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How to buy marijuana seeds

How to buy marijuana seeds: A complete guide

Rookie growers first joining the community often wonder—how to buy marijuana seeds? Where do you even start? 

They’re eager, they’ve done the basic-level research, and they’re itching to get their cultivation journey started

If you’re one of these absolute novices, we’ve got your back. We seek to educate and provide growers with the highest-quality seeds that set you up for gardening success. Before you head to our store and get shopping, stick around for the basics of buying cannabis seeds.

 How to buy marijuana seeds

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

Always read the law before even considering where to get pot seeds, let alone beginning to build your setup. Your state’s legal framework determines whether at-home cultivation makes you a natural, efficient pothead or leaves you stuck behind bars.

If recreational cannabis is legal where you live, double-check the specific laws on cultivation. They decide how many seedlings, vegging, and flowering plants you can have at any time. 

If growing is legal, purchasing cannabis seeds becomes an absolute breeze. You can buy from your favorite dispensary, physical or online, in-state, or through cross-border delivery. 

If not, you can only order weed seeds from online stores to keep as souvenirs. Never germinate until the rules change to stay on the right side of the law.

Where to buy weed seeds?

Okay, you now know under which circumstances you may get weed seeds. Next, you need to understand how to get cannabis seeds

There are two main options at your disposal.

Online shopping

While contemplating where to get cannabis seeds, many people realize that there aren’t many physical stores nearby. Luckily, the Internet is here to save the day

Online seed banks let you buy marijuana seeds legally and have them delivered discreetly to your doorstep. You get variety, ease, and discounts for bonus points. 

How do you choose among the massive pool of options? Consider the following factors:

  • Reputation. Read the reviews and never purchase from a shop that seems shady. 
  • Customer service. Responsive, proactive customer support is a guarantee of issues getting resolved quickly and hassle-free.
  • Shipping. Safe and tracked shipping makes or breaks a dispensary. 
  • Payment options. Endless dispensaries feature safe and varied payment methods that cater to everybody’s needs.

Dispensary shopping

If there are dispensaries around, many people find that buying pot seeds in person makes them feel more confident in their purchase. 

Talk to the store clerk about different strains you discovered, study the shop for reputation and quality, and learn how to gauge the quality of their products. 

How to choose cannabis seeds

Weed seeds all look alike. You can look for consistencies that speak of quality. 

Take advantage of the fact that you can see the product and check for the following before buying cannabis seeds:

  • Color. Viable seeds come in shades of brown. Green and white means youth and underdevelopment. 
  • Pattern. Healthy seeds have a turtle-shell-like shell design. 
  • Hardness. Top-quality seeds have a firm and smooth outer shell. Softness and crumbling surfaces are signs of poor quality.

How to choose a strain?

As we noted in our growing marijuana for beginners guide, many aspects of canna cultivation vary with your strain of choice

Rookies might read our easiest strains to grow list and pick a cultivar that seems the most appealing without dwelling on it too much. 

If you’d like to learn a bit more, here are the basics of strain picking

What cannabis strains can I buy?

Learning how to buy weed seeds requires an understanding of cannabis as a plant. You’ll find endless varieties on the market, but they all fall under four basic categories.

Cannabis sativa

Sativa is a stretchy cannabis family that originates from tropical regions. It’s energizing, euphoric, fruity, and sweet

These weed plants pose a bit of a challenge for the grower for their height and fussiness

Buying cannabis seeds from the sativa family promises massive, aromatic yields after a flowering period of up to 16 weeks. 

sativa cannabis

Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica is a family that comes from Asian mountain regions. These landraces are used to harsher climates, developing short, stout, and resistant to various plant health hazards. 

The effects are relaxing and sleepy, while the flavor profiles typically consist of earth, skunk, wood, and herbs. Cultivation is a much more straightforward affair, with chunky, resinous colas awarding your effort.

Ruderalis (autoflower)

Ruderalis is a low-THC, non-photoperiod cannabis variety originally from Eastern Europe. You can buy marijuana seeds of ruderalis, but it’s not common in weed gardens. 

Ruderalis recently influenced the cannabis market by creating smaller, faster-flowering strains combined with indica or sativa genetics. These weed seeds, known as autoflowers, are popular with home growers.


