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Pest Guide – Deer

How to Keep Deer from Destroying Your Marijuana Crops

It turns out humans are not the only ones that adore marijuana. Deer, among other large animal pests, also love this plant, and they can end up causing great destruction. If you live in a rural area, deer can become more of a problem than you realize. These nocturnal creatures can wreak havoc on your growing efforts, so it is essential to know how to keep them at bay.

Signs You Have a Deer Problem

Because deer mainly come out at night, you may never see these creatures infringing on your grow space. Some growers will set up night cams to view their area at night, and this is likely the only way you would ever see these creatures. Thankfully, there are some signs you can look for to determine if there is a deer problem.

  • Hoof tracks are a definite sign deer are in the area. If you see a lot of hoof tracks around your marijuana garden, it is crucial to take immediate action.
  • Droppings are another sure sign an animal has invaded the garden space. Deer droppings resemble black bullets and have an opening on one side. If you see piles of these, this means deer are in the area.
  • Beds are also a sign deer have entered the area. If a deer has made a bed near your garden, you will see an oval-shaped indention in the grass or ground.

Once deer find your growing spot, they will devour everything. Unfortunately, deer are not polite, and they will end up leaving nothing behind for the i49 seed grower. You must take safeguards to keep deer at bay before even seeing them.

How to Protect Against Deer

Protecting your outdoor seed crops against deer is one of the most important things you can do when growing marijuana outdoors. Once they have found your garden and destroyed the plants, it will be too late to make an effort. Take the following steps to ensure deer do not decide your marijuana garden will be their next tasty meal.

Build a Fence

Deer are strong animals, and bucks can weigh as much as four-hundred pounds or more. Building a strong and durable fence is one of the best ways to keep deer out, but it takes more than an ordinary fence.

Deer are excellent jumpers and can easily jump as high as six feet. If they become scared and start to panic, they have been known to jump as high as eight feet into the air.

You will need to make sure your fence is at least eight feet high and made of durable materials. This is not the time to install a small plastic fence. Solid wood or metal are materials of choice and will help to ensure the deer are unable to make their way into your garden and cause destruction.

You will also need to make sure there are no wide slats that would allow deer or other animals to climb through. These creatures are crafty, and when they want something, they can find innovative ways to get to it, even in tight surroundings.

Some i49 seedbank growers who consistently deal with deer have decided to install electric fencing. Electric fencing will not cause permanent harm to deer, though it will give them enough of a jolt that they will stay away.

The type of fencing you install should be based on the strain and type of marijuana you are growing and the deer population in the area. For example some classic sativa strains grow much taller, so they may lean over your 6 foot fence and allow the deer to grab a nibble. Indica strain seeds develop typically into shorter plants (three to four foot range) so a six foot fence may work. Keep in mind this is only if you don’t have high-jumping species of dear in your vicinity.  With the right fencing in place, all deer big or small will be forced to stay away.

Motion Lights

Deer are naturally curious animals, and they will go out at night to hunt for food. They are also easily spooked and will run away if they perceive a threat. Installing motion sensor lights is a sound investment for keeping deer from entering your topicana cookies or bruce banner marijuana marijuana garden.

The light should be strong, bright, and sensitive. You want it to come on at the slightest of movement. When a deer is suddenly confronted with a bright light, it will quickly find an escape route and leave.

As a word of caution, it is critical you do not place these lights throughout your garden and never place them where they are shining directly on the plants. During the flowering stage, marijuana plants need complete darkness, and having these lights shine on them can disrupt the formation of buds. Strategic placement is critical for this method to work without causing problems with the flowering stage.

Scarecrows Still Work

As stated above, deer are easily spooked. They will typically never come near humans because they are feral. Placing an old-fashioned scarecrow near your garden may help keep deer at bay.

There are even products called scarecrow sprinklers. These devices go into action when they detect motion and will spray a burst of water onto the intruder. This spray of cold water will be enough to scare the deer away because they will feel threatened. Also make sure that your sprinkler is set up to avoid wetting your plants. It would be inconsistent to have Mr. Scarecrow watering on some of your skunk weed plants but not on others.

Smell Can Be Alarming to Deer

Did you know that deer can smell a human up to ¼ mile away? You can use this fact to your advantage to keep deer out of the area. Deer detest the smell of human hair so you can remove hair from your brush and spread it around the perimeter of the garden. Over time, the scent will begin to die off because of weather exposure, so you will need to replace the old hair with new from time to time.

Urine is also offensive to deer, and they will avoid it at all costs. You can spread some of your bottled urine around the garden space. It is also possible to purchase predator urine such as fox, bobcat, or coyote. When deer smell the aroma of urine, they will stay clear.

Deer also hate the smell of sulfur that comes from rotting eggs. Mix eggs with some water and spray it all around your cannabis garden space. As the sun causes rotting in the egg material, the stench will drive the deer away. Use caution when using this in residential areas because the smell could be offensive to your neighbors.

Some say deer do not like the strong smell of bar soaps. You can drill a small hole through a fresh bar of soap and hang it around your garden amongst the super silver haze and auto strawberry cheese strain plants. Replace the old bars with new ones every few weeks to keep the smell strong and fresh.

Deer also dislike crushed garlic. The strong scent will keep deer from within close proximity to your garden. Many growers crush fresh garlic cloves and then put them inside socks. You can hang the socks in the trees around your marijuana garden, and they will produce an offensive smell for a couple of weeks or more. Again, use caution if you are putting these around a yard with close neighbors.

Other smelly methods of getting rid of deer include using mothballs and dryer sheets. It is important to note that deer will eventually become accustomed to a scent if they are exposed to it for long periods. You should plan to switch up the smell deterrents you are regularly using so the deer never know what to expect.

Use Deer Repellent Products

There are also commercial products that can be used to deter deer and keep them out of your garden. Ultrasonic deer repellants make a sound only certain animals can hear. These can be run on solar power and will likely reduce the appearance of deer in the area, if they are used correctly.

There are also foliage sprays that can be purchased. When applied according to the directions, these will never wash away. Use caution when applying during the flowering stage and make sure the product is meant for use on cannabis. Some applications can end up affecting the way cannabis tastes and smells, and this is something no grower wants.

Grow in a Clearing

Deer are very cautious creatures, which is why it is rare to see them out in plain sight. They prefer the cover of the forest to protect them.

If you plant your marijuana garden near the woods, you are going to end up with a deer problem more than likely. While many animals hate the taste of marijuana because of the terpenes, deer seem to have developed quite a love for this green treasure.

For a better chance of keeping these animals from destroying all your hard work, it is better to plant in a clearing. Try your best to avoid planting near a heavily wooded area. If you must plant near the woods, use some of the above tips to help ensure the area becomes unattractive to deer of all ages.

The Bottom Line

Growing marijuana outdoors is a rewarding experience, but it does have risks like deer. Deer love the taste of cannabis, and they will go to significant measures to get it when they can. Using this guide will help you to keep Bambi out of your marijuana garden, so your precious crops are not destroyed. When using the best outdoor feminized seeds from a reliable seed bank, don’t cut any corners when it comes to keeping your investment safe.