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Order Your Weeds Seeds in Advance

Jun 2, 2020
Growing Marijuana From Seed

Why You Should Order Seeds in Advance

While it’s every cannabis grower’s goal to have a garden full of healthy, green plants, the most essential step is ensuring a hassle-free cultivation process.

It’s best to have your bruce banner strain seeds or northern lights strain seeds seeds well before planting season starts, but many first timers don’t know when to place their orders. Waiting until the last minute rarely works out well, especially when buying top-quality cannabis seeds that could be out of stock from time to time.

Outdoor growers should start preparing their plots weeks before planting, and the germination process should be completed as soon as the weather stabilizes. The availability of quality seeds is a crucial part of the planning process.

If you haven’t yet started to prepare your farm, there’s still time to order your seeds. Here, we’ll offer a few reasons why growers should place their seed orders as early as possible.

Why Should I Buy Seeds At All?

Choosing to buy seeds rather than clones is a good decision for a few reasons, especially if you’re after a certain strain. We ship products to many countries and our strain selection is superior. In comparison, most dispensaries only have a limited selection of clones, which sell out quickly.

Plants grown from seeds are typically hardier and more resilient than their cloned siblings, because their root systems are strengthened by taproots. When buying seeds early, you’ll get the reassurance that they’re free from disease and pests. On the other hand, clones may already be infected.

Though they have numerous benefits, seeds also carry a few disadvantages. As they’re a product of sexual reproduction, there will be a certain level of genetic variation among the resulting plants, even those from the same cultivar. And, unless you’re making an early purchase of feminized seeds, approximately 50% of the plants will be male. These plants must then be removed from the garden before pollination occurs.

Additionally, new seedlings are more likely to fail because of pathogens, pests, and other environmental stresses. Buying seeds early, germinating them, and growing seedlings to the right size will also extend the harvest time slightly.

Proper Timing is Essential

Though it may seem counterintuitive to some, the coldest part of winter is the right time to order cannabis seeds. Buying your

tropicanna cookies seeds or skunk seeds seeds early helps you get a jump start on the growing season, whether you’re cultivating plants indoors or outdoors. We recommend that all i49 seeds are germinated indoors under certain controlled conditions before they’re planted outdoors, and you can view the entire germination guide here.

Some marijuana seeds need a substantial amount of light, while others need less. Buying seeds early and using good germination practices means that a crop is more likely to succeed.

Making Payments is Sometimes Difficult

While it’s our goal to ensure a smooth, seamless payment process for our buyers, we live in an imperfect world. In the event of a technical glitch, there may be transaction delay.

At, we make every effort to ensure that payments go through smoothly and as quickly as possible, by using a variety of secure and fast payment options. Order now for prompt processing and quick discreet shipment to your door anywhere in the USA.

Avoiding Shipping Delays

Though we strive to get our shipments out on time, outside factors such as inclement weather may slow the speed with which your seeds are delivered. Like most people, you’re probably aware that certain factors are out of your (and our) control.

Because our fulfillment center is right here in America, your orders can be processed quickly and be received without unnecessary international delays.  When orders are placed well before the planting season begins, it’s easier to sidestep problems and minimize shipping delays that may still be out of anyone’s control.

Getting the Garden Started at the Right Time

If you’re growing weed outdoors, the first thing to find is a clear plot of land on which to plant. For most cannabis cultivators, this means that early spring is the right time for some land clearing.

Keeping your land or grow room in working order means making sure the room or the soil is in good shape. Give your grow room a good once-over, repairing damage as needed. Before planting your seeds outdoors, be sure the soil is tilled and aerated.

Clearing away old growth, removing last season’s debris, and cleaning up the grow space will do more than offer a clear, clean working environment for the grower. It also keeps pests from moving in and laying eggs in hopes of finding a new food source. When a grower strips away last year’s growth before starting fresh, they’ll be more likely to keep pests from gaining a foothold in their garden.

The Ability to Store Seeds for Later Use

While you are waiting for the right time to plant a garden, consider this benefit of an early seed purchase: you’ll have the chance to stockpile seeds from your favorite strains. By buying early, you’ll beat the rush and it’s more likely that the strains you want will be in stock.

Once you receive the seeds, store them somewhere dry, dark, cool, and without temperature fluctuations. For long-term storage, place the seeds in an airtight container and put them in the refrigerator.

I49 cannabis seeds do best at a temperature ranging from 40-50 degrees, so the inside of the fridge is an ideal environment. With an early purchase, proper care, and safe storage, your seed stockpile can last for many growing seasons to come.

