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Buy Cannabis Seeds In California

Buy Cannabis Seeds In California

Did you know you can buy cannabis seeds in California and all other US states by ordering online from i49? US and Canadian residents no longer have to drive to a dispensary to purchase seeds for growing cannabis now that new legislation has passed allowing dispensaries to do business online. It’s important that you are selective with regard to where you purchase your marijuana seeds- i49 is a trusted source.

Access Our Inventory

If you’re tired of making the drive to a dispensary when you want to purchase seeds, our Seed Bank is trusted by many throughout the industry as being a reputable place to shop for hundreds of seed strains. You can learn more about what we have to offer by clicking the ‘Cannabis Seeds’ link on our homepage or by exploring our exhaustive blog library where you’ll find informative articles and growing tips.

Our triple-guarantee means your 100% satisfaction that we guarantee:

  1. Strain authenticity
  2. Feminization
  3. Germination

FAQs on How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in California and Elsewhere

Not sure which strain to purchase? We offer a wealth of information on our site and our cannabis seed experts are available to answer your questions when you reach out to i49’s Seed Bank. Whether you’re looking for an Indica or Sativa strain, we have what you want at prices comparable to your preferred dispensary.

Auto-flower seeds mean success in growing and less hassles over worrying about daylight control. Since your success is our success, our primary goal is to help you select the right seeds for your growing conditions. Let us know whether you plan to grow your seeds indoors or outside and we’ll make recommendations based on your unique situation.

Why Buying Cannabis Seeds is Legal

Now that new laws have passed regarding cannabis, it’s now legal to buy cannabis seeds in California, Vermont, Colorado, Arkansas, and all other states within the US and throughout Canada. If you’re still having to drive across a state border to legally obtain cannabis seeds, we can save you a significant amount of time and cost by shipping your seeds directly to your door.

Many commonly asked questions from our customers are already answered for you in our FAQ section, so you can simply browse through the answers to find what you’re looking for. If you don’t find an answer to your question, you can connect with our staff by phone, email, or through our website’s contact form, whichever is most convenient.

No-Worry Delivery

Your seeds will arrive safely and in discreet packaging to protect your identity. Purchasing from i49 means you can quickly and easily buy cannabis seeds in California and in other states where it is typically difficult to find quality seeds. There is no substitute for shopping on a reputable website- don’t be tempted to save a few cents on your seeds by purchasing from a company that is not able to answer your questions and safeguard your identity during the shipment process. At i40, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds In California