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Why Should You Grow Cannabis

Why Should You Grow Your Own Cannabis?

Now that cannabis is legal in multiple states and dispensaries are available, why would anyone consider growing their own plants? This question cannot be answered in a brief response. There are many benefits to growing your own cannabis, just as there are many benefits to a person growing their own food. Considering the following benefits should compel people to take the plunge, purchase seeds, and get started on growing the best cannabis crops for their needs.

The Many Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis

There are a host of benefits to growing your own cannabis. As more states pass laws to legalize weed, it will be easier to purchase seeds and easily grow cannabis in every state. Aside from recreational enjoyment, there are also benefits of medicinal marijuana. Medical marijuana seeds are available through many sources, including i49 USA. Consider the following reasons for enjoying the marijuana growing process.

Saving Money

One of the top reasons people choose to grow their own cannabis is money savings. Although dispensaries are offering lower prices now, they still cannot provide the savings of growing your own. Yes, there is an initial investment in growing and harvesting equipment, but once you have all the equipment, the savings on each crop is exponential.

It is possible to start growing cannabis with just about any budget. The seeds are affordable, and each plant produces around an ounce of cannabis, once it has been dried and cured. Since it is manageable to grow several crops a year, it is easy to see that saving money is a big benefit of growing your own cannabis.

You Remain in Control

Although most dispensaries produce high-quality products, there is no guarantee of how the cannabis you are purchasing was grown. When purchasing from a dispensary, you will likely have no idea how the cannabis was fertilized or what pesticides, if any, were used.

When people grow their own cannabis, they can control what strains they consume and how each plant is grown. You can even grow a completely organic crop if preferred.

Once you are familiar with the basics, it is possible to create hybrid strains. Hybrids are created by cross-breeding cannabis strains. Once you start creating your own strains, the experience can be even more enjoyable.


Even in states where cannabis is legal, not everyone wants to announce they use. It could be embarrassing for a person’s boss to see them leaving a dispensary. Being able to remain discreet in your habits is a big benefit of growing cannabis.

It is honestly no one’s business if you consume cannabis. Growing your own crop keeps cannabis use private so there are no repercussions from employers and others. By growing a crop of cannabis at home, you never have to be embarrassed about going to a dispensary and being seen by others.


Many people mistakenly believe growing cannabis is difficult, but this could not be further from the truth. The growing process is straightforward and easy. If you have ever grown a houseplant, growing cannabis will not be difficult.

All you need is a small space, some growing lights, and the right soil or hydroponic system. To start off growing cannabis, it is wise to start with an online weed seed bank like i49 USA, choose an easy strain, such as Northern Lights, Blue Dream, or Cinex. Starting with one or two plants is ideal when you first get started. Depending on the strain, it takes three to five months to grow cannabis from seed to harvest.

Sense of Great Achievement

Growing a cannabis plant is an amazing process that is fun to experience. Once you have your setup in place, planting the seeds is simple. It takes several days for the cannabis plant to sprout, but once it arrives on the scene, you get the breathtaking experience of watching it grow larger, lusher, and greener each day.

You will see small changes in the cannabis plants each day. Before long, they will be tall and will begin to bud. Seeing the changes that take place with these plants is an interesting and educating experience. The entire growing process takes three to five months and then it takes time to dry and cure your buds.

The drying and curing phase is the most difficult, simply because of the wait time. Those frosty buds are just waiting to be tasted and it can be arduous waiting. You will need to dry the cannabis for two to three weeks. If you want the best smoke experience, give them four to 8 weeks of curing time. As you get into growing different cannabis strains, there may be some that benefit from six months of curing time or longer.

Many cannabis growers take a great amount of pride in their growing efforts. They consider their plants to be their “children” and they work to make sure they are grown to exacting specifications.

That puff from the very first cannabis plant you grow is one amazing and unforgettable experience. It is like the difference between biting into a pale, tasteless grocery store tomato and a rich, delicious homegrown tomato from your garden. There really is no comparison!


When growing cannabis, there is a lot of experimentation that can take place. Trying different strains, growing conditions, and fertilizers offers various outcomes and experiences. There are so many growing options, you will find it fun to experiment with them and see how they affect growth and the smoking experience.

In the beginning, it is wise to stick with the basics of growing, until you gain experience and feel confident in growing cannabis. As you learn more, the true fun of growing these plants can begin.

Make Money

Did you know it is possible to make money from growing cannabis? No, you do not have to take it to the streets. Selling to cannabis retailers in your area can bring in a nice side income. If you get really good at growing cannabis, it is possible to make a sizeable amount of money, depending on the span of your efforts.

