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Top 10 Strains for Indoor Growing

Jul 30, 2020
Plant & Seed Types

Top Ten Strains for Indoor Cannabis Growing

Indoor growing of marijuana is something that most approved patients are yet to get right. For quality results, a great deal of vigilance is necessary when considering factors such as the indoor growth medium and the growth con0ditions. Also vitally important, is the choice of the specific strain to grow indoors.

It goes without saying that not all strains are the same and some will perform better outdoors while other will do well indoors. For greater success for your indoor marijuana growing, here are the top 10 strains worth considering:

Super Skunk Automatic

Super Skunk Automatic is a strong, sturdy and skunky strain, ideal for medicinal indoor growers. It has powerful indica effects, though not strong enough to send you to sleep. If you are a medicinal grower who seeks pain and stress relief without the normal tedious “couchlock”, then this is a strain worth considering.  It is low maintenance and you won’t be bothered by the need to remove male plants, change lights, or do any extensive pruning or trimming.

Super Skunk Automatic remains among the coveted Cannabis Cup winners, and growers quickly see why this is the case. It comes with an average flowering period and average height gain. This autoflowering strain provides a medium yield, and growers find producing two crops in a single season becomes possible when they plant Super Skunk Automatic outdoors. In areas with a warm, sunny climate, growers watch the flowering stage automatically start after approximately 42 days of vegetation. They appreciate the consistent growth pattern, and anyone coming with proximity of the plants enjoys the citrus scent the strain gives off.

Beginners find Super Skunk Automatic easy to grow, and experienced gardeners love producing a good crop with little time or energy on their part. This strain requires little space to thrive and can grow in areas known for brief summers and a wet climate. To boost yield and strength, experienced growers recommend planting Super Skunk Automatic in a place where it can get 14 to 18 hours a day during the flowering stage. Keep this in mind when establishing a lighting setup indoors.

Northern Lights Automatic

This is an indoor strain suitable for intermediate growers in need of something special. The strain boasts of powerful effects, ease of growth and high quality leaves. The plant is quite small in size and will never grow beyond one meter in height. Additionally, has a short flowering period of about 8 weeks.

An ideal for cultivation indoors or out, Northern Lights Automatic seeds require only 55 days from planting to harvest. Growers appreciate being able to obtain feminized seeds, cutting down on their work, and enjoy never needing to alter the light cycles to stimulate flowering. Solid harvests remain a trademark of this strain and indoor gardeners like that the buds come with minimal growing odor. Don’t assume this means the buds lack any smell, as they are sweetly fragrant.

Individuals looking for a strain that will help them sleep find Northern Lights Automatic provides the solution they have been searching for. Additionally, it allows users to relax at night. As a result, growers express no surprise when learning this strain has received honors at the Gran Canaria High Pro Cup and the Cop Bio Cannabis Cup. Artists have even mentioned it in popular songs, particularly in the hip-hop genre.

Northern Lights Haze #5 Haze Feminized

If you have some experience growing marijuana successfully in the past, then you should try growing the Northern Lights #5 Feminized variety. The strain takes at least ten weeks to flower and requires a lot of attention, tender care and extra support, especially when the lateral branches are on their latest stages of development. It is a powerful and high yielding plant and for you to be successful with it, you will need to have a great deal of skill and patience.

Another of the Cannabis cup winners, this feminized strain prefers sunny climates but grows indoors when needed. It provides a social and uplifting high with an earthy aroma. Tend the mother plants and they produce amazing harvests every year for up to ten years.

Growers worry about the height of these plants. However, when grown indoors, they reach a maximum height of four to five-and-a-half feet. Outdoors, the maximum height could reach ten feet. This decreases the yield but allows for year-round production. Besides bringing home awards from the Cannabis Cup, this strain has earned honors at the HighLife Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup. Try this strain when others are around, as users often say they find it makes them chattier than usual.

Big Bud Feminized

This is the strain to go for if you desire gargantuan amount of buds from your plant. Big Bud Feminized is the result of a breeding program which brought together skunk Afghan genetics with Afghan cultivar to create a marvelous indica-dominant marijuana variety.

Growers love the short flowering period of this strain, one which produces plants of average height and grows well in sunny climates. It provides a sedative high that affects the entire body and users love its fruity, sweet scent which extends to the taste. Men and women who love molasses enjoy Big Bud Feminized for the taste alone.

Easy to grow, this strain naturally resists mold and pests and is extremely robust. Breeders combined the original Big Bud from the 1980s with Skunk #1 and Northern Lights to create this strain, one which reaches a maximum height of just below three-and-a-half feet indoors. The narrow plants produce fewer leaves than their siblings, but this doesn’t interfere with bud production, a feature this strain has become known for. Growers who prefer the Sea of Green system find this strain meets their needs and training it takes little time and effort.

Silver Haze #9 Feminized

A good number of growers are afraid to try out the Haze strains because they take relatively long to flower, they tend to keep on vegetating even on a 12/12 light cycle and also because of their height. In as much as the Silver Haze #9 Feminized strain may exhibit some of these features, what you get eventually will be worth the effort. The results boasts of large yields and it is also the strain to consider if you are limited to just a number of plants due to space constraints.

Among the Cannabis Cup winners, Silver Haze #9 stands as one of the most potent Sativa strains available today. Even with the drawbacks associated with this strain, the heavy buds and strong stems encourage growers to try it. Indoor growers appreciate having his option available to them, as the seeds thrive when grown indoors under lights. They also love that they can grow the plants in close-proximity or spread them out to harvest ScrOG plants. It’s a matter of what works for them and their specific grow space. This strain remains easy to train, bend and super-crop. Any grower wanting to branch out and try something new should consider this strain, as it may be one they want to include in their grow space every year.

