Drug Tests: How to Flush Pot Out Of Your System

You may love marijuana for a lot of reasons, but when it comes to helping you pass your drug tests, then it is the least associate you want to have. When you are or have been a user and a drug test is coming up, you will desire to flush out every bit of any component of marijuana that might still be in your system at the time of the test. But before you delve into the specific things you can do to flush pot out of your system, you should understand how the drug tests work and so that you know how best to beat them.Most of the drug tests usually involve a process known as urinalysis, which simply refers to the analysis of your urine to determine the presence of metabolites which might suggest marijuana usage. For marijuana drug tests, the commonly targeted metabolite is the level of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC in your blood. The process of flushing pot out of your system therefore, will aim at eliminating or reducing the levels of THC from your blood stream to accepted levels if not flushing everything out.Here are some of the tried and tested methods you could use to remove pot out of your system before you go in for the drug test:

Use of detox drinks and Flush Kits

Using detox drinks is one of the most popular approaches people consider when they want to flush pot out of their systems and pass drug tests. Detox drinks comprise of expensive vitamins, herbs and mineral effective in diluting urine, thus eliminating most of the toxins from the body. Most of these drinks are laxatives and diuretics, and people will respond to them, based on the specific ingredients used, differently. It is advisable you review the ingredients of the drinks, just in case you have any allergies and you should take the drink several days before the test day.


This is a natural way to achieve holistic detoxification for the whole body and just for ejecting marijuana from your system. For marijuana drug tests specifically, exercising is perhaps the ideal way to pass the tests since through exercise, you will burn the very fat cells that normally hold the THC. However, since THC is re-released into your system as the body fat burns, albeit at low levels, you should not do exercises 24 hours prior to the testing.

Healthy diet

The other effective way to clear pot out of your system and never get worried about failing a drug test is to observe a very healthy diet. The recommended diet for this purpose should be rich in fiber and it should be taken several days prior to the drug test. You can get good amounts of fiber by eating fruits and vegetables. These will do wonders in helping your digestive tract to get moving as it cleans you out during the process. You will also be excited to know that THC and its metabolites are normally excreted during the natural bowel movements and since fiber is good at improving this, you will enhance your chances of getting out most of the THC days before the test date.

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