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Bulk Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online

Bulk Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online

You'll find low-cost, high-quality bulk marijuana seeds for sale online at i49 Seed Bank when it's time to plan for next year's harvest. Our customers tell us that growing with our seeds has made a huge impact on the return on their investment, and we think you'll discover the same. Try our seeds and you'll be back to repurchase year after year.

Easy-Grow Cannabis Seeds

If you're still growing marijuana using standard seeds, we have great news for you- there's no need to control daylight hours or waste time moving plants from one growing environment to another when you choose our autoflower seeds. Increasing and reducing daylight hours to force plants to flower and produce is an out-dated process that has been replaced with a more streamlined, less labor-some growing process, thanks to autoflower seeds.

Grow With Better Cannabis Seeds

A few of the advantages you'll notice when you grow with i49's cannabis seeds include:

Higher yields, since every plant in your garden contributes to the harvest. Standard seeds typically grow into male and female plants- the male plants' only contribution to the crop is fertilizing female plants. Our feminized seeds require no fertilization, so every single plant you spend time nurturing will produce.

Less time spent caring for plants, since both indoor and outdoor growing environments require no daylight manipulation. Our seeds are pre-programmed to flower when it's time.

Our 100% germination guarantee will replace seeds that don't germinate. Instead of chalking up non-germinating seeds to a loss, you'll be reimbursed by i49.

Better Strain Options

When searching for bulk marijuana seeds for sale online, we advise our customers to look for a seed bank that has invested in a combination of popular and uncommon strains. When you browse our inventory at i49, you'll probably see a few of your favorite strains side-by-side with strains you've most likely never heard of- we even carry many hybrid strains that will maximize your growing efforts and give higher than average yields. Our goal is to make sure you find what you're looking for when you shop with us.

Pro Advice & Growing Tips

Call an i49 seed expert for tips on growing the best crop of your life. We're able to answer your questions over the phone and through our website's contact form. If you need assistance choosing the right strain for your indoor or outdoor garden, let us know and we'll discuss your objectives with you and offer our advice. You'll also find a wealth of information in our FAQ section online.

Order With Confidence

Take advantage of the best prices on bulk marijuana seeds for sale online and grow the crop you've always dreamed about with i49 seeds that are guaranteed for your satisfaction. Eliminate the risk of growing with inferior seeds and order from our seed bank for exceptional results. At i40,we stand behind our seeds because we know we have the best quality available on the Web.





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Bulk Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online