What better way is there to make money than doing what you love? Getting rid of the 9-5 grind can be a life-changing experience. Even if you do not give up your day job, there is money to be made in growing cannabis.

Stay Stocked

No cannabis connoisseur wants to run out of their stock. While dispensaries are an easy way to make a purchase, they are not always open. Having access to your own crops means never running out of supply. Timing your growth and harvest correctly will ensure there is always a steady supply of cannabis available.

With the right growing, curing, and storage methods, you will have a well-stocked pantry of a wide array of cannabis strains. It is fun to mix and match different cannabis strains. Doing so offers increased pleasurable flavors and highs. Mixing the right strains can bring out the best of each one, for an unforgettable experience.

More of the Plant

When purchasing cannabis from a dispensary, you do not get the entire plant. The seeds, stems, and leaves are removed before the cannabis is sold. Did you know the entire cannabis plant can be used? Stalks can be ground up to create a healthy mulch for your cannabis plants.

The sugar leaves can be brewed to make cannabis butter and even hash. Cooking the leaves brings out their delicious flavor and you will likely find it enjoyable to cook with them. Consider brownies!

Even the roots of the cannabis plant can be used. Simply wash the roots carefully, to remove any dirt. Boil the roots in water and create a special cannabis tea that can be used for medicinal purposes.

The fan leaves can be used in smoothies, juiced, or boiled to make a tea. There is no better way to start your day than with a steaming hot cup of delicious fan leaf tea.

Why shouldn’t you have access to every part of the plant? Yes, the buds are considered the most important, but there is so much more to enjoy from cannabis plants. If you have never experienced the above, growing cannabis will offer many options.

Gain a New Hobby

Growing cannabis becomes a fun hobby that is a relaxing pastime. Many cannabis growers find they love growing their plants so much, they decide to start growing fruits and vegetables in a garden.

There is something very grounding about getting in contact with the soil and earth’s elements. From start to finish, you will care for those plants and enjoy every minute.

Your cannabis growing hobby can be as involved as desired. You can do it on the side, putting in only a couple of hours a week or it can become a full-time hobby. No matter how much time you spend growing your cannabis plants, it is a relaxing experience that becomes a source of craving.

What is cool about cannabis growing, is you can start the hobby with a small budget. In the beginning, you will only need cannabis seeds and some rich potting soil. Cannabis can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on the state and your preferences.

Growing cannabis almost becomes a meditative experience, especially when you grow it outdoors. If your life is full of stress, growing and smoking cannabis is just the ticket to get away from it all.

“High” Quality

Even though cannabis is more widely available than ever before, it is still difficult to find high-quality weed. Those who have ever purchased subpar cannabis know how awful and disappointing the experience can be, especially when you are anticipating a delicious high.

Growing cannabis crops puts you in complete control over the quality. Because you are in full control, the cannabis can be harvested at the ideal time. This is something that rarely happens with commercial crops because growers rush the process so they can make more money.

When growers produce their own cannabis, the highs can be better controlled, along with the experience. Quality control is not always of the highest concern for commercial growers. It is amazing to see the difference between homegrown cannabis and those grown by massive commercial growers.

Cannabis as Medicine

Many people grow their own cannabis so they can self-medicate. There are a host of medical benefits to using cannabis, whether it is smoked, ingested, or topically applied.

When it comes to using cannabis for medical reasons, having the highest quality is essential. The ingestion of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can exacerbate some medical conditions. Being able to precisely control every aspect of the growing phase ensures the medicinal properties of the cannabis will be properly preserved so they offer you the highest benefits.

Environmental Benefits

Growing cannabis is good for the environment. Just like other plants, cannabis inhales CO2 and exhales oxygen. It also helps to replenish the nutrients in the soil. You can do your part to help the environment by growing a crop of cannabis outdoors. If you choose to grow it indoors, it will help keep the air quality in the home protected and oxygenated.

Bottom Line

Whether you are new to enjoying cannabis or are an old pro, growing these plants is not difficult and offers many benefits. With just a small initial investment and the cost of seeds, you can grow a steady supply of cannabis for yourself or share with friends and family.

Growing cannabis will save you money and help ensure the highest quality is achieved. When you are the grower, maintaining quality control is much easier.

Being able to grow your own crop of cannabis is a satisfying experience. Becoming a grower is a fun and relaxing hobby that offers you a steady supply of the highest-quality cannabis. Whether you need it for medicinal reasons or recreation, growing cannabis is an easy way to have a full stock at all times.

If you have been considering growing cannabis, there is no better time to start. With more states now making it legal and increased improvements in legislation across the country, growing cannabis is safe and rewarding in many ways. Start the process with the folks at i49!