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Plant & Seed Types

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Gold Leaf Strain

Gold Leaf strain review

Have you always wanted to strike gold? Well, now you can with the Gold Leaf strain. Continue reading on to discover the glittering effects o...
Super Silver Haze strain

Super Silver Haze strain review

If sativa cannabis strains were royalty, Super Silver Haze strain would surely be the King of them all. This 3x Cannabis Cup winner is admir...
Double Dream Strain

Double Dream strain review

The Double Dream strain is a true rarity among marijuana lovers that has left connaisseurs in awe of its silver-coated buds with deep purple...
Burkle Strain

Burkle strain review

The Burkle strain is a calming indica-dominant variant with candy-like flavors. Tokers often report that it tastes similar to peppermint lic...
Blueberry Strain

Blueberry strain review

The Blueberry strain is an oldie but a goodie, featuring the glorious taste of your granny’s blueberry pie, and the scintillating effects of...
Platinum Cookies Strain

Platinum Cookies strain review

The Platinum Cookies strain is a popular hybrid with dominantly indica properties. Strong yet layered aromas emanate from the buds, and thes...
Legend OG Strain

Legend OG strain review

The Legend OG strain plants are both incredible and shrouded in mystery. There’s no definite phenotype attached to this strain. Most experts...
AK-47 Strain

AK-47 strain review

With a name like AK-47 strain, you’d expect a weed plant that will knock you out. It sounds like pot offering extreme effects.  As ...
5 Alive Strain

5 Alive strain review

At 5 pm, some people reach for a coffee as an afternoon pick me up, others grab a beer to relax after a long day at work, and you could als...
Gorilla Glue Strain

Gorilla Glue strain review

Pull up a chair and take a seat with the coolest kid in town. The Gorilla Glue strain is an award-winning, sought-after flower journeying y...
What is Kush

What is Kush? A look at the classic strain type

What is Kush? Kush is a term you might’ve heard rap artists or even your local supplier use to refer to any strain of top-shelf weed. Today...
Sour Diesel Strain

Sour Diesel strain review

The Sour Diesel strain has been around for decades. It’s a popular toke for famous rappers such as Wiz Khalifa and Redman.  Just wh...
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