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Hard to Grow Seeds

Discover the hardest cannabis seed bank

About Hard to Grow Marijuana Seeds

Well, the name says it all – our Hard to Grow category contains some of the most notoriously
difficult plants on the market.

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  1. About Hard to Grow Marijuana Seeds

    Well, the name says it all – our Hard to Grow category contains some of the most notoriously
    difficult plants on the market.

    I49 is a California seed bank that ships premium marijuan a genetics in discreet packaging to anyone in the USA. We accept Money Order, Check, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer and sometimes credit cards for our weed seeds for sale online.

Why Choose i49 Seed Bank for Hard to Grow Marijuana Seeds?

Some people like a challenge, and if you’re one of them then why not give i49’s Hard to Grow seeds a try? All the plants in this category are tricky to grow and require the helping hand of an experienced cannabis cultivator. You might be thinking to yourself – ‘Why would anyone deliberately choose a plant that’s difficult to grow?’ It’s a fair point, but reaping the rewards can be even more enjoyable when you’ve really had to work for them. After all, what’s the more enriching experience – working hard and earning a million dollars, or being handed it on a plate?

Just to clear things up – they might be harder to grow, but that doesn’t mean they’re lower in quality. In fact, you couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re perfectly willing to put our money where our mouth is – and that’s why, whenever you buy your magic beans from i49’s Hard to Grow category, you also get the benefits of our Authentic Genetics Guarantee. This is our promise that we’ll never substitute your order of one seed for another.

Believe it or not, seed substitution is much more common than you might think, and some other online seedbanks choose to sell beans that are not the real deal. i49 is different, and we don’t participate in this practice. Whenever you order from i49, we guarantee you’ll receive the exact seeds that you requested – and we’re able to make that promise because we cultivate our own seeds to ensure authenticity. Rarely, an honest mistake might be made, but if you feel that your seeds may not be authentic, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll do everything we can to put it right.

So, if you’re ready to take things up a notch, and to venture to places some growers fear to tread, then we’re right behind you! We admire your patience, your tenacity, and your desire to step outside your comfort zone. Hop aboard, and let’s make this trip unforgettable!

What Are Hard to Grow Cannabis Seeds?

Well, the name says it all – our Hard to Grow category contains some of the most notoriously difficult plants on the market. Of course, there are many different reasons as to why a plant might be difficult to work with, and some of the most common are listed below.

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid

The first thing to consider is whether the plant is an Indica or a Sativa variety. Indica plants tend to be shorter and bushier, with a Christmas-tree shape. They flower more rapidly than their Sativa cousins, and are usually quite easy to look after. Their small stature makes them ideal for indoor growing, and they can sometimes be grown in stealth cabinets, balconies or windowsills. When smoked, they normally induce a body-centric, physical stone.

However, as well as bringing a lot of benefits, their compact structure may cause some potential issues. For starters, their foliage can be very dense, which can cause problems with moisture accumulation and bud rot. They can also be difficult to prune and manicure which can lead to issues with air circulation and light penetration.

Sativa plants, generally speaking, are taller and lankier, with slim, finger-like leaves. The fact they’re bigger means they take longer to reach maturity, and they can be more challenging to work with as a result. Some Sativa plants can be kept small by using certain training techniques, but if planted outside they can really reach for the skies and become absolutely enormous. Their size can prove troublesome when it comes to keeping the plants discreet and out of sight from nosy neighbors. Sometimes, their inherent wispiness can cause them to buckle under the weight of their own buds. If this happens, you’ll need to create a support system using stakes or a trellis.

Hybrid plants contain a mix of Indica, Sativa and (sometimes) Ruderalis genes. They may be Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or 50/50, depending on the genetic make-up of their parent strains. Certain hybrid plants can be hard to grow because they’ve inherited contrasting characteristics . Sometimes, with hybrids, there has to be trade-off – for example a strain might be bred to have advantageously large and resinous buds, but the very same trait might make it more susceptible to pathogen attacks. Which brings us neatly to our next point…

Susceptibility to Mold, Mildew, Pests and Pathogens

These are most likely to affect strains that are grown outdoors, but some indoor gardeners may encounter issues as well. Certain plants, such as landraces from the Hindu Kush region, for example, are naturally hardy and resilient to some of the issues that commonly plague cannabis plants. Others, though, are not as lucky. Some plants may be far more inviting for diseases and pests then others, either because of their growth traits, genetic make-up, or a combination of the two.

Complex Feeding and/or Climactic Needs

Some plants need only the bare minimum to prosper, whereas others need heavy feedings, a strict watering schedule, a delicate balance of nutrients, and plenty of TLC. Some plants may be particularly vulnerable to fluctuations in the pH level of the substrate, or to changes in temperature or humidity.

Generally speaking, the RH level in an indoor grow room should be between 40% and 50% and the temperature should be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Some strains require things to be much more precise than this, though, and others may require different settings altogether. You may also need to make adjustments to these numbers, and alter them at various points during the vegetative and flowering phases. Similarly, there may need to be alterations in temperature between lights-on and light-off hours.