Maple Leaf Indica

Pure indicas were staple strains for indoor growers for very many years and this was due to their admirable attributes such as short flowering periods, reliable growth patterns and high quality yields. Though their dominance has been diluted by the emergence of the more stable sativa-dominant breeds, Maple Leaf Indica is one strain that has managed to successfully wade off any attempts to go under due to the influence of the hybrid newcomers. The variety is known to produce lots of beautiful, thick, deep-green leaves that will require you some time to crush successfully.

Growers desiring plump buds together with fat leaves need look no further than Maple Leaf Indica. Originally developed in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, this strain holds up under unfavorable conditions, having done so through the USSR invasion of its home country in the 1980s.

Users love the sweet, citrusy taste of Maple Leaf Indica and compare the smell to that of incense. They enjoy the aphrodisiac effect of the strain and the sensational and relaxing high they get with its use. Furthermore, couples find use of this strain adds to the romance of their time together.

However, consume too much because you are enjoying yourself and a deep sleep will derail any plans. Use it for stress relief, to relieve muscle tightness or nerve pain, or simply to get a good night’s sleep. Individuals find they experience a sense of well-being when they partake of Maple Leaf Indica, and the same should be true for you.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer presents a nice indica/sativa split of 45%/55%. With this strain, you get a perfect balance of cerebral high and body stone and it is a strain with more awards under its belt than almost any other cannabis variety.

Jack Herer worked to see cannabis decriminalized, as he recognized its many uses that would benefit human life. He wanted to see the substance used as fuel, medicine, and a renewable source of fuel. Although he passed away in 2010 after battling heart problems for years, his legacy lives on in the strain named after him, and it’s as good as his works were. A spicy blend, Jack Herer features a tropical frost smell enjoyable to all, and the cool and icy vapor produced when this product is ingested cools the throat. It’s a treat for your senses.

Individuals suffering from asthma and other lung-related illnesses often choose this strain over others available, and the same holds true for men and women struggling with nausea, headaches, stress, migraines, depression, and anxiety. With the use of Jack Herer, the individual feels upbeat and energetic. Fortunately, users don’t crash or come down with its use, making it the perfect choice to start the day.

Shiva Shanti II

Shiva Shanti II is the strain to consider if you require milder effect and you are a beginner grower on budget. It is cheap, fast, tough and very forgiving. At 75% indica, the strain boasts of a fast flowering period and a normal height gain but will always deliver very good yields.

Originally developed in the 1990s, this plant produces a fresh, sweet scent with a hint of lavender when consumed. Breeders brought together Garlic and Kush genetics before mixing them with an Afghani variant to create a strain which provides a relaxing and calming high.

While many growers today prefer to purchase feminized seeds, not all do. This strain produces male and female seeds, so growers with some experience under their belt can produce seeds for later cultivation or create a new hybrid that meets their specific needs.

It’s perfect for indoor grow spaces and growers state it is easy to lollipop and supercrop. Certain phenotypes, however, produce a strong garlic scent, and growers must take this into consideration when choosing what they wish to cultivate in their indoor grow space. Furthermore, this strain comes with mold and pest resistant properties built in, which growers are certain to appreciate.

American Dream

With the American Dream strain, you get speed, reliability and potency from a classic skunk-afghan hybrid blended with high quality sativas from Hawaii and Jamaica. The strain produces plants characterized with thick, dense and spiky buds which are reminiscent of the Christmas tree shape. As such, they are easy to work and grow, making it a favorite strain for individuals with compact grow spaces.

If you desire a social high without the couch lock effect, this strain fulfills your needs. Its earthy skunk scent blends with tropical island aromas, creating a gourmet strain all will love. Historian James Truslow Adams coined the term American Dream when dreaming of a land where everyone would have a better, richer, fuller life. This strain works to achieve the same goal. As with the Shiva Shanti II seeds, American Dream produces both male and female plants. Growers looking to harvest seeds for future cultivation or experimentation appreciate having this option available to them.

When smoking American Dream, users first notice a pleasant lightness which begins spreading through the body. They become more sociable and happier, and they can use this strain day or night, as it doesn’t make them lethargic. However, the powerful scent produced by this strain turns many off, as they wish to keep the hobby private. Keep this in mind when you go to buy seeds for an indoor grow space.

Skunk Automatic Strain

Skunk Automatic is the ideal strain for beginners or individuals on a budget. It is pleasantly easy to grow and it comes with very rewarding results. This particular strain taps into the unique qualities which made skunk win multiple awards such as being able to be grown by individuals with zero experience in gardening. Flowering takes about five weeks, after which after which you will see thick compact bushes that will be ready for harvest after about fifteen days of ripening.

This strain offers so many benefits breeders continue to use it for the creation of modern hybrids. Users find they achieve a high that is powerful, one that provides a cerebral high together with a feeling of relaxation. The plant’s aroma has been described as skunky, sweet, and sharp simultaneously. Skunk strains remain so popular rap artists often include this word in their songs. It’s no wonder an overwhelming majority of growers choose to reserve space in their grow area for the cultivation of this strain.

Final Thoughts

Growers should experiment with different strains to find their personal favorites. Don’t fall into a rut and grow the same strains again and again. As your skill level develops, branch out. Those who do so find they often discover additional strains they love while growing their skill set. They win even when they grow strains they don’t love because they learn from the experience. You can too. It’s a matter of being willing to take a risk and try something new.

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