Most cannabis varieties on the market today aren’t landraces but hybrids. They don’t grow in the natural environment but come to us through crossbreeding.

Buying cannabis seeds in hybrid form delivers the best of both worlds. The growing difficulty and exact traits depend on the cross. 

Growing indoors vs. growing outdoors

The details of how to buy weed seeds change for indoor and outdoor setups. 

 How to buy marijuana seeds
Cannabis sprout isolated on white background. Growing hemp.

Are you preparing to purchase cannabis seeds to plant outdoors? The following factors determine your scope of possible options:

  • What kind of climate am I in? Is it tropical, subtropical, continental, or something else?
  • How much rain do I get? What about wind?
  • When is the growing season for regular gardens? When do people plant and harvest?
  • Are weather extremes common?

On the other hand, if you’re exploring how to get marijuana seeds for a grow room, think about the following:

  • How much space do you have? How tall can your plants get?
  • Can you provide ample air circulation? What about consistent warmth and dry air?
  • Is smell a problem? Do you need to vent out the scents of ripening weed?

Use these questions to narrow down your list of desired characteristics. Then, cross-reference it with indica and sativa traits to find the perfect strain match.

What is THC & why does it matter when choosing?

Another factor to contemplate while considering how to buy pot seeds is their potential amount of cannabinoids.

Cannabis strains produce different amounts of resin (the sticky substance on the colas). Of course, genetic predisposition isn’t everything, but it makes a world of difference.

You’ll notice THC/CBD ranges on products while purchasing cannabis seeds. As a rule of thumb:

  • Go moderate for your first strain. Herbs with under 20% THC are better suited for newbies. 
  • Choose a potent plant if you’re more experienced. These keep you occupied for longer and provide more value for money.

Always consider your preferences, as well. Not every veteran likes THC powerhouses, and not every beginner finds mellow strains sufficient. 

What’s the difference between regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds?

Yet another distinction you’ll encounter while teaching yourself how to buy marijuana seeds is the variant. Seed banks stock regular, feminized, and autoflowering options of popular weed strains. 

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s the gist of it. 

 How to buy marijuana seeds


Purchasing cannabis seeds of the regular variant means getting an approximately 50-50 split between male and female weed. 

This marijuana relies on the light schedule, has a longer flowering period, and easily takes rookie errors. 

You can make new seeds or separate males from females for seedless, smokable ganja


Growers might say,—okay, I like the sound of that, but can you buy marijuana seeds that eliminate the risk of pollination? Yes, you can. 

Feminized seeds are photoperiod but bred to produce only female plants. They’re perfect for smoking purposes cultivation.


There’s another option when it comes to buying cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering cannabis has ruderalis genetics, making it flower automatically after a predetermined period without light schedule changes. 

It’s excellent for intermediate growers looking for somewhat smaller but much quicker yields to replenish their stash.

How to buy marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions

Let’s finish by answering questions about buying pot seeds we often hear in the community. 

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online?

As long as cannabis seeds are legal, getting them through any available means is 100% legal as well. You only have to worry about the legitimacy of your seller of choice. 

If weed’s still forbidden where you live, get seeds as souvenirs. Germination might land you in legal trouble, though. 

How much do weed seeds cost?

‘How much do weed seeds cost’ is a hard question. It depends on the strain, the seed bank, and the local taxes

As we discussed in our ‘how much does it cost to grow weed’ report, reputable sellers put a price of around $60 on five-packs. Prices per seed go down as pack sizes get larger. 

How many seeds should I buy?

How many cannabis plants do you want to harvest? Which seeds are you using? The answer depends on these two factors

You always have to count on some seeds not germinating. Around a fourth is a conservative estimate. 

Around 50% of reg seeds will be male. They also go to the trash. 

If you’re going for five plants, start with 20 reg or 10 fem seeds. 

Tip: Learn how to store cannabis seeds to take advantage of bulk discounts. They’ll be ready for the next bout of germination.

In a nutshell

Use this basic overview as a guideline and roam our website to find more info about each specific topic. You’ll be picking seeds like a pro before you know it. Stay tuned to our blog for more handy guides such as this how to buy marijuana seeds 101. We at i49 seed bank share educational resources to go with our first-rate products and ensure utmost prosperity in weed gardens across the country.