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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese Strain Review

With a rich, savory cheese-like smell with some berry undertones, all but the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs may be forgiven for calling it stinky. 

Those who enjoy aromatic strains will love the palette presented by the Blue Cheese strain, which, ironically, tastes nothing like blue cheese. Many people rate it among their top three best weed strains ever.

Blue Cheese

The Blue Cheese strain is considered a gourmet strain by those who’ve had the pleasure of trying it. 

Even though it’s 80% indica dominant, the heavy body-smashing high you would expect is nowhere to be found. Instead, you’re treated to slow, soothing, relaxing waves. 

The thick smoke falls just shy of inducing whooping coughs, filling the lungs with a hearty bouquet of sweet, citrus-tinted flavors. Far from being a weakling, a few too many tokes of this low CBD cheese strain will send you straight to the couch. 

If you can reap this whirlwind of relaxation, you might discover a place of euphoric productivity unparalleled by many of its peers.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese description

As the indica-dominant daughter of a male Blueberry and the original UK Cheese strain (aka Skunk #1), the Blue Cheese strain has a notorious reputation. 

It’s very easy to identify by its dank aroma, accompanied by a hint of berries. 

Its flavor is far from cheesy, with most users reporting a sweet aftertaste, accompanied by fruity flavors that seem almost minty to some. 

There are some light citrus undertones, thanks to the slight (0.22%) Limonene content. When smoked, a hearty, thick cloud of smoke is to be expected, as the rich flavors envelop your lungs.

The primary effect is a very relaxing body high, which tends to creep up on newbies, so starting slow is advised. 

You won’t have to worry about becoming an extension of your living room furniture with this one. Some regular users have said that this is one of the few indica-heavy cheese weed strains that they’re able to tolerate in the daytime.

Add a chapter to that book you’re working on or dabble in some knitting without worrying about adding a predictable twist or dropping some stitches. 

The prevalent opinion is that this cheese strain is excellent for creating a calming effect, with boosts in creativity and happier moods riding shotgun. 

Blue Cheese grow information

Growing the Blue Cheese strain from seeds is a reasonably uncomplicated affair, as it sprouts into a stocky bush full of vegetation. 

They tend to have strong lateral branches, which lend themselves to supercropping and low-stress training techniques. As with all cannabis strains, remember to amend your soil with the appropriate nutrients for each grow stage.

Growers know this one for having an awesome leaf to bud ratio, so trimming the larger fan leaves and promoting good light penetration are musts. It also benefits from temperatures of between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As with most bushy cheese strains, good airflow and timely trimming contribute to good plant health.

As the name implies, this plant needs adequate ventilation wherever you grow it, as its unmistakable aroma may attract unwanted attention from a few blocks away. 

If you’ve got an indoor grow going, a carbon filter becomes an absolute must-have with this strain.

The Blue Cheese strain can be grown outdoors but will benefit from an indoor setup’s stable environment. 

Overall, growing this Blue Cheese strain from seeds is easy to moderately difficult. If grown outdoors, plan for a late-September harvest. Indoor grows flower around the eight to ten-week mark. 

Blue Cheese genetics

Where many cannabis strains of this caliber seem to have a heritage steeped in mystery, the lineage of the Blue Cheese strain is easily traceable. 

With Afghani and Thai roots, it’s little wonder why this gem smokes so well.

Afghani Indica
Purple Thai Sativa
Thai Sativa Blueberry
Acapulco Gold Sativa Skunk #1 UK Cheese Blue Cheese
Afghani Indica
Thai Sativa

Blue Cheese seeds to buy near you

These three variants of the Blue Cheese strain are highly popular:

Blue Cheese Regular seeds: If it’s the trademark aroma you’re after, along with the thick cloud of smoke, consider Gorilla Glue Regular seeds for your next grow. 

These packs contain around a 50/50 mix of male and female seeds.

Blue Cheese Feminized seeds: If you’re looking for 99% guaranteed female plants and have an indoor setup’s stable environment, then Blue Cheese Fem seeds are where the buck stops. 

You get the full yield of a photoperiod without concern about males compromising their smokability.

Blue Cheese Autoflower seeds: No nonsense, sow-and-grow seeds, with a predictable flowering time and tougher plants, are just a few selling points of the Blue Cheese Autoflower seeds.

Strain reviews

The Blue Cheese strain seems to leave a lasting impression on those who’ve endeavored to grow it. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received on variants of the blue cheese strain:

Mic Murphy“While growing this strain I had made some mistakes… I had given the plan entirely too many nutrients. This plant is so strong that it still took the nutrients and bulked up the buds. This is a perfect seed for starters.” – on Auto Blue Cream Cheese Fem

Handsome Chatman “She doing great 👍” – on Auto Blue Cream Cheese Fem

Mary Dean“Green n thriving!” – on Blue Cheese Fem

Experience other cultures

Blue Cheese has cemented itself in place as a top crop for many experienced growers. 

It’s easy to understand why this cultivar’s loved by so many, with its unmistakably full, dank aroma, its thick, sweet berry flavors, and its minty citrus aftertaste. 

Users may be forgiven for longing after another puff. Even if you were to disregard its unique flavor palette completely, the Blue Cheese strain will leave you utterly relaxed and yet still fully functional. Start growing your own cannabis now