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Bulk Weed Seeds Usa

Bulk Weed Seeds Usa

I49, your local Californian Seedbank. We ship authentic cannabis seeds to your door in discrete packaging. We provide our clients with top of the range seeds with safe and secure processing and carry a selection of indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds for sale.

Bulk weed sales USA
We are a web-based seed bank which offers you marijuana seeds online. We will ship your order in discreet packaging anywhere in the United States and Canada. All you need to do to experience our reputable strains of cannabis is call us and we will help you choose the strain best suited for your home garden. We stock on hybrid feminized auto cannabis strains which are great for anxiety, stress relief, and energy.

We also stock a special love potion. It is a fabulous hybrid that has an amazing taste and even better alluring scent. Then there is the hybrid strain with a legendary name, Mighty Mite, this strain of weed is known for its potency, yield, and massive colas. This Indica dominant strain is perfect for home gardening and might I add that it is also one of the better choices to be smoked. Mighty Mite is one of our premium bulk batches we have in stock.

You will find low cost, high-quality bulk marijuana seeds for sale online at I49 seed bank. We are a reputable company that highly affirmed by our customers. They tell us that growing with our seeds have made a huge impact on the return on their investment, and we think you’ll discover the same results if you purchase from us.

Easy growing cannabis seeds
If you are still growing cannabis with standard seeds. We have great news for you. There is no need to control daylight hours or waste time moving plants from one growing environment to another when you choose auto flower seeds.

Increasing and decreasing daylight hours to force plants to flower and produce is an old school way of doing things that have been replaced by more modern streamlined, less labor some growing process, thanks to auto flower seeds.

The benefits our seeds offer
There are a few advantages you’ll notice when you grow with our seeds, such as:

1. Higher yields, because every plant in the garden will contribute to your harvest.
2. Standard seeds typically contribute to fertilizing the female seeds. With our feminized seeds no fertilization is required, so every single plant you spend time nurturing will produce a harvest.
3. Less time spent caring for plants, since both indoor and outdoor seeds require growing environments in which there need not be any daylight manipulation. The seeds have been programmed to sprout hen it is time to do so.
4. Our one hundred percent germination guarantee will replace seeds that do not germinate. Instead of chalking up non germinating seeds to a loss. I49n will reimburse you.

Order with confidence
Take advantage of the best prices we have to offer when it comes to bulk marijuana seeds, for sale online and grow the crop you’ve always dreamed about.

Bulk Weed Seeds Usa

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Bulk Weed Seeds Usa