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The importance of carbon filters in a grow room

The importance of carbon filters in a grow room

If you plan on cultivating cannabis indoors, you’ll need to install carbon filters in your grow room. These devices help to eliminate all those smelly odors produced by your marijuana crop, releasing aroma-free air.

Not only will your carbon filter for weed help keep your grow private, but it’ll also stop any contaminants from entering your tent. Join us as we learn more about this odor control method and how to incorporate it in your grow room setup, even when your budget is low.

What is a carbon filter, and how does it work?

An indoor marijuana setup offers plenty of benefits, such as control over the elements, optimal yields, and growth all year round. The biggest downside to this technique is the smelly odors emitted by your marijuana plants.

This powerful aroma comes from terpenes responsible for the flavor and fragrance of weed. Once trapped in a confined space, these particles can overpower your senses and often draw unwanted attention. 

By using carbon filters in your grow room, you can avoid these issues entirely, creating a smell-free zone. These devices contain layers of active carbon, a porous material that helps filter contaminants in your tent.

The granules inside a cannabis carbon filter offer a substantial amount of surface area to catch terpene particles. For this to work, however, you’ll need to create a vacuum of air using specific weed-growing tools, such as an exhaust fan.

The importance of carbon filters in a grow room
The importance of carbon filters in a grow room

These fans suck the contaminated air through the grow room carbon filters and then out of a vent. The pressure inside your tent from this vacuum will also stop terpenes from escaping out of any gaps.

Typically, you’ll connect the carbon filters in your grow room to a duct that leads out of the nearest window. Since all the smelly terpenes remain in the device, you’re left with an odor-free gas that exits the pipe.

You’ll need to ensure that you create enough vacuum within your tent, or else the carbon air filter in your grow room won’t work correctly. You’ll need to use an exhaust fan that matches the size of the device and the volume of your tent. 

After some time, the carbon filters in your grow room will become blocked. As a result, you’ll need to replace the device to maintain its efficiency. Luckily, this process is swift and straightforward, allowing you to spend more time looking after your delicious crop.

What are the benefits of using a carbon filter for weed growing?

As we’ve already touched on, carbon filters in your grow room will benefit two significant aspects of your cultivating hobby. One advantage is it helps prevent any smells from escaping your tent. The other benefit is to stop particles from entering your greenhouse.

Prevent the smell from leaking out

Even in states where cultivating weed for recreational purposes is legal, you’ll want to stay under the radar. The aromatic fragrances can attract the attention of irritable neighbors and thieves. 

Carbon filters in your grow room will eliminate both issues, allowing you and your cannabis to remain incognito. With one of these devices correctly installed, you can grow virtually any strain without the worry of someone noticing. 

Stop smells from leaking in

While the primary function of a carbon filter for weed is to prevent particles from leaving the tent, it also stops smells from invading. It helps maintain a sealed environment within your grow room.

The vacuum created by the cannabis carbon filter makes it impossible for particles and foreign smells to affect your crops negatively. Plus, it makes it harder for pests to get into your grow room, meaning you won’t need to use pesticides.

Where to put a carbon filter in the grow room

Now that you understand how carbon filters in your grow room benefit your crops, it’s time to incorporate one in your setup. So, where do you put it? We’ve found that the most effective spot for your cannabis carbon filter is to hang it from the roof of your tent.

The importance of carbon filters in a grow room
The importance of carbon filters in a grow room

Terpene molecules float upwards with warm air. If you put the carbon filters in your grow room at the bottom, your ventilation system will perform poorly. Plus, there’s a higher chance of old leaves and water getting stuck inside.

We recommend using straps to secure your filter to the roof of your tent. Doing this will make it easier to remove and replace the device when it clogs up.

How to create a carbon filter

You can find a range of carbon filters for your grow room available for purchase at local and online stores. While these options are convenient, they tend to cost a pretty penny. Luckily, you can make your own budget carbon filter to grow cannabis that’s just as effective.

Not only will you save money by building your own cannabis carbon filter, but it’s also a great way to learn how to get rid of weed smells. Below, you’ll find a list of straightforward instructions to put one together.

  1. Use chicken wire or aluminum sheeting to roll a tube with the same diameter as your PVC cleanout cap.
  2. Place a PVC cleanout cap on one end of the tube and use duct tape to secure it in place.
  3. Put the roll inside your laundry basket with the open end facing upwards and trim the excess material that sticks out above the rim.
  4. Secure the PVC adaptor cap to the open end of the tube with duct tape.
  5. Fold a sheet of quilt batting in two, wrap it around the tube, and use tape to keep it from unraveling.
  6. Wrap a second layer of quilt batting around your laundry basket and again secure it with tape. 
  7. Add the active carbon granules to the gap between the laundry basket and the chicken wire tube.
  8. Cover the top of the basket with more quilt batting so that the only opening is at the PVC adapter cap.
  9. Finally, attach your cannabis carbon filter to your exhaust fan using a length of aluminum hose. 


To make things easy, we’ve put together a list of the cost-effective materials used in the steps above. You can find all the materials needed around your house and at any local hardware store. These are:

  • One roll of duct tape.
  • A piece of chicken wire or aluminum screen.
  • A pack of activated carbon.
  • One PVC adaptor and one PVC cleanout cap with the same diameter.
  • One laundry basket.
  • A section of an aluminum vent hose.
  • A role of quilt batting.
The importance of carbon filters in a grow room
The importance of carbon filters in a grow room

How to install a carbon filter in the grow room

Once you’ve made your carbon filter for weed or purchased one from a store, it’s time for installation. Below, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide that’ll have you smelling clean air in no time.

Step 1

Connect your filter to the opening of your exhaust fan that draws air in by using a vent hose. Ensure that the diameter of both your cleaning device and ventilation system is the same to maintain pressure.

Step 2

Next, secure the end of the cannabis carbon filter to the duct with tape to ensure it doesn’t blow off or have any leaks. Avoid using glue or any permanent adhesives as you’ll need to replace the filter down the line, and you’ll want to make this task as easy as possible.

Step 3

Hang the carbon filters for your grow room as high as you can. You may need to use straps or hooks to keep it all from falling.

Step 4

Connect the other end of the duct to your exhaust fan and secure the ends with tape like in step two.

Step 5

Finally, connect another section of piping to the vent where the exhaust fan leads out of your tent and secure it. You can then place the end of the duct near an open window. You may want to tie this down to stop it from falling over.

Once completed, it should resemble a snake, with the carbon filters for your grow room representing the head. The exhaust fan is in the middle, and the outlet, or tail, should face the window.

When do you have to change a carbon filter?

It’s important to remember that the carbon filters for your grow room have a limited lifespan. As the porous granules scrub the air, they begin to get clogged up. The longer you use your filter, the less efficient it becomes.

As a general rule of thumb, you should replace the carbon air filter in your grow room every two years. This length of time may decrease depending on the amount of weed you’re cultivating and the type of strain you’ve planted.

For example, Black Widow strain seeds are some of the smelliest cannabis types available. The sheer amount of terpenes created by its delicious buds will clog up the carbon filters for your grow room faster.

Odor-free living

There are many benefits to growing marijuana indoors. However, to ensure a quality harvest, you need to set up the correct equipment. Carbon filters for your grow room are a crucial piece of the puzzle, allowing you to maintain a stealthy crop.

Learning how to build your own grow room carbon filters allows you to create a device that’s perfect for your tent. It’s also a great way to save money and become more involved in cultivating your crops.
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