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Kosher kush

Kosher Kush Strain

Kosher Kush strain is an indica dominant high THC marijuana strain that has impressed the cannabis community. It won Best Indica in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010 and 2011. Even with the fame, its exact lineage remains a secret. 

It’s known as the first cannabis seed blessed by a rabbi, making it a great addition to Passover. Even if you’re not Jewish, you can still enjoy consuming this profound marijuana strain. 

Are you looking to know more about Kosher Kush strain? Let’s get started!

Kosher Kush aka Kosher OG

Let’s look at the specs for the Kosher Kush strain to get an idea of what we’re working with. 

Kosher kush

Kosher Kush effects

The Kosher Kush strain is a heavy hitter with 100% indica and 26% to 29% THC levels. This intense mix creates intense physical effects. 

Your body will take the first punch, leaving you sedated and blissfully relaxed. Then comes the cerebral dream-like state that puts you in a place of self-reflection and introspection. 

You won’t feel too talkative or have a desire to move around. Kosher Kush strain is better for a Sunday night when you want to relax and think about the week to come. 

Novice cannabis users will drift off to sleep, as the Kosher Kush strain has intense sedative effects. Experienced consumers will be content pondering, with the stresses of life cleared from their minds. 

Kosher Kush flavors

The Kosher Kush strain has a robust earthy flavor with notes of pine, sandalwood, and spice. There’s a warm and tingling feeling that hits your nostrils and throat. 

When smoked, you’ll notice a zesty lemon undertone, which makes the experience enjoyable. These aromas have marijuana users believe the Kosher Kush strain comes from OG Kush lineage; however, the genetics remain a secret. 

Kosher Kush grow information

The Kosher Kush strain is ideal for novice marijuana growers but doesn’t bore intermediate ones either. It requires some attention, but for the most part, the growing process is pretty straightforward. 

For an indica-dominant cannabis plant, the Kosher Kush strain is tall, with a maximum height of 6 feet. You can reduce the size by pruning with the topping method and using the Screen of Green or Sea of Green techniques. 

The Kosher Kush strain plant tends to have bushy foliage, so trimming the whole plant will be beneficial to increase airflow and light penetration. 

To get the maximum yield and potency from Kosher OG plants, you need to feed them well with plenty of high-quality nutrients, like i49 nutrients. The average yield for indoor growing is 16 to 20 ounces/m², and outdoor cultivating results in a harvest size of 14 to 18 ounces per plant. 

Plants from the Kosher Kush strain usually flower in 8 to 10 weeks, given the proper lighting schedule. 

The Kosher Kush strain loves a drier warm climate to help prevent moisture build-up, which leads to disease or pathogen infection. It needs a consistent sunny or artificial light setup to grow correctly. 

Kosher Kush genetics 

The exact Kosher Kush genetics have been kept a secret. There are a lot of cannabis users that believe one of the parents is OG Kush because of the similarities between the two, although we aren’t sure. 

OG Kush? ?
Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush seeds to buy near you 

At i49, we sell Kosher Kush feminized seeds, which is the most popular variant. You’ll have a higher yield because all of the cannabis seeds will produce female plants. It carries the same effects and flavors as plants grown from Kosher OG regular seeds, so you can expect a fantastic buzz and taste. 

If you’re looking for something similar, the Kosher Kush x Tangerine Fem seed strain is perfect. It creates a highly sensory buzz with the flavor of blended citrus and pine. It also bursts with pineapple and mangoes, making this a fruitier marijuana strain. 

Kosher Kush x Tangerine Fem strain is a hybrid, with a more balanced indica to sativa ratio. When consumed, you’ll be more energetic and hyper-aware of your surroundings than with the Kosher OG. You’ll still feel very relaxed and released from mental and physical stresses. 

Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud feminized seed strain has a similar profile as the Kosher Kush strain.  It’s a mostly indica strain with 22% THC and 0.6% CBD. When consumed, you’ll get a feeling of calmness that’s happy and uplifting. The flavor is sweet and fruity with hints of earthy pine. 

Kosher Kush final look 

If the Kosher Kush strain is good enough for a blessing from a Rabbi, it’s good enough for you to grow and consume. With the mysterious genetics, high indica and THC makeup, and earthy flavor, you’ll enjoy this cannabis strain for all of its unique characteristics. 

Get some of the highest quality marijuana seeds here at i49 Genetics. We don’t just carry this weed strain; there’s a massive variety of all types of cannabis seeds. If you like high indica strains, check out Pure Indica Fem seeds, Afghan fem seeds, or Hindu Kush regular seeds

Now you know all the information about Kosher OG, order your first batch of seeds today and start growing!