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7 Reasons to Start Growing Today

Seven Reasons Why You Should Start Growing Marijuana Now

There has never been a better time to start growing marijuana. COVID-19 has much of the world on lockdown, and no one seems to know when life will return to normal.

Quite a few states now allow marijuana cultivation at home, even if many limit the privilege to medical users or include other restrictions. Growing marijuana seeds yourself is a lot easier to get into than many realize, even if you haven’t practiced much gardening before.

For those who are situated appropriately, there are quite a few good reasons to start growing marijuana at home right now. A look at seven of the best of them follows.

  1. It’s An Effective Way to Save Money

Millions of people across America have filed for unemployment benefits each of the last several weeks. With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, the associated economic pressure is bound to continue for some time. Stimulus checks and unemployment insurance might help a bit, but many marijuana users are experiencing budgetary stress.

Some promised that legalization would make marijuana prices plummet. High-quality marijuana, though, still sells for hundreds of dollars per ounce even in states that have liberalized their laws most aggressively.

While a bit of a startup investment will always be required, growing marijuana at home is far cheaper than buying it from a dispensary. That should be welcome news to many who are having to adjust their budgets, thanks to COVID-19.

Growing outdoors is the less expensive of the two options, although it takes longer for crops to mature and there are other downsides. Still, as little as $50 can buy enough supplies to cultivate many ounces of marijuana outside.

Most of the premium associated with indoor growing comes from the one-time expenditure needed for equipment like lights and fans. You’ll also need to pay for electricity, along with more in the way of consumables than is usual for outdoor cultivation.

Still, either option will save you money compared to buying marijuana from someone else. You will need to wait a while for the fruits of your foresight to become ready for harvest, but you will then be set for a long time to come.

  1. The Time is Right for Planting

Marijuana plants are not especially picky, but they do grow best outdoors when planted at the right time of the year. People who grow indoors do not need to worry about this issue, but many parts of the United States are currently at or close to prime outdoor planting time. Most experienced outdoor growers start germinating their autoflower seeds or quick flowering cannabis seeds inside in March or the early part of April each year. Depending upon the location, germinated cannabis plants can then be transferred outdoors sometime between the middle of April and the end of June.

If everything goes according to plan, this will allow topping, pruning, and final clean up to all happen by the end of August. That will set the scene for a fall harvest, with the exact date depending on the weather.

While there is nothing positive about COVID-19, it did hit the United States at an opportune moment in this respect. Many Americans spending more time at home because of it are well-positioned to start growing marijuana at an especially appropriate time.

  1. It’s a Great Time to Become More Self-Sufficient

Reports of store shelves emptied of toilet paper and hand sanitizer have become commonplace. Fans of recreational marijuana who grow their own never need to worry about coming home empty-handed.

Growing marijuana at home can be even more important for people who rely on it for medical reasons. Millions of people nationwide now use marijuana to treat serious conditions ranging from epilepsy to Crohn’s disease.

Even where authorities consider dispensaries essential businesses that can remain open, leaving home to buy more marijuana in the middle of a pandemic might not be appealing or even safe. No matter how much you love choosing from the exotic selection of strains like the purple punch strain and wedding cake cannabis strain, you can now instead pick up the seeds for these strains online and cultivate them yourself. Growing cannabis seeds at home means becoming your own supplier.

The longer the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the more retailers will struggle with supply-chain issues and the like. Become a self-sufficient cultivator yourself, and you will never need to worry about those kinds of possibilities.

  1. You Can Grow Marijuana Without Ever Leaving Home

It used to require a fair amount of legwork to get set up to grow cannabis outdoors. It would take even more to get the equipment needed to grow indoor marijuana seeds, but some feel the cost is worth the heightened control you get over the plant’s environment.

Almost anything you might need to grow marijuana either way can now be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. While you might still be forced to make a trip to a local store for heavy but inexpensive items like fertilizer, many brick-and-mortar retailers have reacted to COVID-19 by offering new options like curbside pickup or even home delivery.

Shopping online for seeds is already the preferred option for most experienced growers, thanks to factors like selection and pricing. Our online store carries cheap cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to germinate as long as you follow our simple guide.  Marijuana seeds can also be legally sent anywhere in the country, a fact that is surprising to some.

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping so many people at home, getting started with growing is a great way to branch out without leaving the house. This might not have been a realistic option a few years ago, but it is today.

  1. Growing Will Keep You Occupied

Being forced to stay home is not fun, but there are ways to make the best of it. Netflix and social media sites can only fill up so much free time before they become boring.

However long such diversions remain appealing, a cannabis garden will always welcome your attention. Growing does not have to be a labor-intensive undertaking, but it can consume just about as much of your time and energy as you would like.

As a beginner, you will progress more rapidly the more time you spend checking on and tending to your kush plants. While it is possible to overdo it, any mistakes you make as a result of overzealousness will help you become more capable, too.

The sheer novelty of growing marijuana for the first time will ensure that it remains an appealing activity when everything else starts to feel routine and boring. That will inevitably make spending more time at home a lot easier to bear.

  1. It’s a Positive, Soothing Activity for a Stressful, Unpleasant Time

Even people who have not been directly impacted by the novel coronavirus find it a difficult, ugly thing to think about. Unfortunately, the news has a way of making the pandemic feel even more overwhelming and oppressive for just about everyone.

It might sound a bit clichéd, but growing marijuana will put your mind at ease. Whether you cultivate a bright floral-smelling sativa strain from blue dream seed or a skunky and musky heavy-hitting indica like og kush, nurturing your plants and helping them grow has a way of making stress and anxiety fade away.

If you have never grown cannabis before, diving into something so new and different will also help keep you distracted. You will feel more alert than usual because of the fresh, unfamiliar challenges you are facing. That kind of positive engagement and focus is just what many need during a time when so much else seems to be going wrong.

  1. You Probably Have Time to Learn

Growing cannabis is not as difficult as many believe, but it is not always easy. The more reading and learning you do before getting started, the better the odds your first crop will be a success.

You will also be more prepared to confront challenges you will face further down the road. From nutritional deficiencies to pests and diseases, there are always problems that can arise.

Fortunately, there has never been a better time to learn everything you could possibly want to know about growing cannabis. Knowledge that used to take many years to acquire through experience and failure can now be soaked up at your leisure online.

You do not have to commit to many hours of study to become a successful grower. If you have some spare time, as many now do, any of it you devote to learning will serve you well far into the future.

Your first harvest will not make you an expert at growing marijuana. The odds are good that you now have more time than usual to learn and make progress, however.

Making the Most of a Difficult Situation

Even in more normal times, growing marijuana at home can be a rewarding, productive option for almost anyone who uses it for either medical or recreational reasons. Everyone hopes the COVID-19 pandemic will get resolved quickly and with as little lost life and other harm as possible.

For now, however, almost everyone is grappling with unaccustomed restrictions and challenges. While growing marijuana certainly won’t solve the underlying problem, it can be an especially welcome, helpful tool for dealing with a truly difficult period.

Whether you are looking for a way to relieve stress or hoping to save some money, there has never been a better time to begin growing marijuana. Fortunately, it is now also easier than ever before to get started and learn everything you need to know.