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marijuana grow tent

Know why you should use marijuana grow tent

Don’t be deterred from growing weed at home once you learn how much space and equipment you’ll need for a prosperous crop. A marijuana grow tent is the ideal solution.

For those who consume pot regularly, a weed grow tent becomes your new pantry. It’s easy to set up and allows you to grow cannabis in a discreet and controlled manner, no matter how much space you have. 

In this guide to marijuana grow tents, we’ll explain why you should opt for a complete indoor tent setup for your home grow operation and the benefits using one has on your weed. 

8 benefits of using marijuana grow tent

Let’s take a closer look at why weed tents are the ideal choice for those that can’t dedicate an entire room to their operation or grow outdoors. 

Grow tents are cost-effective

Nowadays, there are many styles of marijuana grow tents to choose from, ranging from only $50 to a few hundred dollars, depending on their size and features

Save space

Marijuana tents come in all shapes and sizes to suit every need. You can even buy customizable ones to fit the most awkward or smallest of spaces in your home.

Without an indoor marijuana growing tent, you’ll need to use an entire room for your operation. Doing this can be a nuisance if your home is small. 

Grow tent setup is easy

Setting up a grow tent for weed is easy. Anyone can do it in a few hours.

Continue reading to follow our step-by-step instructions, which outline the most efficient way to get your growing tent up and running. 

Create ideal growing conditions

A weed grow tent takes care of three out of five cannabis core needs—light, humidity, and air—eliminating many common issues cultivators face. 

Use energy efficiently

Using an entire room within the ideal parameters for healthy weed is costly, especially if you’re only growing a few plants. 

A cannabis grow tent will help reduce your energy as it optimizes and concentrates resources.

Its reflective and air-tight material distributes these elements evenly to reach every inch of your plants.

Keep pests away

Grow tents for weed are also an effective cannabis pest control solution. 

The nature of their design acts as a barrier to the outdoors, protecting your plants from bugs, animals, and other contaminants, which can lead to sick or eaten plants.

Provides the right lighting

A marijuana grow tent doesn’t only reflect light. It also seals it in ensuring your plants receive efficient lighting while cutting down your energy bills

It also stops any light outside the tent from leaking in and disturbing your plant’s dark cycle, which is crucial for developing big buds. 

Reduces odors

A common concern for many home growers is how to get rid of weed smell when cultivating indoors. 

Your tent ventilation system will catch these odors and filter them before sending the air outside via an exhaust—leaving behind no suspicious smells in your home. 

What to consider before buying a weed grow tent?

The best indoor marijuana grow tent for you will depend on several factors.


The size of your cannabis tent will depend on the following things:

  • The space in which you want to put your tent
  • How many plants you wish to grow
  • The maximum height of the strain you’re cultivating within the tent
  • How large any equipment is 

If your plants are too compact, airflow and light will struggle to reach them. Equipment that is too low poses a risk to safety to you and your weed. 


As you browse indoor grow tents, you’ll notice that some have one chamber while others have two or more. 

A multi-chamber option allows you to grow plants at different stages of their lifecycle in the same tent. It’s the ideal choice if you’re trying to attain a continuous harvest. 

Quality of materials

When it comes to the quality and durability of a weed grow tent, the thicker the canvas, the better. 

The materials the tent is made of will also determine the amount of weight it can hold. Remember to check the tent’s weight tolerance before you buy.  

Windows and ports

The best grow tents for weed include windows or ports so that you can monitor your plants without breaking this seal.

Maintaining the seal as much as possible is vital in reducing odor leaks and contaminates.

Type of soil to be used

As your marijuana grows, you’ll need to ensure it receives adequate nutrients from the soil you provide.

For indoor cultivating in a marijuana grow tent, buy store-bought soil formulas or make your own “super soil.” 

There’s a lot more to this decision than meets the eye, so follow our guide on the best soil for cannabis plants to give your weed what it needs to thrive.

Are indoor grow tents safe?

Grow tents for cannabis don’t pose a danger as long as you set them up and use them correctly. 

To keep your household safe choose a pot grow tent that’s made of high-quality materials. Canvas is a better choice over polyurethane or PVC as they can emit toxic gases. 

It’s vital you hang your lights high enough not to burn your plants or cause a fire. 

Monitor your equipment for faults and always mop up any water spillages that could trigger an electrical issue. 

How big should the grow tent be?

Check out the table below for a basic guide on indoor grow tent size 

Number of plants Size of tent (1 plant = 1 sq. ft.)
1 plant 1.3’x1.3’
4 plants 2’x2’
6 plants 2’x4′
10 plants 3’x4′
20 plants 5’x5′
30 plants 4’x8′

How to set up a grow tent?

HPS light in a marijuana grow tent

Setting up an indoor marijuana growing tent is easy, and anyone can do it in the space of an afternoon. 

To get started, you’ll need:

  • Grow tent 
  • Grow light
  • Carbon filter
  • Possibly ducting

Now you’re ready to erect your cannabis grow tent. Follow the five simple steps below, and you’ll be ready to put your weed in its new home in no time. 

  1. Clear the area. Follow the instructions given with your tent to build its frame and hang the canvas.
  2. Hang your marijuana LED grow light using rope ratchets—they allow you to move your lights easily without fear of them falling.
  3. Attach your exhaust fan to the top bars or the light’s air-cooled hood using nylon rope, zip ties, or more rope ratchets.
  4. Connect a carbon filter to rid your tent of any smells. Ensure that the line from the carbon filter to the fan is air-tight to avoid any leaks. 

Create a complete system by attaching the filter to the light, which then hosts the fan. This way, your light will cool while scrubbing the odor all in one go. 

  1. Carry out a final safety check. Check your ropes are secure, everything is stable, equipment is high enough, and all wires are above waist level. 

FAQ related to marijuana grow tent

If you still have some queries about growing tents for cannabis, check out our answers to some of the most common questions surrounding the subject below. 

Are grow tents good for marijuana?

Yes. In addition to providing the ideal light, humidity, and air conditions, weed tents protect plants from pests and keep buds clean of contaminants

How safe are grow tents?

Marijuana growing tents are 100% safe to use if set up correctly and monitored. 

A rule of thumb is to regularly check that everything is secure, all wires are above waist level, and nothing needs lifting. 

Do grow tents keep the smell in?

Yes. The negative air pressure of a sealed growing tent prevents any odors from leaking out. 

Keep the doors closed and utilize a carbon filter attached to an exhaust system to pump out the fumes. 

Can grow tents go outside?

They certainly can. An outdoor growing tent allows the sun to pass through while trapping in the heat. 

As you would with an indoor marijuana grow tent, consider safety implications such as keeping electricity sources dry. 

Are grow tents waterproof?

Yes. A good quality cannabis tent is typically waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spillages or pots leaking water and damaging your floor. 

Do grow tents need ventilation?

Yes. Opening vents around your marijuana grow tent and having a strong exhaust fan will create a whirlwind of pure air inside.

In return, your plants will receive plenty of CO2, and you’ll reduce the risk of heat build-up. 

Key takeaways

Not everyone is blessed with an abundance of space. Marijuana grow tents offer the solution to this problem while being easy to set up, monitor, and control, making them ideal for novices.

They provide a wealth of benefits for your weed, from providing the optimal growing environment to protecting your pot from pests and disease. 

What are you waiting for? Pick up a weed grow tent when you grab the rest of your home grow kit and start your home cultivation adventure.