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cream caramel strain

Cream Caramel strain review

The Cream Caramel strain promises unparalleled relaxation. This indica-dominant hybrid packs a punch, containing up to 20% THC and soothing capabilities that’ll leave you couch-locked for hours on end.

Join us as we indulge your senses with this delicious Cream Caramel strain review. Dive into this cultivar’s array of genetics that releases a flavor and fragrance that’s hard-to-beat. You’ll also find everything you need to raise this potent cannabis plant at home.

Cream Caramel strain (aka Royal Caramel)

The Cream Caramel strain has become widely sought after amongst recreational and medicinal users, and for a good reason. However, before we break open its tantalizing buds, it helps to understand the main ingredients that contribute to its popularity.

Cream Caramel Strain

Cream Caramel Strain Flavors

The Cream Caramel strain is as much a treat to your eyes as it is to your taste buds. Its dense nugs display green and yellow hues with traces of purple. You’ll also notice fiery red pistils shooting out of its thick white trichome blanket.

As soon as the fragrance of the Cream Caramel weed strain enters your nose, there’s no turning back. You’ll get an assortment of familiar smells such as coffee, pine, vanilla, and blueberry.

These aromas transform once they hit your pallet, delivering vanilla, honey, and creamy butter flavors responsible for this caramel marijuana’s title. Upon exhaling, you’ll notice a ripe berry tang lingering on your tongue that’s sure to satisfy your senses.

Cream Caramel Strain Effects

Say goodby to stress as the sweet Cream Caramel strain begins to take hold of your mind and body. Soon after your first toke, its sativa genes blast you into euphoria, leaving you in a joyful daze.

At the same time, this Caramel strain enters your body, releasing a wave of soothing sensations. You’ll notice a feeling of weightlessness spread into your extremities as if you could float amongst the clouds. 

Eventually, the Cream Caramel strain sends you to dreamland. Overindulging in this decadent cultivar will bring about these sedated feelings sooner, so treat it with respect. You’ll want to save it for lazy days and evenings due to its ability to put you to sleep.

The uplifting effects of this strain make it a popular choice amongst medicinal users with stress and depression. It’s also a fantastic way to combat insomnia and a loss of appetite.

Cream Caramel strain grow information

One of the biggest advantages of the Cream Caramel strain is its ability to grow almost anywhere. As a result, it can adapt to any training technique and will look past the odd mistake. For this reason, it’s a fantastic option for beginner cultivars and veterans alike.

As it consists primarily of indica genetics, the Cream Caramel strain grows into a bushy plant short in stature. If you plan on cultivating indoors, you’ll find the Sea of Green (SOG) method helps maximize its yield.

The Cream Caramel strain is resistant to mold and many pests. To ensure your crops stay healthy, we recommend using organic nutrients to give them all the minerals they need.

You’ll want to sow your seeds in April as it has a flowering time of eight to ten weeks. You can then expect a yield of around 21 oz. per plant by October if you grow outdoors. In comparison, an indoor harvest will provide 19.4 oz./m2.

Cream Caramel strain genetics

The Cream Caramel strain came into this world by mixing three delectable cultivars. Breeders took Maple Leaf and crossed it with the lesser-known Blue Black as well as the incredible White Rhino.

The result was a potent indica-dominant hybrid, consisting of 90% indica and 10% sativa genetics.

Maple Leaf Cream Caramel
White Rhino Cream Caramel
Blue Black Cream Caramel

Cream Caramel strain seeds to buy near you

If the Cream Caramel strain has got you drooling and wanting more, why not purchase a pack of these cannabis seeds for yourself? This cultivar is only available as a feminized seed.

  • Cream Caramel feminized seeds: Get yourself a quality batch of female-only seeds today and enjoy the massive yields that this cultivar is known for.

Users of Cream Caramel are also fans of these cultivars:

  • Auto Northern Lights seeds: If it’s a speedy growth you’re after, get yourself a batch of these. Indica hybrid seeds don’t grow according to a light schedule, promising yields in record time.
  • Chocolope Regular seeds: just like a bar of chocolate, if you’re after a mix of males and females, you could invent the next delicious strain.

Cream Caramel strain reviews

You may be thinking to yourself; this strain review sounds too good to be true. If that’s the case, here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from previous customers to ease your mind.

Raymond Fitzgerald – Cream Caramel Fem

“Very good at mood enhancement.”

tman – Cream Caramel Fem

“Looking good in week 3 so green and robust.”

Stephanie – Cream Caramel Fem

“This was my first purchase from I49…. great customer service and fast delivery. I ordered a variety of strains which they have all germinated. They all look healthy. I will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks, I49.”

Vincent Jaber – Cream Caramel Fem

“So far so good.”

Ron- Cream Caramel Fem

“I know I would have loved this if I didn’t screw up! :)”

Your passport to the sweetest dreams

You won’t need any sugary treats after dinner once you have the Cream Caramel strain at your disposal. Instead, you can experience a dessert that fills your mood with positivity and prepares you for the best night’s sleep of your life.

If you’d like to experience similar options to the Cream Caramel strain, why not get your hands on a pack of auto Cream Candy seeds. This cultivar also offers intense relaxation, along with an alluring vanilla flavor profile and incredibly short flowering times.