No Need for Returns

Because returned seeds cannot be re-sold and grown by someone else, i49 does not accept returned product. We advise that you make your selection carefully and then just communicate with our customer service team if you experience any shipment delays. Be advised that despite shipping from within the USA, big changes in the world lately have let to delays everywhere, including the USPS and other private couriers.

Although we do not accept returns or refunds, we do believe in the quality of the great genetics we stand behind. Our categorical 100% Feminized Seed Guarantee and 100% Auto-Flowering Guarantee help you rest at east that you are getting the quality that you expect.

Dealing With the Inevitability of Climate Change

As we all know, the weather can be quite unpredictable. While the vernal or spring equinox is the unofficial start of the year’s first growing season, many run into problems when they don’t have enough seeds on hand to start a garden.

If, for example, the spring growing season starts earlier than expected, having early-ordered your purple punch strain seeds seeds will minimize worries about late planting. However, if the season gets off to a late start, there’s no need to worry because your seeds will be waiting.

Even if seeds are purchased and planted early, they’re still susceptible to the effects of sudden rainfall and temperature changes. Along with early ordering, it’s a good idea to have extra seeds on hand to replace those affected by climate change.

Preparing Your Garden for the Coming Year

Planning for a successful crop means buying seeds early so they’re ready when warm weather comes. Germinating cannabis seeds indoors while the weather is still cold can help a grower start their season off just in time for spring planting.

Most times, seeds will sprout within a few days. From there, it only takes a few weeks for them to start growing. However, for those living in chilly northern climates, it may be necessary to harden the seedlings, which delays the planting process just a bit.

It’s sometimes necessary to harden seedlings so the tender young plants are exposed to harsh conditions early in the growth cycle. This process will help prepare the plants for temperature shifts and cold nights that aren’t often encountered in warmer climates.

After receiving your early seed shipment, hardening the seedlings is another crucial step toward spring planting. That way, your crops will be ready for harvest earlier than if they’d been grown outdoors without any special preparation.

Saving Money

Buying seeds from an online seed bank as early as possible costs much less than a last-minute purchase from a local dispensary. Furthermore, when you buy seeds from a reliable source like, there’s a germination guarantee. Buying seeds early helps growers get the weed they want for much less money.

Buying With Discretion

Most enthusiasts love the smell of good weed, but no one wants their mailbox to smell like it. Regardless of when you buy seeds, discreet shipping is essential. Our seeds are nearly undetectable when sent through the mail, and they’re sure to arrive ready for an early planting season.

Keeping Harvest Time From Sneaking Up on You

There are few things more rewarding than looking out over a lush, fragrant cannabis garden. Each growing season is full of new possibilities, and for new and experienced growers alike, it may seem long enough to let things happen as they may. While it’s true that cannabis cultivators should go with the flow, the planting season comes and goes faster than many expect. That’s one of the biggest reasons to buy your seeds in advance.

Where to Find the Best Cannabis Seeds

In areas allowing medicinal and recreational cannabis use, buying products at a local dispensary is likely the safest choice. However, their seed selection may be limited, and some budtenders are more knowledgeable than others. For most cultivators, this leaves buying seeds online as the only real option. As online seed banks become more popular, the importance of advance purchasing increases. There are several factors to consider, though, including the purchase’s legality.

Because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, bringing marijuana seeds into the country or over state lines is against the law. If seeds are found by customs or the Postal Service, they’ll be confiscated, but in most cases, that’s as far as enforcement actions will go.

With that said, there are a few online seed banks in the United States and in other countries that offer discreet worldwide shipping. Check out’s selection of regular, photoperiod, and auto-flowering seed strains.

Know Your State’s Laws Before Making an Early Purchase

Each state’s laws determine whether growers can open businesses, and approaches vary by location. Some states offer permits freely, others have extensive application processes, and a few states’ rules are somewhere in between. Here are a few factors to consider before your early seed purchase.

  • Most states’ laws treat commercial cultivation differently from growing for personal use. Some states allow users to grow a few plants at home. For instance, any Colorado resident over 21 can grow six plants, with three in the flowering phase at any time.
  • Marijuana seeds can sometimes be bought for uses other than cultivation, such as bird food, preservation, and fishing bait. The US government recognizes that these seeds have other uses and benefits apart from growing marijuana crops.

Aside from learning your state’s laws, consider joining a local cannabis-focused business group and consulting a local attorney for help. In the cannabis industry, there’s no such thing as being too prepared.

In Conclusion

Though cannabis cultivation seems easy to some, there’s a lot of planning, focus, and dedication that goes into every crop. Whether you’re growing for personal or commercial use, it’s important to plan each grow op well in advance. Buying seeds is a crucial part of the planning process, and to ensure maximum availability, it’s best to make those purchases as soon as possible. By buying seeds early, you’re taking a big step toward ensuring the success of your harvest.

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