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Is weed legal in North CarolinaIs Weed Legal in North Carolina?


Is weed legal in North Carolina? Well, that’s what this article looks to answer, read on to find out everything you need to know about the legality of marijuana in North Carolina.


The Tar Heel State, with its Outer Banks, Blue Ridge Mountains, and delicious barbeque, have tried effortlessly to legalize weed for a few years. The answer to the question, “Is weed legal in North Carolina?” is a resounding no!


The state is uncertain whether or not to decriminalize cannabis. This is a division between the governor, other officials, and the residents. This is a mirror image of their choice of who should be governor and to who the state’s electoral votes belong.


North Carolina enforces marijuana laws at a local level. Continue reading to see what this entails.


North Carolina marijuana laws

Although North Carolina has decriminalized weed, possession of minimal amounts can get you a fine or citation. The North Carolina marijuana laws 2021 don’t reflect what most citizens are in favor of. They’re rooting for full legalization.


Having half an ounce and less of cannabis is a misdemeanor and subject to a $200 fine. The cultivation and sale of pot, including marijuana seeds, is a felony.


CBD containing a small amount of THC, less than 0.3%, is legal in North Carolina, as is hemp extract with a THC content that’s below 0.9%.


Is buying cannabis legal in North Carolina?

Selling marijuana is illegal in the state of North Carolina. Hemp extract is legal for medicinal use, but there’s no retailer within the state where patients can purchase it legally.


Patients requiring hemp will need to buy online. Unfortunately, these internet purchases don’t extend to marijuana flowers or cannabis seeds.


Can I grow my own cannabis in North Carolina?

Marijuana laws in North Carolina forbid weed cultivation. Cultivators are not allowed to produce a hemp extract for medicinal purposes either.


These restrictions are adding to the voices who are asking, “When will marijuana be legal in North Carolina?”


Is cannabis consumption legal in North Carolina?

Although patients with a qualifying condition are allowed to consume CBD or hemp extracts, there are no specific restrictions on the amount.


It’s not legal to smoke weed in North Carolina for recreational purposes, so to avoid any criminal charges, rather resist the temptation.


North Carolina medical marijuana laws

Patients with intractable epilepsy are the only ones allowed to possess and use CBD extract. This CBD extract has 0.9% or less THC.


A board-certified neurologist diagnosing a patient should have a state license and be part of a neurology department of a state hospital.


North Carolina’s health department oversees the treatment for epileptic patients and the enrolment of new patients or caregivers. The carer receives the registry card as opposed to the patient.


Caregivers should be 18 years and older and a resident of North Carolina. They can only be a parent of the patient, a custodian, or a legal guardian to qualify for the position.


The caregiver receives a letter of confirmation once the patient is registered. They should keep this document with them whenever they’re carrying the hemp extract, together with proof that the product meets the legal requirements as set out by the state.


It’s difficult to confirm when medical marijuana will be legal in North Carolina. North Carolina introduced a new bill to form a medical and legal cannabis program.


Patients would benefit from the legalization of weed as they’ll be able to purchase high CBD seeds and cultivate their own medicinal product. One such seed which is known to be a “medicinal powerhouse” is Auto CBD Kush Fem.


When will marijuana be legal in North Carolina?

After many campaign attempts over the years, this state still struggles with legalizing marijuana, even for medicinal purposes.


In a state like Ohio who not long ago could open a few dispensary doors and treat over 160,000 patients, North Carolina medical marijuana laws lag far behind.


In the state of Massachusetts, they’re flourishing with more than a few retailers and medical dispensaries. They even delivered weed to patients at their homes during the pandemic.


Elon University surveyed residents in early 2021 that reflected a result of 73% in favor of legalizing weed for medicinal purposes and 54% for adult use. We remain hopeful for North Carolina in the future.

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