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Alaska Seed Bank

Alaska Seed Bank

Marijuana is legal to grow in the 50th state, but this doesn't mean you will find an Alaska seed bank with which you wish to do business. Folks who live where it's lawful to cultivate cannabis come to i49 again and again, whenever they want quality weed seeds that are likely to germinate.

In the Land of the Midnight Sun, adults are allowed to cultivate up to six plants at one time, provided they do it at home, and no more than three plants are in their mature phase as the same time. Growing beyond the six-plant regulated limit may be protected by right-to-privacy laws, but we can't guarantee you won't have trouble if you get caught growing more than the legal amount. Growing more than 25 plants is still a felony in Alaska, and it's punishable by up to five years in prison plus $1,000 in fines. We'll gladly be your Alaska seed bank, but please be sure you understand the marijuana grow laws wherever you happen to be.

The Basics of Cannabis Seeds

Within every seed is a potential plant, but there's a lot more to it than that. Like animals, baby plants are created by reproduction. When an ovum (or seed) is fertilized with sperm (or pollen) new life may potentially begin. If fertilization occurs, the encyclopedia of genetic information inside the seed springs into action and begins to build a plant. Like babies, the development of your young cannabis plants depends on the way you treat them, especially in the early developmental stages of cannabis culture.

Germination: A few things to know about this imperative process

Prior to planting, you will need to germinate your seed. This is the simple process by which dry seed becomes hydrated enough to activate the enzymes that are stored within. Germinating your cannabis seeds gives them the very best chance of growing into healthy plants that produce plentiful poundage. Still, you may wonder what, exactly, is germination? Good question. Germination is the natural biological process by which dried seeds become hydrated and sprout. When they are fully moistened moist, the enzymes in pot seeds are activated and shortly thereafter begin to grow. When a seed is germinated the right way, and you see the little start of a root emerging from the pot seed’s shell, you know that cannabis seed germination was successful.

Beautiful benefits of growing your own marijuana for medicine or recreational use

Cultivate your own cannabis, and you will always know precisely what went into the crop from whence it came. You'll know whether or not it was grown with pesticides and fertilizer or whether it was infested with pests at any time during the cultivation process. The more you know, the better you can grow. If you don't want to buy from an Alaska seed bank today, shop at i49. We always offer a splendid selection of indicas, sativas and hybrid seeds for your growing pleasure...

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Alaska Seed Bank