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organic cannabis

Discover the benefits of organic cannabis

In the modern world, cultivating plants and crops naturally is becoming more popular again. It might be a little more challenging in certain places, but organic cannabis is worth every ounce of extra effort. 

In recent years, people are starting to understand the importance of staying healthy. We’re more aware of what we consume and how it may harm us in the long run.

Taking care of our bodies is vital, which is why we should try to go the extra mile, even when growing our latest yield of weed. 

So, let’s take a closer look at what organic cannabis is, the benefits, and how it differs from other growing methods. Let’s begin!

What is organic weed?

What exactly is organic cannabis? Simply put, it’s when you grow your weed naturally—without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

Many people believe that if you plant your marijuana seeds in soil, it’s already considered organic, which is correct, as long as you don’t add any artificial substances.

organic cannabis

There are many natural pesticides and fertilizers to use on your organic cannabis that you can implement in place of synthetic alternatives. 

Here are a few natural pesticides to consider:

  • Capsaicin
  • Pyrethrum
  • Tobacco

As for nutrients, you can pick any of the following:

  • Bird and bat guano
  • Manure
  • Compost
  • Blood and bone meal
  • Worm castings

What is different in organic marijuana growth?

Now that we know the definition, let’s look at what’s different using this technique and how to make your organic cannabis seeds sprout into glorious plants. 


Your first step to growing organic weed is getting a natural soil medium. It’s the most crucial step and requires a bit of digging. 

For your cannabis seeds to grow into a high-yielding marijuana plant, you need to build the perfect environment for microorganisms to breed—these essentials aid in providing your herb with the nutrients it needs. 

There are a few organic marijuana fertilizers that you can try getting your hands on or make your own:

  • Most types of natural compost
  • Earthworm castings
  • Kelp meal
  • Peat moss
  • Pumice 
  • Fish emulsion

The microbes in the soil consume these fertilizers and leave you with some fantastic all-natural nutrients for your plants. When the earth provides your weed seeds with a balanced diet, they grow into bigger and better marijuana plants. 

organic cannabis


To grow organic weed, you need to make use of natural sunlight. However, lots of natural light isn’t available to everyone.

You might not be able to grow outside, in which case you need to make use of artificial light to grow your organic cannabis. 

You can use many kinds of lights for your organic marijuana plants, but ones with a broad spectrum and cool temperature are ideal, like a LED grow light.


For your plant to grow big and strong, you need to provide them with their favorite nutrients. Organic weed needs the following elements in its diet for optimal growth.

Nutrient Type Nutrient Source
Nitrogen (More in vegetative stage) Bone meal
Phosphorus (More in flowering stage) Bat guano
Potassium (More in flowering stage) Kelp Meal
Micronutrients Calcium Epsom salts
Magnesium Epsom salts or dolomite lime
Iron Dark green parts of leafy vegetables
Copper Chelated copper
Additional Carbon  Air
Oxygen Water and air
Hydrogen Water

Try to ensure your organic marijuana plants have a well-planned cannabis feeding schedule with plenty of nitrogen during the vegetative stage and enough potassium and phosphorus during the flowering stage. Consider making your own marijuana nutrient solutions.

organic cannabis

Benefits of organic cannabis

Growing cannabis organically comes with many benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros of organic weed. 

A product with an improved taste and smell

Growing cannabis organically is considered superior when it comes to the bud’s aromas and flavors.

Due to the highly nutritious diet and optimal growing conditions, natural cultivation techniques produce richer terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids. 

Terpenes and terpenoids are what give plants their smells, including spicy, sweet, citrus, and pine scents. 

The flavonoids are responsible for the taste. Organic marijuana is often rich in these, giving the buds a well-defined flavor. 

Bigger crop yields

Before cultivators understood the importance of providing organic weed with optimum conditions, growing cannabis organically resulted in a smaller yield. 

If your organic marijuana seedlings are well nurtured, have plenty of light, and are provided with the correct nutes, they often surpass most yield expectations.  

Enjoying more potent cannabis

Not only does organic cannabis give you a richer taste, smell, and yield, you might also enjoy a more potent experience when consumed. 

Due to their healthy upbringing, marijuana grown organically tends to contain a higher concentration of cannabinoids, which results in a more satisfying high. 

Doing your part to help the environment

Growing organic cannabis is a means of going green. The most environmentally beneficial method is growing cannabis outdoors in natural sunlight, but this isn’t always an option. 

However, even when growing organic weed indoors, there are still many environmental benefits, such as:

  • No synthetic and harmful pesticides.
  • Healthier soil.
  • No more artificial fertilizers that require a lot of electricity to produce and are often created by burning fossil fuels. 
  • No chance of contaminating water sources around the growing area. 

Saving money on farming supplies and saving time on preparation

When you’re growing cannabis organically, you don’t need all those expensive pesticides and synthetic nutrients. Instead, you can rely on nature to provide you with everything you need.

A wonderful natural pesticide is ladybirds (ladybugs) that feast on certain mites looking to harm your organic marijuana plant.

Going all-natural can also save you time on your prep work. You can simply gather some manure, compost, or earthworm castings, work it into the ground, and plant your weed seeds. 

Getting back to nature

If you’re able to grow outside, you have the perfect opportunity to get outdoors. Organic cannabis isn’t only beneficial to your physical health but might heal you emotionally as well—gardening is renowned for being very therapeutic. 

Enjoying a cleaner and more pleasant smoking experience

Organic weed doesn’t contain those nasty chemicals that could potentially harm your body. Instead, it gives you a cleaner smoke, and the overall experience is very pleasant. You’ll feel good knowing you’re not doing unnecessary harm to your body.

FAQ related to organic cannabis

If you still have some doubts or queries, we put together the top FAQs on organic cannabis. 

Why is organic better than non-organic?

Growing cannabis organically is just as potent as other methods, but it has a few benefits such as:

  • Improved taste.
  • Added health and safety benefits.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Lower chance of contaminating you with toxins or heavy metals.

How to make organic soil for cannabis?

Obtaining the best soil for growing weed outdoors requires a little trial and error but can be done if you put your mind to it. 

Start by mixing equal amounts of clay, silt, and sand. This allows the soil to retain moisture but also drain well. 

Then you need some yummy fertilizer for your organic marijuana plants to feast on while growing. From natural compost to earthworm castings, any organic nutes will do. 

What is the best organic fertilizer for cannabis?

You can make your own organic marijuana fertilizer, or it can be store-bought. Here are a few kinds of organic fertilizer we recommend:

  • Bone meal is ideal for healthy nitrogen.
  • Guano is a good source of phosphorus.
  • Kelp meal works well for potassium.
  • For sulfur and magnesium, you can use Epsom salts. 
  • For magnesium and calcium, try getting some dolomite lime. 

Time for an organic transplant?

Organic cannabis gives us the opportunity to enjoy a healthier and more natural lifestyle while enjoying some wonderful buds. 

Are you ready to get growing with your new organic knowledge? Then head over to i49, check out our huge range of strains, and get yourself some glorious cannabis seeds. Now’s the time to start doing your bit for our one and only planet.