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Best feminized seeds for Beginners

Best Feminized Seeds for Growing Beginners 

Have you recently started growing cannabis? If so, you may be excited about all the possibilities. The cannabis industry is growing as demand for high-quality products grows. However, since growing cannabis is both a science and an art, new i49 weed growers often need a few tips and resources to guide their process.

While the possibilities are exciting, there is also some uncertainty. For example, if you are looking for your first strain, the choice may seem overwhelming. In the good ‘ole days, before growing cannabis became mainstream, many people would say there were only two options – Northern Lights or Skunk. Today, though, things have changed and evolved.

This evolution of cannabis and growing cannabis is somewhat mind blowing. Now there are hundreds of strains available to choose from. However, with so many options, there are also several potential pitfalls. As a beginner, the only way to avoid these common pitfalls is to know what they are.

For those who are ready to get started, consider the information here. It will provide some insight into how to ensure some of the biggest mistakes related to growing cannabis are avoided.

Price Considerations

This is a crucial consideration when buying marijuana seeds and something to think about before getting into specifics. It can be tempting to purchase the most expensive seeds you can find. After all, the more expensive the seeds are, the better quality they will be, right? This is not always the case, especially for those who have never grown before. The cheap cannabis seeds available at are still covered with our satisfaction guarantee.

When starting out, it is a good idea to leave the highest quality strains to those with experience with growing. This is necessary for the first crop, at least. It is also important to remember that no matter how much research and reading a person does, it does not make them an expert. This is true even after a successful crop has been grown.

There are several issues that may occur and even the best growers are going to experience some problems, such as mold or pests. It will be more painful to lose a crop that cost more initially, right?

For now, keeping things cheap is a smart option. Get a few practice runs completed and then move on to the higher grade plants.

If things don’t work out as expected, at least a new grower won’t lose their crop and take a significant financial loss. This is something to consider carefully. There is no need to invest too much money when starting out. It could result in such big losses that a new grower can’t continue with their growing efforts in the future.

Sativa or Indica: How to Choose

This decision is a bit more challenging to make. It will depend on the growing circumstances. For novice growers, most experts agree that indica strains are a safer option. This is, in part, because of the shorter flowering time they have. For those who are new to the growing game, it may seem as though it takes a long time to grow, harvest the plant, dry it, and cure the buds to the point where they are ready for consumption. There is no need to tackle sativa strains that will need even more time. If there are no other issues, the longer growing time means there is a higher likelihood for something going wrong.

Also, the Indica strains are usually more forgiving of mistakes than sativa strains. Even with that in mind, for most people, the final decision depends on a grower’s needs. Some people do not like that “couch lock” effect that is what many users experience with the Indica dominant strains. There are some who require sativa for medical purposes, too, so it may be down to a grower’s needs and preferences.

If a grower does not specifically require the sativa strain, it is a good idea to play it safe with Indica. It is possible to mix things up a bit with future crops.

With the Indica strains, the plants are short and bushy, with wide or fat leaves. The buds often release a relaxing and heavy effect. These are a good option for growing inside because the shape of the plants and buds are suited for relieving depression, low appetite, anxiety, body pain, insomnia and muscle tension.

The cannabis sativa seeds for sale today mostly develop into tall and lanky plants. They feature thin, finger-like leaves. The seeds have a much longer flowering stage than Indica strains, but the buds are airier (less dense) than Indica varieties. Sativa strains are believed to improve a person’s mood, spark creativity, and can serve as an energetic substitute for many users.

Feminized or Non-Feminized Seeds

Now it is time to begin searching for the right seeds. Do not go in with guns blazing and ready to buy. It is not quite that simple.

One of the first things a grower will notice is that some seeds are labeled as being feminized and others are called regulars (see: Hindu Kush Fem vs Hindu Kush Reg) . No matter how tempted a grower may be to purchase regular seeds, this is not a good idea for the first grow. It is a good idea to keep issues to a minimum. One of the best ways to do this is to pay a little more for the peace of mind that all the plants will be female.

The last thing a grower wants to find out is that there is a male plant in their grow. If this happens, all the work that goes into growing the plants will be ruined.

When to Consider Autoflower

A third option is to choose autoflowering seeds. These are considered somewhat of a new phenomenon. They are a good option for any new grower because they will combine almost everything a grower needs in a plant. They are usually affordable, Indica dominant, feminized, and very forgiving for new growers. These will grow quickly and almost anywhere they are planted.

The one downside to this seed option is that the plants produced will be much smaller, resulting in a lower yield. This will, again, come down to the grower’s personal preference. A good bit of advice to follow is that, if a person is a recreational user, they should experiment with their own supply and find a seed that best suits their growing style and needs. For medical users, though, or for those who need a larger yield, the autoflowering seed option is not a good idea unless they want to have more frequent harvests in a year and increase their yield that way.

Popular Options for Feminized Seeds

There are several feminized seed options and strains that are more popular than others. Some of these popular options are listed here.

Gorilla Glue

If you are looking for an option that provides relaxation and euphoria, you can’t miss with this option, which also won the Cannabis Cup in 2014. The Gorilla Glue strain of cannabis includes 20% more THC and offers a flower cycle of seven to nine weeks. This powerful strain is definitely a seed you should consider planting in your garden.

Blue Dream

If you are looking for something more unique, consider Blue Dream, which is a Sativa dominate strain that offers a moderate level of THC and a pleasing blueberry flavor. This plant offers a generous yield and is well-suited for use in the morning. The buds, which are blue-green in color are coated in crystals that also smell like sweet and tasty blueberries. This plant is typically harvested in late October and takes eight to 10 weeks to reach full maturity.

Indoor or Outdoor Growing

The decision to grow inside or outside will usually come down to where someone lives and if they are prepared to put in extra effort. When it comes to making it easier, growing inside is the better option. It provides a grower with more control over the environment that the plant is in, but there are some potential drawbacks, too. The biggest potential drawback is the cost of setting everything up indoors and the future costs of the electricity required to ensure the plants can grow and thrive.

Once a grower has decided where to grow, they can narrow down the seed options a bit more. Some strains are better suited for growing outdoors. These include the more traditional varieties from the Himalayas, Africa, and the Middle East. The modern hybrids seem to do best with indoor environments. This does not mean a grower cannot make changes, but it is a good idea to follow these guidelines when starting out. Again, it is always possible to experiment in the future.

Growing Marijuana for the First Time

With this information, a new grower should be prepared to make informed decisions regarding what seeds are right for their needs. Remember, though, this is just a guide and will not guarantee successful growing.

At the end of the day, it is at the discretion of the grower. Something that new growers must remember is that even with the best planning, issues may still arise. Just keep trying. Eventually, everyone will find a method that works for them.