To find out what your chosen plant needs in order to thrive, you can read the detailed information in the Strain Descriptions on i49’s website, or check out our High Gardening blog.

How Are Hard to Grow Marijuana Seeds Made?

Marijuana seeds can be regular, feminized, or autoflowering. Within these categories, you’ll find other sub-categories such as ‘Fast Flowering’. The latter refers to plants that occupy the middle ground between photoperiod and automatic – they’re still reliant on light cycles in order to switch between the vegetative and flowering phases, but they often contain a twist of Ruderalis genes to speed up the process.

Generally speaking, regular seeds are harder to grow than feminized ones. This is because, when you pick feminized seeds, you can skip the ‘gender segregation’ step, which can be quite tricky and time consuming – especially for beginners and inexperienced gardeners. If you’re growing for consumption, and you have no intention to breed, then it’s unlikely you’ll need male plants, because only the females produce smokeable buds. However, if a male plant accidentally pollinates the female ones, it can wreak havoc by producing harsh, seeded buds that are quite unpleasant when lit up and inhaled. To get around this >

Luckily, the male gender pre-flowers emerge before the female ones, so experienced growers can quickly identify them, remove them and discard them. But just one single male plant, if overlooked, could pollinate an entire batch of females – effectively ruining the whole crop. Still, some growers still choose regular seeds over feminized ones because they tend to more accurately preserve the exact genetics of the parent strains.

Having said that, there are many strains which come in feminized seed form, but which are still difficult to grow for various different reasons. Make sure you do your research before you attempt growing any of the strains in our Hard to Grow category, in order to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Why Choose Hard to Grow Weed Seeds?

Aside from wanting to challenge themselves, people choose Hard to Grow Weed seeds for a few different reasons. Some growers, particularly those who like to keep things ‘old-school’, simply prefer using regular seeds over feminized ones. Regular seeds, by their very nature, are harder to grow than their feminized counterparts for reasons described above.

It may also be the case that your favorite strain happens to be a difficult one to grow – in which case, if you want to try cultivating it, you’re going to have to give it a lot of TLC in order to get the best results.

Other Benefits of Hard to Grow Weed Seeds

Yields also come into the equation. Bigger, taller plants often provide more enormous yields, simply because they’re more voluminous. But growing a tall plant is a feat in itself, and requires a great deal of forethought and planning. Of course, methods such as the Sea of Green can be used to maximize the yields of shorter, squatter plants, and can sometimes bring an exceptionally big and rewarding harvest. But some growers prefer to grow organically, outdoors, allowing a plant to stretch to the skies under the watchful eye of Mother Nature.

Growing Hard to Grow Seeds

Generally speaking, you can cultivate Hard to Grow seeds in the same way you’d grow easy ones. But there are a number of additional pointers you need to consider. The first, which we’ve already discussed, is the gender segregation step which is absolutely vital if you’re growing for consumption from regular seeds.

Next, you’ll need to find out the exact nutrient requirements your plant requires, and make sure you feed it correctly. Some plants can be damaged by overwatering or by conditions that are too warm, too cold or too humid. Even autoflowering and Fast Flowering strains, which are designed to be easier to work with, have some drawbacks: their rapid development means they do not have sufficient time to recuperate from any injuries they sustain. This means Low Stress Training techniques should be performed very cautiously, and High Stress Training Techniques are pretty much out of the question once the plants have passed a certain stage in their development cycle.

Where to Grow Hard to Grow Seeds

There’s still a lot of debate over whether growing indoors or outdoors is ‘better’. It’s a very complex question with lots of different points to consider, and there’s certainly no easy answer.

Growing indoors is generally deemed to be easier, and it certainly comes with its advantages, since crucial factors such as light, temperature and humidity can be easily monitored and adjusted. By growing indoors, you don’t have to worry about seasons or sudden changes in the weather. You can use a Sea of Green or Screen of Green set-up if you wish, which will help you make the best possible use of space and achieve the highest possible yield per square foot. For that reason, if you’ve picked seeds that are inherently difficult to work with, it may make sense to grow them inside, since you can at least give yourself the best chance of success.

Some people, though, don’t have the option of growing inside. This may be due to space, lack of equipment, or various other factors. The good news is that growing outdoors can be very rewarding as long as you live in a location blessed with the paradisiacal climate that cannabis plants crave. Of course, you’ll need to keep a very close eye out for potential threats such as inclement weather, pests and pathogens. If the seeds you’ve picked are already deemed hard to grow, then there’s a chance that trying to grow them outdoors may make it even more difficult.

Another thing to consider is your choice of medium, because different media will bring different results. Organic soil is considered to be best for improving the terpene expression of the flowers, leading to more aromatic and flavorsome buds. Soilless systems such as hydroponics are said to be great for encouraging explosive growth.

