air pressure, which means the air inside will be pure. Clean air makes for happy cannabis plants! These tents typically come with integrated air purification devices, which provide the carbon dioxide plants need for strong and healthy growth.


Are Indoor Grow Tents Safe?

There are a few things to consider when debating the safety of indoor tents. Materials are a primary factor, and for safety’s sake, it’s best to purchase a quality tent. Those costing only a few dollars shouldn’t be used, as they’re typically of low quality and they are likely to create more problems than they solve.


Lighting is another indoor cultivation safety issue, so be sure to observe your lights regularly and keep them well away from your plants. Improper distancing will burn cannabis plants’ leaves, and it also increases fire risks. Avoid tents made of polyurethane or PVC, as they may emit toxic gases that can harm your plants, family members, and pets.


Choosing the Right Size Grow Tent

Before taking any measurements or considering tent size, it’s important to think about durability and longevity. We’ve noted the risks of using PVC tents, but canvas provides a light, durable, and safe option. The lightweight and flexibility of this material makes it a better choice than a bulky grow box.


HPS light in a marijuana grow tent


The best indoor grow tents have plenty of viewing windows, a good zipper, effective insulation, and air pockets for better ventilation. Tents should also come with pocket pouches, wide entryways, and duct ports.


Here’s a basic tent sizing guide for beginners.


  • For small gardens, consider a 48” x 24” x 60” tent that can hold eight small plants or three full-size plants.
  • For medium gardens, choose a tent measuring 48” x 48” x 78”, which will hold 16 small plants or four full-size plants.
  • For a large garden, it’s best to choose a bigger tent. A model measuring four feet by eight feet and six and one-half feet tall should be sufficient. Larger tents typically come with more options, such as beam roof supports for lighting and pocket pouches for accessories.

Your choice of grow tents can make or break a new cannabis grow op. By following the basic criteria above, you’re more likely to end up with an indoor tent that increases your chances of success.


In Closing

While growing outdoors may be a preferred option for home cultivators, not everyone has the opportunity.


The same facts apply to dedicated grow rooms; not everyone has the space for it. Indoor grow tents are a great way to meet the need, and there’s no disputing that they can provide benefits such as an optimal growing environment, decreased risk of illness and infection, and more control over the process.


Look at every room in your house, find the best spot for a tent, take some measurements, and find a great tent in-store or online. With these steps, you’ll have a great cannabis crop as quickly as possible.


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