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Buy Cannabis Seeds In San Diego

Buy Cannabis Seeds In San Diego

Having healthy cannabis seeds is essential to having a great garden. However, if you fail to store your seeds properly, the chances of you getting inferior results are very high. Although Cannabis seeds are not as complicated to handle as the plants, there are times when a simple mistake is capable of making you lose your favorite strain.

Currently, there are several cannabis seeds available in the market making it extremely difficult for one who wants to buy cannabis seeds in San Diego to choose the right type. That is why it is advisable for one to stick on one supplier. For you to successfully store the cannabis seeds, it is appropriate that you understand how well it grows in their natural environment. Below are essential tips that will ensure you correctly save your cannabis seeds.

Store them in a cool and dry place

No one would want their seeds to germinate before the time. It is therefore advisable that you place them in a cool and dry place. Your Fridge door would be the perfect place for this.

However, before you place your cannabis seeds in a place for storage, ensure that you have checked every grain. It is advisable that you give the seeds time to dry thoroughly since any moisture particles will make the mold ruin the entire batch. There should be no water drops, no leaves, no pests or stems. You can achieve this by spreading the seeds on a tray and having a look at every one of them.

Ensure the Seeds are appropriately labeled

Labeling the seed envelopes is another important thing which you should never forget. Never rely on your memory, it is better to be safe than be sorry. Maybe the containers will have to wait for several months or even years before they could be opened.

It is advisable that you jot down the type and name of the strain. In case the seeds are meant to be grown outdoors, you need to indicate when the plants will be ready for harvesting. If the seeds will be grown indoors, ensure you write down the number of weeks it will take them to flower.

Always Refresh the Supply of Seeds

Cannabis seeds are capable of being viable for more than five years if they are appropriately stored. You can still save them for a much more extended period, but you need to take into account that the germination rate of seeds will be declining as time goes by. In case you are wondering if the seeds will still be viable, you can take some and see if they germinate.

Scuffling the seeds a bit will ensure water penetrates easier thereby helping the lower seeds germinate successfully.

In case you are interested in storing your cannabis seeds for a more extended period, ensure you place all the envelopes into a canning jar and adequately close it before putting it into your refrigerator. Some growers will add rice to the pot to help in absorbing moisture into the seeds. However, this solely depends on the individual.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds In San Diego