Common Pot Growing Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Pot Growing Problems and How to Fix Them

Pot, just like any other plant, certainly has some challenges when growing. However, the failure to get good yields or quality leaves always has nothing to do with the problems that face pot growing but depends on the grower’s ability to create the right condition and identify and solve the problems before they threaten the life of the plants.

It is inevitable that the problem will arise, but as a grower, you must develop a sharp acumen of identifying them in good time and remediating them before they threaten the survival of the plant. With that said, here are some of the pot growing problems and the probably solutions to remediating them:

Boron deficiency

Boron deficiency is not of a bigger problem nowadays, but still it is a serious problem affecting marijuana growers around the world. Boron deficiency can lead to great undernourishment, leading to lack of vibrancy in growth and poor quality yields. The main culprit for this deficiency is normally inadequate soil pH and this is extremely detrimental to the life of any plant.

If you want to know that the marijuana plant is lacking boron, you will notice weak or slow growth in the upper parts of the leaves. The leaves will be smaller in size, have twisted growth or they will just appear unhealthy generally. You may even think that the plant is lacking in calcium.

If boron deficiency is not checked in good time, other problems which may end up killing the plant may arise. Since it is known that boron deficiency is caused by low soil pH, the ideal solution is to simply check and rectify the pH levels of the soil. It may be a good idea to also consider using other types of soils which are rich in all the necessary nutrients needed for the healthy growth of pot.

Rotting buds

Nothing is as disheartening in the growth of marijuana plant as watching the buds begin to rot. This is a serious weed problem and a very challenging one for many growers. Just as the name suggests, the buds will simply start to rot and eventually fall off, thus making the entire process of growing the marijuana a total waste of time, money and resources.

Some of the reasons responsible for this problem include poor air circulation, growing the plants in cold temperatures, supplying too much water to the plant or failing to remove the rotten buds in good time. The ideal way to avoid this problem therefore, is to simply watch out for these causative factors and ensure that all the conditions are optimal.

Light Burns

In as much as pot need a lot of light for proper growth, too much of it can be harmful to the plant. Light burns normally affect the indoor strains and it will happen when the plants are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods.

The problems may also occur when you leave the plants in a controlled environment like a grow tent without regulating the amount of light in the tent. To manage this problem, simply ensure that the plant gets just enough light and never let it exposed to direct sunlight for a long period.

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