Buying Hard to Grow Seeds in the USA

There are a number of advantages to home-growing. First, you get complete control over the grow method, location, choice of medium and substrate, and so on, which is great for peace of mind when it comes to consuming the buds. Note that the laws surrounding cannabis products can be very complicated, and vary from state to state – so make sure you know which laws and restrictions apply to the area where you live. If

You could, if you wanted to, research which plants are the most difficult to grow and then create a wish-list of strains that are going to push you to your absolute limits as a gardener. But i49’s Hard to Grow category takes at least some of the pressure off you, since we’ve done some of the hard work for you. Why not read through our list of ‘Top 5’ strains below, and see if anything tickles your fancy?

Either way, growing a crop from Hard to Grow seeds can be immensely rewarding. You’ll certainly learn a lot about cannabis – and about yourself! – in the process.

Advanced Tips For Hard to Grow Seeds

If you’ve decided to jump in at the deep end and give Hard to Grow seeds a try, these advanced tips and tricks might help you swim rather than sink!

First, if you’re planting in soil, the optimal depth is about half an inch, and you should always place the seeds in the holes on their sides. This helps gives the germinated beans some insulation from the elements without making it too difficult for them to break through the surface when the time comes.

Next, make sure the grow-room is correctly ventilated. Without improper ventilation, the plants might get overheated, and humidity levels could easily get too high for the plants to thrive. You can use a humidity gauge and increase or decrease ventilation as needed to help keep things under control.

Finally, keep a close eye on pH levels. Soil and water acidity can have a significant impact on plant growth, yield and bud potency. For both soil and water, the pH levels should remain between six and seven percent. Use a pH tester to check, and use pH ‘up’ or ‘down’ solution to adjust. There are also ways of doing this organically.

Top 5 Hard to Grow Seeds Recommendations

The following five strains are i49’s top picks for strains that are Hard to Grow… so if you feel up to the challenge, why not give them a try? We think you’re going to love them just as much as we do!

Purple Kush x Mazar Fem will help you blend into the blissful backdrop of life with a trippy dip into an imaginative whirlpool. With bright-green sugar-leaves that poke out from sage-green flowers, and pumpkin-orange pistils cloaked in white-sugar trichomes, it’s a plant that looks just as good as it feels!

Skunk Diesel Fem is a happy and thought-provoking strain that descends from two extremely popular hybrid parents. The high hits quickly before fading to a state of relaxation and heightened focus that’s great while listening to music or when strolling in the countryside with friends. Gentle celebral stimulation and euphoria are perfectly balanced with a calming physical stone, delivering a therapeutic experience that eases stress, tension, and anxiety.

Sour Diesel x OG Kush Fem OG Kush is a balanced hybrid that won first place in the 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. Its relaxing and calming effects may assist with stress, depression and acute to chronic pain.

Alien Technology Fem is an elusive strain about which little is known – apart from the fact it originated as a landrace Indica strain from the Afghanistan mountains. It’s a short, sturdy Indica with densely-packed buds, sugary trichomes, and purple and green flowers with a scattering of gold pistils. When consumed, it gives an unusually uplifting high for an Indica, and it can last as long as six hours!

3 Kings OG Fem is sometimes referred to as the Holy Trinity of cannabis strains and comprises Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It has a quick onset and delivers an uplifting high, and is said to be great for daytime pain relief. Give yourself the royal treatment and bring 3 Kings into your home!

Interesting Facts About Hard to Grow Pot Seeds

We’ve already covered most of them here, but did you know that there’s an easy way to speed up the growth-rate of your plants, which might make Hard to Grow seeds easier to work with?

If you’re growing photoperiod strains indoors, you can switch the lighting schedule from 18 hours a day to 12. This clever trick will fool the plants into thinking summer is coming to an end, so they’ll start flowering sooner.

Common Misspellings and Abbreviations

You may see ‘cannabis’ misspelled as ‘canabis’ and you may also see it referred to by different names such as ‘Mary Jane’, ‘Weed’, ‘Bud’, ‘Hemp’, ‘Ganja’ and ‘Dope’.

As well as being referred to as ‘hard to grow’ you might see certain synonyms such as ‘difficult’, ‘tricky’ and ‘arduous’.

How to Buy Hard to Grow Seeds Online

Well, the great news is that you’re in the right place! At i49, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality seeds and the best customer service. All our Hard to Grow seeds are carefully cultivated and stored under optimal conditions to ensure they reach your hands in tip-top shape.

There’s also our High Gardening Blog, which contains loads of useful tips and tricks to help ensure you get the most out of your grow journey.

Final Comments

Are you ready to challenge yourself, take the plunge, grab the nettle with both hands? If so, why not treat yourself to some of i49’s Hard to Grow seeds? It may seem strange that people would deliberately seek strains that are hard to grow, but there can be a number of advantages to this approach and it can also be great fun. Hopefully this article has piqued your interest and showed you that Hard to Grow seeds are not as scary as they sound!