Cannabis For Artists

Cannabis in the Art World

For years now, artists turned to cannabis when they wished to get their creative juices flowing and create amazing pieces that stretched their limits. Musicians, sculptors, painters, and photographers continue to use this substance today for the same purpose, and the practice will probably become more common thanks to the legalization of cannabis in many parts of America and in countries across the globe. Why is this the case? What makes art and cannabis go hand in hand? To understand the connection between the two, men and women must look at the cultural impact of marijuana and how innovation is changing the way the art world operates today.

The Relationship Today Between Marijuana and Art

People, when they hear others talk about the relationship between marijuana and art, assume they speak of experiential evidence. Many men and women express surprise when they learn that there is scientific reasoning for cannabis and its influence on art. Research shows there remains a deep-rooted neurological connection between cannabis, art, and creativity.

Dr. Alice Weaver Flaherty, a neurologist and deep brain stimulation specialist, explains marijuana stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain. This portion of the brain remains highly active in creative individuals. When a person uses cannabis, such as that provided by, it acts as a stimulant and increases output. With regard to artists, Dr. Flaherty reports the cannabis dosage and individual traits of the user influence the creative productivity brought about by the cannabis. This substance affects individuals differently, so what works for one artist could lead to disaster for another person. Artists need to find their “sweet spot” to boost creativity. When they discover this spot, their work elevates and their mind expands. As a result, they find they are more open to new things.

Artists might struggle with anxiety. They worry others won’t like their work or dread going in front of people to perform. These individuals might turn to a calming Indica to allow them to move forward and share their work or try a new technique. Motivating Sativa strains benefit those who wish to become more creative and experiment with new methods, techniques, colors, music styles, and more. Artists have used marijuana for centuries now to create new and exciting works. For example, William Shakespeare turned to cannabis when he needed inspiration for a play. Pablo Picasso used this substance when creating his abstract works.

The Effect of Cannabis on the Art World

In the past, artists often hid their use of cannabis strains such as CBD Chemdog #4 Fem because they didn’t want others to judge them. However, that appears to be changing as more states and countries legalize the use of this substance. More artists admit they use marijuana to boost their creativity. This may be because they want to show others the benefits of cannabis use or they are tired of hiding their use. Regardless of why they choose to do so, more artists share this information freely and show off their works inspired by marijuana.

To allow the public to benefit from this trend, certain companies now offer cannabis-based experiences for those who love art. For instance, one company offers art classes that combine painting with cannabis use. These opportunities allow men and women to connect cannabis and art in a fun and exciting way. People who take part in these experiences find others who share similar views while creating unique pieces. Quite a few individuals have taken part in these activities, as they wanted to see how marijuana would impact their creative output while getting a taste of the marijuana industry. Other providers offer cannabis events that include art as part of the activities.

Interactive Cannabis Experiences

The cannabis community continues to expand on their offerings and now provides cannabis events that allow advocates to connect with consumers who wish to know more. People who enjoy art often find marijuana appeals to them, and event organizers take advantage of this. They now offer everything from art galleries dedicated to this connection to live paintings. Visit any cannabis event and there will probably be a strong representation of art culture. Some cannabis events now focus solely on interactive art experiences.

Cannabis, Art, and the Future

People are watching to see how the relationship between marijuana and art will move forward. As history has shown, cannabis has a strong foothold in artistic culture and this won’t be changing. In fact, people need to look no further than the growing number of events that combine cannabis and art to see how the connection is growing.

A good example of what the future might hold would be Far Out Factory, an interactive mixed-media event. This exploratory art experience serves as an excellent example of what consumer demand can bring about as part of this evolution. The future will provide even more exciting opportunities. The following artists provide a glimpse into this future.

Savina Monet

Savina Monet, a cannabis user, explains she is fighting the stigma associated with the use of this substance. She states she is the “self-named queen of cannabis collages.” According to Ms. Monet, the push to legalize cannabis inspires her.

Cannabis was prohibited in the 1940s and was part of the War on Drugs in the last two decades of the twentieth century. Today, however, more localities recognize the biology of this plant has changed and there is a place for cannabis in general society. Not everyone sees it this way, but Ms. Monet explains she has used stains such as Kali Mist Fem socially and has talked with others who benefited from its medicinal uses. Because of these experiences, her respect for cannabis increased along with her respect for other herbs that offer healing properties.

Ms. Monet has announced she is working on a new project but isn’t willing to share information about it at this time. She says those in Seattle or Portland will have a front-row seat to this work. Besides the ongoing project, she reports she has been asked to handle a smoking lounge at The Summer Fair. Any proceeds received from the sale of art in this lounge will go to NuLeaf Project PDX. This non-profit works to provide equality within the industry. Visit her Instagram site to see some of her works or visit her Etsy shop.


Canman, an artist based in Medway, Massachusetts, co-owns Visions Gallery and creates works he calls “Modern Psychedelicism.” Art publications along with galleries across America feature his work regularly.

He explains cannabis has inspired him since he was in his teens. The euphoric state produced by the substance provides this inspiration, but he has discovered it does much more. As he got older, Canman discovered that cannabis strains such as LSD Fem provided him with a heightened state of awareness along with a keen sense of perception. This led to his creativity being enhanced, which he feels helped him on his path towards surreal and visionary art.

He said that cannabis led him to intriguing conceptual interpretations and at times would lead him further into the creative zone when he was making art. This continues today, and people can see these works at his website or on Instagram.

Jen Pruitt

Jen Pruitt designs jewelry and makes a variety of pieces filled with cannabis. She feels the marijuana has inspired her since the first time she tried it. Pruitt remembers being a teen in Las Vegas when she used cannabis for the first time. She went into the storage closet so her parents wouldn’t catch her. When she stepped out of the closet, she witnessed a breathtaking sunset and viewed it with wonderment.

Pruitt sees the beauty in the cannabis flower and uses her art to share this with others who may be unaware of what nature has produced. While many men and women oppose legalizing marijuana, they can’t deny that this diverse plant has a beauty all its own. Her goal when creating art is to remove the stigma associated with this plant.

When creating art, Pruitt smokes whatever strain she is displaying in that piece, as she believes this creates an additional connection between her and her work. For example, she would smoke Purple Haze Fem and create a project that displays this strain. She either consumes edibles containing this strain before beginning work on the project or keeps a vape pen handy for use as she works. Ashes would destroy the piece, so she has put these measures in place to protect her work and her efforts. The cannabis also removes any physical pain she may experience because pain interferes with her ability to work, as she explains.

For her next project, Pruitt believes she will bring together herbals and custom gemstones. Individuals may find her work at, and she does art shows occasionally or may set up at a concert or in a pop-up shop. Arizona and Nevada remain her home bases, but she looks to expand to Colorado and California. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to learn when these events will take place.

Green Garden

Green Garden, a Mexicana artist, works as a mental health advocate. She uses her art as a coping tool and states cannabis provides her with the emotional distance she needs to create.

Chronic pain and anxiety plague Green Garden, which led to her use of cannabis. In 2016, her health was at its worst and her cannabis consumption of strains such as CBD Jack Herer Fem increased. During this period, she began taking photographs of the cannabis she used and put these photos together in collages.

Green Garden states she uses weed when she is making art. She doesn’t take breaks often, and a marijuana break forces her to step away from the piece she is creating. Currently, she is working with Cyntivee, Mujer Cannabica, and Happy Organics on a collaborative project in Mexico. To see her works, visit her Instagram site or check them out on Bogart. Those who live in or are visiting San Francisco may see her pieces at The Vapor Room.

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