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How to increase yield

Discover how to increase yield and get the most out of your cannabis plants

Yield and quality are the two most important qualities growers look for in their weed. If you’re wondering how to increase yield, look no further.

We’ll show you some of the most straightforward ways you can increase your cannabis yield with our simple guide.

We’ll also show you how to get big buds indoors. Use our yield-boosting tips, and you’ll be harvesting humongous hauls of weed from your plants.

Join us as we get into it and talk about how to get bigger yields?

How to increase the yield of cannabis plants

These ten relatively simple methods show you how to increase yield and bud size. While you may not be able to use every method, try to follow as many of our steps as you can. 

By using what you learn you’ll be able to significantly boost the size of your buds and, ultimately, your yields.

Choose plants with good genes

The critical factor in big yields is undoubtedly seed genetics. If you’re wondering how to get high-yield cannabis, then stable genetics should be your first concern.

Modern cannabis strains, like all cultivars, are the result of selective breeding. Traits such as yield or THC content have been carefully bred into the many strains available today.

Starting out with genetically stable, high-quality seeds is the best way to ensure a healthy harvest.

Cannabis Seeds

Grow the right number of cannabis plants

This one’s more for indoor growers, but it’s essential nonetheless. Growing the right number of plants is crucial if you want to get big buds indoors.

The ‘right’ number of plants is different for everyone but boils down to the same principles. Maximize your space, but don’t crowd your plants.

Cramming too many plants into a small area leaves them competing for room and light as they grow. Trying to squeeze in too many negatively impacts growth and ultimately yield.

As a general rule-of-thumb, plants need at least one square meter of space to grow. However, depending on the strain and your growing methods, you may need up to three square meters per plant.

Use CO2 to increase yields

Having adequate carbon dioxide present in your grow room helps with plant growth speed and flower size. Using CO2 supplements can help to increase bud size but tends to fall on the more advanced and costly side of things.

Thankfully, there are products like slow-release canisters of CO2, which are easy to use and more affordable. These periodically release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We’ve got a detailed guide on using CO2 for grow rooms if you want to learn more.

Maximize the root zone

Another easy way to increase yield is to ensure your plants have space for root expansion.

A common mistake made by beginners is using small pots which leave the plants rootbound. Rootbound plants exhibit stunted growth and sub-par bud yields.

The root system of your plants is just as important as what’s above ground when it comes to yield.

If you notice excessive or tangled root growth in your plants, it’s time to change to a bigger pot.

Cannabis Roots

Increase the light intensity

Many growers struggle with the question of how to increase bud size. Providing adequate light intensity is one of the best ways to do this.

Increasing the amount of light available to growing and flowering plants directly increases their size and helps increase yield.

If you’re growing outdoors, ensure that your plants are in an area that receives as much direct sunlight as possible.

Indoors, growers using marijuana grow lights need to manage both plants and lights to maximize light intensity.

Increasing light intensity indoors can be as simple as moving your lights closer to your plants. Make sure they’re not so close that the plants begin to burn.

Another way to ensure your flowers are receiving the maximum amount of light is through growth management.

Defoliation, pruning, and growth training can all help get light to every flower node on your plants.

Use the correct amount of nutrients

Growers looking to increase weed yields must be attentive to the needs of their plants as they grow.

Plants in the vegetative stage require high levels of nitrogen. Flowering plants need less nitrogen but require higher levels of phosphorus and potassium.

Using the right amount of nutrients during flowering makes a huge difference in bud production, size, and density.

Look for a complementary set of nutrients and be careful about mixing brands – products not developed together may end up overfeeding your plants with certain nutrients.

Increase the yield by pruning

One of the best ways to get big buds indoors or in a marijuana grow tent is to use pruning and training techniques to increase bud size.

Many cannabis strains, particularly sativa, grow in a Christmas tree shape if left unmanaged. These plants develop a main central bud or cola, which the plant focuses most of its energy on.

This growth pattern, known as apical dominance, leads to a large central bud with lower and outer bud sites producing underwhelming results.

Pruning your plants during the vegetative stage combats this apical dominance. By pruning central stems, the plant redirects its energy outwards and produces larger outer flowers and larger weed yields.

Pruning cannabis

Control the temperature and humidity

Controlling temperature and humidity in your indoor grow room is an important factor in how to increase yield. If temperatures are too hot, bud production slows to a crawl, and yields plummet.

High temperatures also negatively impact bud quality as cannabinoids and terpenes burn off at higher temperatures.

Keep your environment no hotter than 78°F. Hit the link to find out more about optimal cannabis temperature.

Humidity levels have a lesser impact on bud size but are a crucial factor when trying to increase cannabis yield. If the humidity is too high during flowering, you run the risk of spoiling your entire crop.

Bud rot, botrytis, and mold can decimate your yield and leave your buds unsafe for consumption. Monitor and maintain low relative humidity levels to avoid mold or rot and get bigger yields.

Check out our article on the importance of humidity for weed.

Protect the crop from pests

Pest control is often a neglected area when you’re looking at how to increase a cannabis yield.

Your plants won’t be able to commit all their energy into flower production if they’re trying to fight off an infestation of mites or aphids.

Check your plants for signs of pests regularly, and take appropriate action when needed.

Getting ahead of potential infestations is key. Once they’re established, you can only remove some pests with powerful pesticides.

Harvest at the right time

Allowing your buds to ripen fully is one of the easiest ways to increase yields. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most ignored pieces of advice.

Bud size can increase massively during the last two or three weeks of flowering. Harvesting too early eliminates this late burst of growth and results in reduced yields.

Monitor the trichomes and harvest the buds when about half the trichomes are turning a milky color.

A marijuana plant ready to harvest

FAQs related to how to increase yield

If you’re short on time and just want answers to the most commonly asked questions, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve briefly answered some of your recurring questions.

How can I increase my indoor yields?

There are several ways to get big buds indoors. Some of the crucial elements are; temperature control, growth control, and adequate nutrients.

If you provide your plants with the proper care and attention, they can focus their energy on producing the largest and highest yielding buds possible.

Does topping increase yield?

Topping can absolutely increase yield. Redirecting the plant’s energy to the next lateral branches results in a wider plant with more flower sites receiving appropriate light.

Use sterile equipment whenever you’re pruning or cutting your plants. Dirty implements may introduce infection to the newly pruned plant.

How do you grow the biggest indoor buds?

Growing big buds indoors is dependent on many factors. A good starting point is to select stable and genetically strong seeds known for their high yields.

If you’ve got this covered along with environment and nutrition, it might be worth a shot to use some carbon dioxide to boost flower production and bud size.

Maximize your potential yield

We hope we’ve shown you how to increase yield with some simple tips. Most of our methods require little more than patience, care, and attention.

With our tips and a little bit of luck, you’ll be able to increase your cannabis yields whether you’re growing indoors or out.