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Best Strains For Beginning Growers

Oct 6, 2020
Plant & Seed Types

Best Strains For Beginning Growers

Now that some form of marijuana is legal in many states, a lot of people are beginning to experiment with growing their own plants at home. Growing marijuana can be a satisfying hobby and a great way to provide yourself and others with a high-quality product for recreational or medicinal use. It can also be a solid business venture once you learn the right techniques for setting up your grow room and cultivating your crop.

One of the most challenging decisions a beginning grower has to make is which strain or strains to start with. If you browse the catalog of almost any online seed store, you’ll see an overwhelming array of options with names that may not reveal very much about the strain. The following is a guide to help beginners narrow down their options and choose strains that will be easy and rewarding to grow.

What To Consider When Choosing A Strain

There are three main varieties of marijuana: indica, sativa, and ruderalis. The first two are high in THC, while the third, ruderalis, is low in THC but high in CBD, a cannabinoid that is touted as having many medicinal benefits. Currently, there are 779 unique strains of marijuana derived from indica and sativa, many of them hybrids of the two. When choosing among so many options, you need to consider your growing conditions and desired results, in addition to choosing plants that will be relatively easy to cultivate.

Growing Area

One of the first things to consider when choosing a strain is your growing space. With the right equipment, you can grow almost anywhere, and you don’t need a large space. Many beginners start with a small grow box or tent that will hold four to six plants. But if you’re growing in a small space, it’s important to choose plants that won’t grow too close to your lights. Some of our autoflowering strains like Auto Banana Kush or Auto NY Diesel are excellent examples of plants that rarely exceed two or three feet in height.

While there are ways to train tall plants to grow horizontally rather than vertically, those are expert techniques that take a lot of time and know-how. Beginning growers are usually better off choosing indica strains that naturally stay short. Fortunately, there are several easy-to-grow strains that stay short and fit into a small growing space.

Best Strains For Small Spaces

Autoflower Lowryder

This strain is a short and sturdy plant that grows to a maximum height of sixteen inches. An indica strain, it’s good for deep relaxation and pain relief. Auto Lowryder matures in about eleven weeks and produces an average yield of fifty grams per plant. It is one of the easiest plants to grow and a great choice for beginners.

Autoflower Sweet Tooth

This sweet-tasting indica strain is another excellent choice for beginners with a small growing space. Auto Sweet Tooth grows to a height of one to five feet, and they are well-suited to an indoor growing environment. They mature in eleven to twelve weeks and yield anywhere from thirty to one hundred grams per plant.

Big Bud Fast

This strain grows to a height of three and a half to four feet tall, making it a good size for a small grow box or grow tent. A fast grower, it develops thick buds in about ten weeks and produces a harvest of 150 grams per square meter. Like all indica-dominant strains, Big Bud fast produces a soothing, narcotic effect.

Growing Time

Marijuana strains differ in their growing cycles. Some plants grow from seed to bud in just eight weeks, while others take up to seven months to fully mature. Beginners often prefer a faster-growing plant because new growers are eager to get results and learn from their mistakes. If you’re looking for a fast-growing plant, you’ll want to narrow down your choices to auto-flowering strains. These plants mature on a fixed schedule rather than in response to light, and their average growing cycle is between nine and eleven weeks.

Best Fast Autoflower Strains For Beginning Growers

Autoflower Purple Kush

This indica strain is a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It produces beautiful purple leaves and buds and delivers a relaxing high that relieves pain and induces a good night’s sleep. Resistant to mold and mildew, it is one of the easiest autoflower strains to grow.

Autoflower G13

This indica/ruderalis hybrid is a hardy plant that tolerates a range of growing conditions and survives many beginner’s mistakes. It is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, and it yields sixty to one hundred grams of bud per plant. Users describe G13 as both relaxing and uplifting.

