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Interesting Cannabis Seed Facts

Interesting Facts About Cannabis Seeds You Should Know

While most buyers will be more interested in the full-sized flowering plants they plan to grow, cannabis seeds are quite interesting themselves. Growers will want to make sure they purchase the right seeds for the plants they want to grow and store them properly to avoid any issues. If you’re planning on growing marijuana or collecting seeds, you may want to learn a little more about the seeds themselves. Below are some interesting facts about cannabis seeds that all growers will want to know before they begin.

Cannabis Seeds All Look the Same

It’s not possible to tell one cannabis seed from another just by looking at it. Those that are feminized look exactly the same as regular or autoflowering seeds. Seeds for different strains will all look the same as well, and male and female marijuana seeds will also look essentially the same. This is why it’s crucial to purchase seeds from a reputable seed bank and ensure they’re properly labeled.

Cannabis Plants Can Produce Hundreds of Seeds

Female cannabis plants, when they are pollinated, can produce hundreds, if not thousands, of new seeds. Larger plants are going to create more buds, and therefore more seeds, though some strains have been bred specifically to boost seed production. Increasing seed production is frequently done for hemp strains that are intended for consumption.

Cannabis Seeds are Easy to Collect

To collect cannabis seeds, wait until they are fully developed and ready to be harvested. Then, pick off the flowers and brush the buds to remove all of the seeds. Remove any plant matter from the seeds. At this point, the seeds can be planted, can be stored for future use, or can be eaten.

Cannabis Seeds are Edible

It is possible to consume cannabis seeds, and they are healthy to eat. Marijuana seeds tend to be a great source of protein, and they offer essential fatty acids that the human body needs. They do not need to be cooked to be consumed and can be eaten like other seeds or nuts. Hemp seeds are identical to cannabis seeds in this way, but are much less expensive. For this reason hemp seeds are typically chosen for dietary uses instead of high grade gorilla glue #4 seeds or blue dream cannabis seeds.

The Oldest Known Seeds are Almost 3,000 Years Old

Humans have used marijuana for thousands of years. They’ve also cultivated marijuana plants for thousands of years to have easy access to the plants. Currently, the oldest known cannabis seeds were found in China and are around 2,700 years old. They were found preserved in a grave. Cannabis was likely used for thousands of years before this, though earlier examples of seeds aren’t available.

Cannabis Seed Sizes Can Vary

All cannabis seeds are tiny, usually around the size of the head of a match. However, they can vary from much smaller to almost as large as a pea. However, the size doesn’t matter for these seeds. The tiniest ones can grow into the largest plants, and the largest ones may not develop into a huge plant. It all depends on the plant’s genetics, what the plant receives as it grows, and how healthy the plant is.

Cannabis Seeds Need to Be Kept Cool

Medical Marijuana seeds will start to germinate if it’s warm enough for them, which means they need to be kept cool when they’re being stored for more extended periods. To keep them cool enough, they should be kept at around 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature for the inside of a refrigerator door is generally around this temperature, so that is often a great place to store the cannabis seeds. They do need to be stored properly to avoid germination or issues like mold.

Cannabis Seeds Can Germinate Inadvertently

As mentioned, seeds need to be stored properly. If cannabis seeds aren’t stored properly, they can start to germinate even if they were intended for food or to be stored for future use. Generally, storage should include an airtight package that is kept in a cool, dark location. Dampness, light, and warmth can all cause the seed to start germinating. One safe way to store cannabis seeds is to keep them in a dark, airtight container like a film canister. The seeds are then placed in the refrigerator so they will remain cold enough.

Cannabis Seeds Can be Collected

Many countries still have laws about marijuana possession and cultivation. Even in places where cultivation and possession are illegal, seeds may be legal to own. It is crucial for those who want to start collecting marijuana seeds to look into their local laws before any purchase. However, many places do allow for collector’s seeds to be stored in a home. Buyers can purchase them for consumption or to save for when the laws in their area change.

Cannabis Seeds Can be Stored for a Long Time

As long as they are stored correctly, cannabis seeds can last for years. Most seeds, cannabis or not, will start to have germination issues the longer they’re stored. If your sour diesel seed or wedding cake seeds are stored properly, however, they can last many years before the germination rate will drop. Even then, some of the seeds will still germinate. The germination rate might not be as high as it would be with newer seeds, but it is still possible that some of them will grow.

Cannabis seeds are fascinating on their own and can be purchased by those who want to grow their own plants, eat the cannabis seeds for their health, or who just want a unique collection of different strains. Always make sure the cannabis seeds are purchased from a reputable seed bank for the highest quality and higher germination rates, as well as to be sure about what the particular seeds are. Once they’ve arrived, if they’re stored properly, they can be kept for years without issue and can be planted when the grower is ready. Take a look at the numerous options for i49 cannabis seeds today to learn more about them or to start your own collection.