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Buy Cannabis Seeds In Florida

Buy Cannabis Seeds In Florida

It surprises many Florida residents to learn just how easy it is to buy cannabis seeds in Florida, Vermont, Colorado, California, and even in states where marijuana has not yet been legalized. i49 makes it easy to place an order from our online dispensary and have authentic seeds shipped directly to your front door- no questions asked. Your package will arrive with complete discretion.

Why Ordering Online is More Efficient

If you’re not fortunate enough to live in one of the states where new legislation has changed the legality of buying cannabis and seeds, you may be used to the long drive across the border in order to obtain legally-obtained marijuana- or you may simply buy it in the state where you live and live under the constant threat of being arrested.

You can buy cannabis seeds in Florida and elsewhere throughout the US and Canada directly through i49 without the need for a doctor’s waiver or medical marijuana approval. It’s as easy as placing your order for our auto-flower, feminized seeds and having them delivered discreetly to your home.

Trust Our 3-Fold Guarantee

Unlike other dispensaries where you may or may not receive the product you ordered, i49 guarantees the stain authenticity of all of our seeds, ensures feminization, and even guarantees 100% germination. No other online seed bank can make this triple guarantee because no other dispensary is as committed to your success in growing as our team at i49 Seed Shop.

Our guarantees are backed by our promise to you that if you’re not completely satisfied with the germination rate of our seeds, we’ll reship your order to you. See conditions that apply in our FAQ section where many commonly asked questions have been answered for your convenience.

The Advantage of Auto-Flower Seeds

If you’ve grown marijuana in the past and found it to be a hassle trying to control the daylight exposure of your plants, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you grow our auto-flower seeds. Discuss your growing arrangement with one of our experts for seed selection tips or order according to indoor or outdoor growing conditions. In just 8-12 weeks, your crop is ready to harvest. Today’s strains are far superior to those available only a decade or two ago; try our seeds and see the difference for yourself.

Check Out Special Prices and Deals

Click the ‘Clearance Seeds’ link to see what’s currently on sale in our inventory or call i49 and ask about specials on seed prices. Dollar for dollar, you’ll get a better harvest from our easy-to-grow, auto-flower seeds than seeds you’ll purchase from another dispensary.

Your identity is protected, and your shipment is completely secure when you buy cannabis seeds in Florida- or any other state in the US from i49 Dispensary. We are fully committed to your 100% satisfaction when purchasing from us since our goal is repeat business from our customers.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds In Florida