Autoflower Lemon

This indica/sativa hybrid strain is one of the fastest-growing plants, maturing in as little as seven weeks from planting when grown indoors. Its aroma has strong notes of citrus and skunk, and the bud produces a euphoric high. This strain also has medicinal benefits including stress relief, muscle relaxation, and pain relief.

Ease of Cultivation

Another important consideration for beginners is how easy it will be to cultivate a particular strain. Beginners have not yet learned a lot of techniques for nurturing plants, so they get better results when they plant a hardy strain that doesn’t need a lot of intervention. Regular unsexed cannabis plants tend to need more supervision and care, while feminized plants can be much easier to grow.

Best Strains That Are Easy To Grow

Blue Cheese

This indica-dominant hybrid strain is one of the most frequently recommended choices for beginners because it is so easy to grow. This plant can withstand most beginner mistakes, like over-watering, under-watering, excessive humidity, and other types of stress. A fast grower, this plant flowers in eight to ten weeks when grown indoors. Users report that Blue Cheese stimulates hunger and induces relaxation and sleepiness.

Blue Dream

No strain is more popular among consumers than this sativa-dominant hybrid, and fortunately, it is also one of the easiest strains to grow. For one thing, it has a high resistance to powdery mildew and mold, two of the most common issues for indoor growers. It’s also another fast grower, flowering in eight to ten weeks, and it produces a high yield of 400 to 600 grams per square meter.

Bubba Kush

This indica strain is often recommended for beginners due to its natural resistance to mold and pests. This hardy plant is a survivor that grows well in soil or in a hydroponic system. Effects include deep muscle relaxation and a euphoric high.

Desired Effects

Finally, it’s important to choose a strain that will produce the effects you’re looking for. For example, if you’re growing marijuana primarily for medicinal purposes, you’ll want a strain that is fairly high in CBD. Both THC and CBD have health benefits, and many users report getting the best results from a combination of the two. Indica-dominant strains induce relaxation, while sativa-dominant strains produce a more energetic high. The more THC a strain has, the stronger its effects are.

Best High-CBD Strains For Beginners

CBD White Widow

This strain provides a 1:1 balance of THC and CBD, meaning that users can enjoy a relaxing high and get relief from symptoms including chronic pain, headaches, and mood disorders. CBD White Widow grows well indoors as long as it gets proper nutrition and watering. It flowers in eight to nine weeks.

Autoflower CBD Kush

This strain blends all three varieties, indica, sativa, and ruderalis, to produce gentle medicinal effects. With a CBD to THC ratio of approximately 2:1, this strain is particularly good for treating conditions like muscle spasms, seizures, and pain while still providing a relaxing and euphoric sensation. This high-yield strain is recommended for growers at all levels of experience.

CBD Strawberry

This medicinal strain is much higher in CBD than THC, with a ratio of 15:1. This is an ideal strain for anyone who wants the health benefits of medical marijuana without the high. A sativa-dominant hybrid, this plant has a distinctively fruity aroma and taste, and it grows well both indoors and outdoors.

Best High-THC Strains For Beginners


Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer

This hybrid strain is often touted as one of the easiest seeds to grow, and it can reach very high levels of THC (anywhere from 19% to 30%) with proper care. The plants flower in approximately eight weeks and produce a generous yield of 600 grams per square meter.


Auto Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4)

This award-winning strain averages between 18% and 25% THC, but some plants have an even higher THC content. Plants flower in eight to ten weeks and produce between 400 and 600 grams per square meter. Users recommend GG4 for treatment of arthritis pain, back pain, and PMS, among other common conditions.


Moby Dick

This strain is a heavy hitter with a THC content of 27%. Sativa dominant, Moby Dick is energizing and uplifting, and many people use it to relieve stress, boost their creativity, and improve chronic pain. The plants grow well indoors, and they flower in nine to ten weeks.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginning grower, do all the research you can before investing in growing supplies and seeds. Experts can steer you in the right direction and improve your chances of success. However, be prepared to learn a lot through trial and error. If you stick with it, you’ll develop a valuable skill set and a deep understanding of marijuana horticulture.

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